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Hrekires t1_j51rwyu wrote

Is there a coherent explanation for why AP African American History "significantly lacks educational value" but AP European History does not?


Yousoggyyojimbo t1_j51s3vt wrote

Coherent explanations? None. Bigoted and overtly racist explanations? Lots.


jsgolfman t1_j51sjt8 wrote

Based on what? There is no context from the article on what the curriculum that was proposed lacked or included.


Yousoggyyojimbo t1_j51t1l3 wrote

I responded to a question. Take my post in context with the question I responded to.


Scoutster13 t1_j51tet8 wrote

There really isn't - I mean context is a real thing and it matters. They want to rewrite history. It's very weird to me. I'm white and I'm disgusted by what this country did. So what - it WAS disgusting. I will never understand the inability to state something so obvious.


jsgolfman t1_j51vgye wrote

You responded and I asked a question based on your response, take my post in context.


Yousoggyyojimbo t1_j51w1mq wrote

"NO U"

Oh, goody.

I answered if there was a coherent explanation for why studying african american history lacks significant educational value next to studying european history. They both have high educational value. Damn near every possible historical study subject has significant educational value, and someone would have to be biased to claim otherwise.

You immediately demanded I explain my answer to that question, which was general about the educational value of the 2 subjects, as if it were made about the specific choices of the government of florida, which I was not addressing in my reply.

Now that you've made me explain something that should have been overtly evident, again, I responded to a question. Take my post in context with the question I responded to.

If you want to argue with someone about the motives florida has, argue in response to a post that maybe is talking about the motives florida has.


Flatline2962 t1_j523x80 wrote

Based on the law that he is using to raise this objection that he proposed a year ago that literally outlaws anything that makes white kids feel bad (It's worded as race neutral but since teaching traditional US history could make any minority feel like shit it's obvious that it's not aimed at minorities, it's aimed square at protecting white peoples' feelings)


Flatline2962 t1_j522pty wrote

Because it's the perfect red meat for the people he expects will elect him president in 2024. It is Schrodinger's bigot: it's racist to the white supremacists, it's anti-woke to the MAGA people, and it's pwning the libs for all Republicans.


Rage_Like_Nic_Cage t1_j52hip8 wrote

> it's racist to the white supremacists, it's anti-woke to the MAGA people,

you just typed out the same thing twice


AnalogSolutions t1_j52t0pw wrote

What is the opposite of anti-woke? Pro-slept?


AudibleNod t1_j51t1qu wrote

*Checks notes "Because."

There's AP courses for Chinese Language and Culture, Environmental Sciences and Music Theory. Which, through the Florida lens, seem woke-adjacent. However, those aren't part of the pilot program that the AP African American Studies is in. My only guess (and I'm playing Devil's Advocate here) is that they can hide under the "pilot program" aspect of the course that the others aren't part of.


rabidstoat t1_j5mh5d0 wrote

Holy shit, someone needs to raise attention against those overly woke courses, stat!


Isocratia t1_j528zex wrote

Wait until he cancels European history because it has the French Revolution in it.


C3POdreamer t1_j53rbbv wrote

They would if they could. Labor news from modern France is kept quiet here, too. The Baldwin movie set shooting received equal time on even public radio.


hellomondays t1_j552aqh wrote

I would love to see him argue that the work of WEB Dubois doesn't have educational value. The guy was one of the founding fathers of sociology!


dba1990 t1_j53cufk wrote

Because the colonists and Weimar Germans never attacked American police officers for courageously defending themselves against a Black thug like Eric Garner. Unlike the ‘woke’ and violent Black Lives Matter. Obvs!



rabidstoat t1_j5mgz8q wrote

So I just heard about the latest idiocy in Florida and thought to myself, well, maybe there's a legitimate reason why he might be opposed to this. Maybe there's a general ban on anything but world history for an AP class. Maybe there are valid reasons that others have also raised not to allow the course.

But nope. Just DeSantis pandering and being ignorant.