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Meatball315 t1_j5n2tgy wrote


Carlyz37 t1_j5o6kvc wrote

Of course. These are legal medical records. My 4th vax got written up on a 2nd card. If you end up in the ER or try to travel to other countries this information is required.


Meatball315 t1_j5o73ph wrote

I haven’t been required to provide mine in at the very least a year. I go overseas and still not required. If you were to tell me to show you my card right now…. I don’t even know where it is. And I’ve been to urgent care at least 3 times in the last 18 months. Broken bones and stitches though nothing respiratory or illness related.


Carlyz37 t1_j5o8131 wrote

You dont need them for admittance into venues anymore but that could change. Recent covid outbreaks at large events are an issue. And some countries require vax for entry. Diagnosis of illnesses and treatments can require your vax history. Regardless of how necessary they still are they are legal medical documents. If anyone with those fake cards dies of misdiagnosis the scumbag dr is liable


Meatball315 t1_j5o8j8m wrote

This makes sense! I don’t stay on top of news unless I’m headed out, then I watch global news to see what’s going on where I’m headed.