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008Zulu t1_j49moy7 wrote

Get ready for the MAGA sheep to defend the fox.


PPQue6 t1_j49osba wrote

Meanwhile here in the US.....

twiddles thumbs and whistles


earhere t1_j4b0mxz wrote

It's going to take Trump murdering someone with 100 witnesses for him to get cuffed at this point


Narrator2012 t1_j4cubuq wrote

That isn't going to cut it either. Trump is Frank Castle in American Gangster to these people


jayfeather31 t1_j49mea5 wrote

Brazil isn't wasting any time here.


I_Mix_Stuff t1_j49iz0m wrote

see kids, you shouldn't copy someone else's homework


Viciouscauliflower21 t1_j4a8wqa wrote

Woah guys, slow down. You're moving a little too fast there. You're supposed to take two years to even figure out he was connected, much less talking about charges


AbdulAziz9715 t1_j4agkm1 wrote

It's easy when the accused was actively spouting crimes on national TV.


InGoodFaith2 t1_j4bcyn7 wrote

Doesn’t matter what happens, if the shoe was on the other foot, all these cosplay commies would have the opposite opinion. Balsonaro was hitlertrump, but at least he didn’t have concentration camps.