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Attrm t1_j5zxid1 wrote

If they were so awful that she ghosted them and moved to another country, content to let them think she died, they probably are the kind of people that would have been happier if she had actually died rather than know that she just left specifically to get away from them.


HachimansGhost t1_j60vnxp wrote

I mean, they were the ones who looked for her. If they didn't care, they wouldn't have even made a report.
Its definitely more complicated than evil parents.


waffebunny t1_j610mu6 wrote

We don’t know the details; so it could indeed be more complicated. Judgement should be reserved.

I will note as an aside that it is entirely possible for toxic individuals to search for people that have cut contact with them.

(Perhaps they are doing so as a way to reestablish control over the other party; perhaps they genuinely care, and are simply blind to their own toxicity.)


AlternativeBasket t1_j625uhz wrote

Neglectful isn't the only evil parent option. A controller might still look for them as well.


255001434 t1_j61jgbo wrote

You can tell there are a lot of teenagers here when a fair and reasonable comment like yours has negative karma. Picking sides in their family issue based on so little information is idiotic.

But parents are bad, amirite kids? /s


Same_Cantaloupe_7031 t1_j6me82w wrote

You’re defending a comment that says “definitely more complicated”. With the same little information. Bit embarrassing.

But teenagers bad, amirite?


255001434 t1_j6n7lm1 wrote

Nope. Saying it is "more complicated" is not drawing a conclusion about who is to blame, it is a truth about most familial relationships and it was said in response to comments that were taking sides. It was simply saying that we don't know what happened. Nothing embarrassing about supporting that.


Same_Cantaloupe_7031 t1_j6o1wvs wrote

“Lot of teenagers here”

Hilarious that you’re grandstanding about not knowing enough with these ridiculous generalizations. I’m glad you don’t feel embarrassment because you would no cap through the floor if you could.