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AudibleNod OP t1_j5lsa1r wrote

>Card recipients did not get COVID-19 vaccines, though some parents requested that their children receive saline shots instead so they would believe they did, court documents said.

And they're lying to their kids?


pinetreesgreen t1_j5luur0 wrote

That is really messed up, so the kids go and think they are vaxed and are not. Thats pretty dangerous to their kids, kids friends, etc.


jkbpttrsn t1_j5lvpf5 wrote

Before I deleted Twitter, the ones faking vaccine cards and giving saline shots were considered heroes to conservatives. These guys will be idolized by many, which is incredibly sad.


Lucius-Halthier t1_j5mwdxy wrote

They will be made martyrs


illy-chan t1_j5np75j wrote

No, worse. Their kids will be. Most of these parents are of an age that means they're almost certainly up on their basic vaccines.


forwardseat t1_j5omjle wrote

Yeah I was on there yesterday and many of the comments about this story were people going on about how brave he was.

Which is just absurd - let's say (in some fantasyland) the vaccine is actually poison - then the brave thing to do is say "I won't give it" and make a stink at the risk of your personal income and medical license. Pretending to give it in return for cash is just fraud. Cowardly AF....


Rukkian t1_j5o9em3 wrote

I can see a gofund me in the future to help the poor plastic surgeons.


Zack21c t1_j5p7dks wrote

Just look at the conservative subreddit. Almost every comment on this story on that sub is praising this and calling him a hero. They're psychopaths.


MonksHabit t1_j5oopun wrote

They are intentionally giving Covid aid and comfort and setting up places where it can live, grow, mutate, and prepare for its next attack. They might as well let the Taliban stay in their basements.


Wadka t1_j5p4h4p wrote

COVID is statistically NO risk to children.


MidLifeHalfHouse t1_j5srdzp wrote

True (to MOST healthy kids) but imagine being responsible for a friend’s parent, non healthy kid, or whoever dying because someone trusted you to be in a room and not spread it.

Most people would GAF they caused that death. Only narcissists wouldn’t.


groveborn t1_j5m5sb6 wrote

Not merely lying, but performing fake medical procedures. That's ill-informed consent


JimmDunn t1_j5mkdp0 wrote

As an ex-mo, here’s some info: there’s something called, “lying for the lord”. The leaders won’t teach it outright. they believe in god’s morals not society’s.


Ya_boii_95 t1_j5o2dux wrote

Current mo. Never heard of this. Also what? The prophet literally issued a statement telling people to get vaxed which people ignored citing ‘personal revelation.’ It’s not the church telling them to fake vaccine cards.


JimmDunn t1_j5ou6ia wrote

1st example: nephi kills Laban to steal the brass plates that rightfully belonged to Laban.

2nd example: jo marries a 14 year old because an angel with a drawn flaming sword commanded him to.

3rd: we need you to talk to the news about a bigoted proposition. 30 seconds before my TV interview the PR guy tells me, “don’t mention the church” then hangs up.

lying for the lord.


Ya_boii_95 t1_j5p6tar wrote

Okay but like you made up the term and fit some examples around it. Also can you defend the other point where you claimed that they’re faking vaccines and their card for the Lord in the face of what I pointed out?


JimmDunn t1_j5p8rcd wrote

I am showing that the culture of that church is to ignore society’s morals if you believe you’re on god’s side. We have agreed to live in a society with common rules. Those that don’t want to should leave.

Same goes for people that think it’s ok to steal because their ancestor stole a nail from the cross to reduce Jesus’ pain. (Gypsys)

Plus, I didn’t make it up. I learned that phrase in the culture of the church decades ago. And joe taught it to the pillaging group stealing from the gentiles in nauvoo.


[deleted] t1_j5p9gis wrote



JimmDunn t1_j5per34 wrote

Thanks. It relates to vaccines the same as when they told the US government that they wouldn’t be polygamous then the just kept doing it. The culture was , “ that’s just what we tell the gentiles”


SimplyTennessee t1_j5lx232 wrote

Is there not enough money in plastic surgery in SLC?


Winzip115 t1_j5ma6rt wrote

I through a very tenuous connection skied with this douche nozzle's kid at Alta two years ago. This guy drove his Lamborghini up the snowy pass to the mountain to pick up the kid. Guessing he wasn't hurting for money and is more of a zealot. Heres to hoping he gets prison time for this shit.


mormondad t1_j5mc339 wrote

I am pretty sure that I gave him an Uber ride to go pick up his Lamborghini a few years ago. Looking up the address of his business (based on info in the article) and learning he drove a Lambo (based on your post), I remember picking up the plastic surgeon from this place and taking him downtown to pick up his Lambo from a dealership.


GreatWealthBuilder t1_j66oaqd wrote

Ensure you keep getting boosters.. otherwise, you'll become an anti-vaxxer.. and a bit of a hypocrite.

Why don't you support choice in the matter? Is it too much to ask for? :)


Artanthos t1_j5mq5yj wrote

Hopefully he loses his medical license once convicted.


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raitchison t1_j5n96sr wrote

Because the vaccines still significantly reduce the spread along with almost entirely eliminating the chance of serious illness or death.

Those "useless" vaccines have saved more than a million lives in the US alone.


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AndyGHK t1_j5nuc15 wrote

You think nobody is denying the vaccine has saved lives?? Lmfao there are imbeciles on this very hellsite claiming the vaccine has already killed everyone who’s taken it!


Carlyz37 t1_j5o45zz wrote

Because it has stopped the spread. It would be nice if people stopped acting like the vaccines never prevent infection, because they do. Even though 50% is not ZERO. Source: I and half of my family have not had covid. My vaxxed son had 2 roommates get covid 2 weeks ago, he did not. My daughter works retail, fully vaxxed, no covid.


Tarzan_OIC t1_j5nauq3 wrote

  1. vaccines keep people out of hospitals and keep them from being overwhelmed

  2. they prevent death

  3. they reduce spread



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RandomAngeleno t1_j5n59wd wrote

Um, what? Immunizations very much serve a purpose in reducing severity of illness!

Not everything can be combated permanently from a vaccine, but the purpose is to keep people from dying.

You know, like how smart people get an annual flu shot?


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Minorous t1_j5nb46w wrote

Think of others you selfish prick or go live in a cave far from society.


Carlyz37 t1_j5o5aql wrote


Many healthy young people have died from covid, including children. And many are now permanently disabled from it.

Mostly we dont care anymore if stupid people decimate their numbers. But we do find it disgusting when you kill the elderly or disable children for life. And we will all carry the tax burden of supporting the covid disabled for life. But we arent paying for your hospital bills or funerals anymore


illy-chan t1_j5np366 wrote

However you feel about vaccines, he engaged in medical fraud.


Carlyz37 t1_j5o3i9g wrote

If course it matters. It is fraud and medical malpractice. Healthcare workers largely have to be vaxxed. If you end up in the ER you vax status matters a lot.

Plus you are wrong. Obviously the vaccines have almost stopped spread or we would still have overflowing hospitals and businesses closed because all the employees are sick. The vaccines do prevent infection in varying degrees of effectiveness. No infection means no transmission. They also mean shorter illness with less viral load which is less transmission. Your post is dangerous disinformation


Tempest_CN t1_j5oazc0 wrote

Wrong. It was to prevent hospitalization, death, and taxing the healthcare system/workers.


natphotog t1_j5ocsvd wrote

That was literally never the point. The point was to reduce hospitalizations and death, which it did very, very effectively. Then we learned it also helps reduce spread and said great, another benefit even if it wasn’t planned! At no point did anyone connected to the vaccines say they would stop the virus from spreading, at most they said the vaccine helps reduce the spread.


onarainyafternoon t1_j5ovmnd wrote

If you read the article, it very-much sounds like money was a secondary motivator, the first being their desire to, “liberate the medical profession from government and industry conflicts of interest”, as it's quoted. Normally I wouldn't take this on face value, but it says they sold the fake vaccine-cards for "either $50 cash payments or 'donations to a specified charitable organization' ". So it really does sound like these people were delusional enough to think they were doing something righteous.


dillwickie t1_j5onqwx wrote

lol Utah's plastic surgery market is pretty lucrative, they love being fake here.


fuqqkevindurant t1_j5ozglz wrote

There's a fuckton of money in cosmetic surgery here. My best friend from HS's dad does plastic surgery here and I can assure you there is enough money to go around lol


Old_Car_2702 t1_j5nkjti wrote

That depends entirely on what you consider enough money.


Didgeterdone t1_j5ps35z wrote

You can not make a big enough PAPER STACK! Just sayin’. But you do not have to be deceitful to make your PAPER STACK!


Meatball315 t1_j5n2tgy wrote

Are vaccine cards still a thing?


Carlyz37 t1_j5o6kvc wrote

Of course. These are legal medical records. My 4th vax got written up on a 2nd card. If you end up in the ER or try to travel to other countries this information is required.


Meatball315 t1_j5o73ph wrote

I haven’t been required to provide mine in at the very least a year. I go overseas and still not required. If you were to tell me to show you my card right now…. I don’t even know where it is. And I’ve been to urgent care at least 3 times in the last 18 months. Broken bones and stitches though nothing respiratory or illness related.


Carlyz37 t1_j5o8131 wrote

You dont need them for admittance into venues anymore but that could change. Recent covid outbreaks at large events are an issue. And some countries require vax for entry. Diagnosis of illnesses and treatments can require your vax history. Regardless of how necessary they still are they are legal medical documents. If anyone with those fake cards dies of misdiagnosis the scumbag dr is liable


Meatball315 t1_j5o8j8m wrote

This makes sense! I don’t stay on top of news unless I’m headed out, then I watch global news to see what’s going on where I’m headed.


PositionParticular99 t1_j5m4goh wrote

So losing his medical license and business was worth it to 'stick it to libs'?

Imagine the piece of trash parent you have to be to force your child to get a fake shot.


lolbojack t1_j5lx2u3 wrote

Is Mormon Jesus anti-vax?


vacuum_everyday t1_j5mcv4b wrote

No, the Church is actually very pro-vaccine much to the chagrin of the far right. It’s very strongly encouraged and even in the official handbook.

If potential missionaries refuse vaccines, they’re not allowed to leave the US. They also regularly donate to charities that provide vaccinations globally.


Picromenis42 t1_j5mfe7l wrote

Most members are conservatives as much as they are Mormons.


vacuum_everyday t1_j5mgfw5 wrote

Right, but they’re not all far right. An example is the dichotomy of Utah’s senators. Romney and Lee don’t like/endorse each other and represent the different parts of Utah.

But there are very liberal members who were/are high profile: see Harry Reid.


UsmcFatManBear t1_j5n7p0i wrote

Yea but they are old too. Old dead people don't give the church money.


DanimusMcSassypants t1_j5lyknd wrote

The Jesus health care plan is rubbing mud in the eyes to cure blindness, and raising the dead. Not a lot of preventative measures at work.


council2022 t1_j5mnsfh wrote

Sounds more like the Republican Way with a major in religious nonsense.


fuqqkevindurant t1_j5p032p wrote

It's a great plan if you have a Jesus around. Dont need preventative medicine when he can just touch you and fix your terminal issue or even revive you like a video game.

But Jesus died a while back so I don't get why these idiots still act like he'll be around to slap them back to life


DanimusMcSassypants t1_j5p2ta9 wrote

Never said it was a good plan.


fuqqkevindurant t1_j5p3vt6 wrote

Im cool with it. The more people who strictly adhere to it, the fewer of those kinds of people there will be in the future to deal with lol


awp_expert t1_j5lyo85 wrote

How is he still licensed by the State? You'd think he'd at least be suspended. Regardless of parental consent. The ethics behind lying to a patient about what is being injected into their body is such a gross violation of ethics it's staggering. Hope some of these kids find out through the lawsuit, turn 18, and class action this guy into the ground.


Skuzy1572 t1_j5m3edn wrote

I hope they all sue their parents too cause that is such a breach.


Red_Carrot t1_j5o353a wrote

He probably has a date to go in front of the medical licensing board. They may wait until after his trial.


zillabunny t1_j5m8h2n wrote

We now have an opportunity for some great studies involving 1,900 people it would seem...

They got the placebo


VeteranSergeant t1_j5mc0ud wrote

The control group is quite large already. It isn't like the people who refuse to get vaccinated generally change their behavior to be more safe.


GreatWealthBuilder t1_j66pse9 wrote

I've lived as if it doesn't exist since 2020. No masks, no shots, multiple gatherings/events/trips. I was actively seeking the unicorn virus for a while.. hanging out with friends (who had 2-3 shots) while they were sick and tested positive. Been pretty healthy despite actively trying to get the virus that I don't think it exists.

It's nice to see the majority of people living as if it doesn't exist now. Most of them won't get another shot. Those that want to, good for them.

Past few years have been great. A big part of it was ignoring the media and fearporn. I look forward to the next 10yrs+

Live your best life!


VeteranSergeant t1_j6j5tbt wrote

>Been pretty healthy despite actively trying to get the virus that I don't think it exists

Yeah, I'm sure all the people whose family members died are excited to hear about what you think exists.

And I'm sure you have an intelligent, educated, rational explanation why there were 470,000 more deaths in the US in 2020 over 2019. Must have just been a bunch of gallop-by unicorn gorings.

But I do appreciate you. It's good to be reminded how the bottom half lives with their two digit IQs, lol.


GreatWealthBuilder t1_j6lk7v9 wrote


This bottom half got straight As in University and will FIRE before 45.

All the best! I support your decisions should you want decide to live as if covid exists or not. I personally will continue to live as if it doesn't, as the majority have now decided to do as well. If you decide to not continue with boosters, welcome to the anti-vax side. I support your decisions either way.

The lack of care in carehomes led to quite a few deaths... isolation is a killer.

How are your shots treating you? What do those personally around you think of them? What do they think of tyrannical government measures?


VeteranSergeant t1_j6njfnc wrote

Breaking news, bottom-halfer doesn't understand what actual tyranny is, and thinks public health measures designed to protect the elderly and the immunocompromised is it.

If you really got good grades and are going to spontaneously combust before 45, then a year of watching Netflix was hardly a problem for you. Sorry you were so emotionally fragile you struggled.


GreatWealthBuilder t1_j6oyu05 wrote

Stay up-to-date with your shots. Personally, I will not get one. I support your people's choice in the matter; pretty sad you don't.

Financial Independence Retire Early at 45yrs.. who knows may spontaneously combust prior to that in a Nuke explosion if those get thrown. Until then, I'll enjoy living my life and support people's freedom.. you call it call it freedumb. Suck daddy government harder if you like.

Many of the elderly were killed through lack-of-care, isolation, and poor medical. That's the real killers. I personally realized that and have added time to my mom's life.

Live your best life and enjoy 2023! All the best buds! ^.^


wigglex5plusyeah t1_j5n93me wrote

I have a feeling this guy wasn't following protocols enough to be able to use his data...


LionTigerWings t1_j5odu7c wrote

I think the initial pfizer study was like 42k people (I can't remember if that was 42,000 placebo and 42,000 vaccine, or if it was 21,000 placebo and 21,000 vaccine).


FlickoftheTongue t1_j5mviex wrote

Why was a plastic surgeon giving out covid cards? I feel like this is well outside their expertise and they shouldn't be allowed to do this


AutomaticPeople t1_j5ngw7c wrote

Not all plastic surgeons are vapid money hungry stereotypical wackos that were smart enough to pass Med School.

There are many plastic surgeons who help with (what insurance should classify as) legit medical procedures like helping burn victims etc.

So the ones who are decent human beings & doctors trying to hp out people, totally are educated enough to help with a massive vaccination campaign.


FlickoftheTongue t1_j5o2fti wrote

I get that, but ER surgeons have no business administering vaccines either. There emergency order that went out that basically allowed all pharmacy techs to administer vaccines drastically increased number of people and locations where people could get them. I wouldn't go to the er for a vaccine for covid, nor would an error surgeon do this. Any nurse or other ward doctor would do this.

I feel like anyone outside of the expanded group that was already doing vaccines should have been as need and closely monitored.


AutomaticPeople t1_j5oacpc wrote

I know 2021 was like 7 years ago, but around me they were getting anyone they could that had any medical background to help out b/c things were still that bad

So normal times sure, in the middle of a pandemic emergency, all hands on deck

But also, fuck this guy


FlickoftheTongue t1_j5ofwvl wrote

I agree fuck this guy. I live about an hour west of DC, and Virginia by and large didn't have this issue until nurses started quitting due to vaccine mandates. Obviously I can't speak to other states, but I feel like plastic surgeons (and really surgeons in general) should be last on the list of people called for this job.


CultofCedar t1_j5oawf1 wrote

I mean I think anyone who can give a shot was qualified. My wife’s an ICU RN and did optional OT to work at the vaccine clinic.

Honestly I thought plastic surgery was one of the hardest paths of doctor to enter so I’m sure they’re more than qualified. People are just money hungry but it’s no surprise. Wife got offers to take the vaccine too. Wife’s own amazing sister tried to convince her to fake it for her friends in her reserve unit or whatever for like 1k a person. I mean I get it that’d be some very fast money but yea wifes smarter than that and would be jeopardizing not only her career as an RN but I’m sure any chances of getting a DEA license as an NP in the future.


FlickoftheTongue t1_j5og5ty wrote

I wasn't saying he's not qualified, every doctor goes through giving stuff like this in med school, I just think that when you are looking at people to call to give vaccinations, surgeons should be last on that list of medical providers. Hell, I'd get paramedics to do it before I'd call a surgeon.


CultofCedar t1_j5okaep wrote

Oh okay yea that’s fair. Elective surgeries were all canceled for a while at a lot of hospitals. Mostly the ICUs and ERs with all the vent patients were the ones that were nutty. It was less surgeon and more anyone that works with vents like respiratory therapist or the nurses that are there 24/7 with the patient.

Since he wasn’t really practicing regular medicine I wouldn’t be surprised if they were hurting business wise during peak pandemic. The worst part is I’m sure they were getting paid by insurance for the vaccines.


FlickoftheTongue t1_j5ol8ra wrote

I forgot about canceling "elective" surgeries. I put that in quotes because someone I know who needed a kidney, but wasn't near the point of dieing from renal failure, was told elective surgeries were cancelled and they needed to wait.

I agree with the delay, but also see the counterpoint that it's not really elective like getting a new knee because of knee pain.

Back on topic, that makes more sense why this guy was even in this sphere. Probably had nothing better to do. Too bad he wasn't like that Spanish doctor that took payment to give "saline injections" but feared getting found out and gave the actual injections instead.


CultofCedar t1_j5ooqld wrote

Yea it was a bad situation for everyone but they needed max hands on the floor. My wife told me at one point 3 patients coded at the same time. Each time a person codes that involves like a dozen people trying to revive them. Iirc protocol is CPR for like 20-30 minutes and it’s labor intensive so people swap off.

Haven’t heard of the spanish doctor. That sounds hilarious. I wonder if people had symptoms after the vaccine because mine sure did hit different.


fuqqkevindurant t1_j5p0hxq wrote

Any doctor can perform medicine, write prescriptions, etc. The are licensed to practice medicine, just bc they choose to specialize in cosmetic surgery and do that doesn't make it illegal or unethical for them to do something else.

If you are a pediatrician and your friend asks you to refer them to a specialist for another issue so they dont have to waste time waiting for an appt with your primary care doctor would you say that's a problem?


FlickoftheTongue t1_j5p3ioz wrote

I didn't say it was illegal or unethical for them, just why was a surgeon even doing this. I forgot about the elective surgeries being cancelled until another user brought it up.

To your second question, that's not pertinent to the discussion, but no I don't have a problem with that.


[deleted] t1_j5oyetj wrote



FlickoftheTongue t1_j5p1dk2 wrote

I understand that, but most surgeons never give these types of injections after leaving medical school. It's not particularly hard, and you could probably train a child to do it, but my question was more geared towards why we're they even doing it in the first place. I forgot about all of the elective surgeries being cancelled.


MediumKeyAF t1_j5m9cvn wrote

Unrelated but I lived in that place for too long and it made me depressed never move there


juddbagley t1_j5mtiie wrote

Yes! Everybody stay away. And go skiing in Colorado.


MediumKeyAF t1_j5pr4ff wrote

Please everyone come to colorado and spend your money here 💕🥰


sxrg t1_j5nxhak wrote

Can you elaborate a bit on why it sucked? Is it the Mormons or some combination of other factors?

Incidentally I had a friend who ended his life who had been living there for a few years at the time of his decision..


MediumKeyAF t1_j5ps3bo wrote

Socializing is difficult as a 20 something because more than half of your demographic is already married with kids. The government controls your private life with bizarre alcohol laws. It constantly feels like you’re not part of the “club” no matter where you go if you’re not momo. Something just feels off like something strange is in the water or air. In fact there is something funny in the air. Sometimes the valley is coated in a perpetual layer of pollution/smog that stays for days and reduces visibility until a storm clears it up. I’m sorry about your loss but I literally almost offed myself too living there for too long 💀

The unhinged part of me likes to bring up the fact that the native Americans refused to settle in the salt lake valley for unknown reasons even though it was prime land and “gave” it to the original settlers with no problems. They knew it had some strange juju👹👹


Raammson t1_j5naz6b wrote

It's a cosmetic surgeon giving out cosmetic vaccine cards. I expected as much.


Trimere t1_j5ntkyy wrote

Honestly that makes sense. Doctor whose whole profession is to fake things.


fuqqkevindurant t1_j5p0vu1 wrote

How is their profession to fake things? They edit peoples' appearance. If you get a nose job, your nose is actually changed.

What you described is photoshop. And who the fuck are you to judge people who want to change their appearance? Let people live their own lives, it doesn't affect you


Trimere t1_j5p8pv2 wrote

Someone is majorly triggered. Everything you said is projected. I merely made a joke. Lmfao.


nycdiveshack t1_j5mibms wrote

Not surprised this happened in Utah


PlayedUOonBaja t1_j5n8j39 wrote

> Card recipients did not get COVID-19 vaccines, though some parents requested that their children receive saline shots instead so they would believe they did, court documents said.

I mean, are we even the same species as these people anymore?


BobT21 t1_j5meuyj wrote

Any idea who “donations to a specified charitable organization” might be?


Waderriffic t1_j5owocd wrote

Lose your medical license for $97k, as a plastic surgeon? What an idiot.


GreatWealthBuilder t1_j66q5i8 wrote

There is much more to life than money. Money is only a tool.

I wouldn't take the shot... I am not sure I could be bought to take it either. Maybe?

Good for the surgeon!


mikeybagodonuts t1_j5mspcu wrote

So these kids are still in the care of their lunatic toxic apparently extremely rich dipshit parents.


MortalWombat1974 t1_j5nmp3e wrote

A plastic surgeon doing something unethical?

Yeah, we're all shocked.


pedestrianstripes t1_j5ngrqq wrote

The greed and stupidity of these people is unbelievable.


xeq937 t1_j5nermj wrote

Ask these cards even used for anything?


Sandy-the-Gypsy777 t1_j5p9l94 wrote

Any doctor that did this should lose his license to practice. Medicine is not the place to make political statements. How many people used that forged card and inadvertently caused some elderly, or sickly persons death ? These actions have real life consequences, and your oath to “do no harm” is no longer valid, and neither is your authority as a doctor.


GreatWealthBuilder t1_j66rd0c wrote

He's a hero!

Ensure you're up-to-date on your boosters; otherwise, it's kind of hypocritical.


[deleted] t1_j5q3j3s wrote



GreatWealthBuilder t1_j66qsdc wrote


The government let criminals out of prisons to help with "reducing the spread of covid."

No one cares about a fake card for a shot that is quite controversial. Keep taking the boosters if you like, that is your choice... No one will be forced to take another one. That ship has sailed. Embarrassing that it went as far as it did. Making people decide between shots or their livelihoods. That was disgusting. Shaming people for not wanting to get them... disgusting.

One thing that is hilarious is that most people that took 2-3 shots are not lining up for more.. that puts them into the anti-vax category. If you're not getting another booster, why not? Lolz


GreatWealthBuilder t1_j66nw8a wrote

Good on those doctors.

Those cards helped many go on with their lives. Having those cards in the first place is the actual crime and let's never go back there. What a disgrace forcing those cards on people. If you want to get the shots, go for it. I will choose not to.

If you feel those doctors did the wrong thing.. please ensure you're up-to-date with the recent booster and continue taking them.. otherwise, you're a hypocrite. It's disgusting that some people are against supporting people's choice in the matter.. whether to get the shots, or not.

Have a kick ass 2023!


456afisher t1_j5od7fk wrote

Think about it, why would anyone consider a Plastic Surgeon as the go-to person to get a Covid vaccination? Or is that only for the wealthy clients? Needs to lose license. IMO


[deleted] t1_j5mt8ju wrote



Carlyz37 t1_j5o63mm wrote

The issue here is fraud and medical malpractice