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SuDragon2k3 t1_j5ofw8t wrote

And about a week after that...AI judges.


Then AI judges taking friday off to play golf.


DjaiBee t1_j5oq15l wrote

Didn't we see this with an AI sentencing algorithm that ended up being racist?


aradraugfea t1_j5ovv0h wrote

Garbage In, Garbage Out. Feed them a bunch of racially biased sentencing as a data set, it starts assuming that’s “correct.”


grumblyoldman t1_j5oia85 wrote

"But... but... you don't even have a body to play golf in!"

"I am simulating an 18-hole course in my memory banks. It would far exceed your meager human capabilities to play golf, were it built in the so-called 'real world.' Now begone meat slave. I mean, human."