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bassacre t1_j4ah6hz wrote

If you cover up the death of your child for his murderer you never loved that child and you should get the maximum sentence.


snapper1971 t1_j4mgyg3 wrote

Reading the scant information available I'd say she's a bit intellectually impaired, and her actions were carried out under duress/fear of death. That can be extended fo what she told her daughter. It's not as clear cut as it seems.


Toolazytocreate t1_j4bemlj wrote

One could argue it was the heat of the moment that lead to her decision. Most likely will be the defendant’s reasoning in court.


bassacre t1_j4bmhan wrote

Thats a terrible argument when youve been in charge of that childs well being through pregnancy and three years of life.


Toolazytocreate t1_j4bq2dg wrote

Not saying it’s morally right. But legally an acceptable defense. The joys of the grey area in the law I suppose


loki2002 t1_j4btd1j wrote

>told daughter "no talking"

Do you want a Pinball Wizard because that's how you get a Pinball Wizard.


[deleted] t1_j49x9hx wrote



yeomanpharmer t1_j4aqdo7 wrote

Okay its been awhile: Can anybody explain why that u/bassachre has +5 and I have -20? I thought we were on the same page. Thanks reddit.


Zedd2087 t1_j4bc9xu wrote

When you care more about the upvotes than the actual topic you have a problem.


yeomanpharmer t1_j4bh7rh wrote

When I use up/downvotes to help me validate my internal thoughts about this fucked up subject. But thanks for chiming in.


Zedd2087 t1_j4bjqlu wrote

Exactly that's a problem one you should deal with sooner than later.


Baka_Penguin t1_j4b1zja wrote

Well they are saying this person should be held accountable for their actions in a court of law. You appear to be advocating for extrajudicial killings. That's not the same page at all.


Canadian_Pacer t1_j4cl0uq wrote

Its because Reddit is full of circle jerkers. I have no doubt some people downvoted you legitimately, however i guarantee a lot of people just see a comment being downvoted and begin adding to it or piling it on.