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DFu4ever t1_j49x8sy wrote

Can any weather experts confirm that a cloud can explode in size as quickly as this pilot is describing? Typically you only see this with time lapse photography or sped up video.


GregsKandy t1_j4a3vxw wrote

I’m not a meteorologist but I wonder if it has to do with the cap (or lid) boundary being ruptured? If ruptured is the correct term.

Cap - (also called "Lid") A layer of relatively warm air aloft, usually several thousand feet above the ground, which suppresses or delays the development of thunderstorms. Air parcels rising into this layer become cooler than the surrounding air, which inhibits their ability to rise further and produce thunderstorms. As such, the cap often prevents or delays thunderstorm development even in the presence of extreme instability. However, if the cap is removed or weakened, then explosive thunderstorm development can occur.

The cap is an important ingredient in most severe thunderstorm episodes, as it serves to separate warm, moist air below and cooler, drier air above. With the cap in place, air below it can continue to warm and/or moisten, thus increasing the amount of potential instability. Or, air above it can cool, which also increases potential instability. But without a cap, either process (warming/moistening at low levels or cooling aloft) results in a faster release of available instability - often before instability levels become large enough to support severe weather development.


Kindly-Scar-3224 t1_j4afs0v wrote

You seem like a expert, if you convert the air into a liquid, would turbulence be like waves on the water?


Broad_Success_4703 t1_j4ccvod wrote

So air is a gas. Gas has fluid like properties. The sun unequally heats the surface of the earth which causes weather. Temperature differences, mountains, thunderstorms, etc are all associated with severe turbulence.


Midnight2012 t1_j4az41j wrote

Not an expert but turbulence can be caused by a variety of meteorological and even some non-meteorological phenomenon.


PM_ur_Rump t1_j4a0lrn wrote

I've seen clouds grow in unreal looking ways in Florida, like billowing smoke forming a massive stratocumulus in pretty short order. But not in a couple seconds.


for20_ t1_j4kmz6g wrote

We may be underestimating what can happen in seconds means when youre traveling at 450mph.


bonyponyride t1_j4a2fza wrote

It kind of sounds like the pilot is exaggerating because he flew into a strong convective updraft and doesn't want the blame, but who knows? Maybe it could have been an underwater volcanic eruption, but that should be verifiable with seismic data.


BetterMakeAnAccount t1_j4bc45d wrote

I’m not an expert but it’s possible one or more passengers made God mad, due to their avaricious hearts or mayhaps even gay thoughts


fuck_the_fuckin_mods t1_j4nbl7i wrote

Occam’s razor says this is the most likely explanation. Homosexuality has been known to cause natural disasters.


dak4f2 t1_j4ao6do wrote

I don't know but I do know there is crazy weather over the Pacific the last 3 weeks with seemingly infinite atmospheric rivers moving across the entire Pacific and raining down onto California.


spaced_out_taco t1_j49y1uf wrote

Not a weather expert in any way, but wondering if it was volcanic activity.


TheInternetCat t1_j49zzyv wrote

I’m also not a weather expert!


TrixieH0bbitses t1_j4a2gl8 wrote

Holy shit, how many of us are there?? 🤯


code_archeologist t1_j4a36b3 wrote

There are tens of us... Even tens of tens of us.


Cip_anu t1_j4a4nxk wrote

This guy maths


SkyPork t1_j4a05io wrote

Me too, that was my first thought. Plus, a pilot can probably tell a cloud from smoke. Seems like they should have some dash cam footage.


NeutralBias t1_j4c2n7j wrote

It wasnt. Typically flights from the mainland approach the islands from the North/Northeast, no where near any active volcanoes.

In fact, there are no arrivals into HNL that fly anywhere near Mauna Loa or Kilauea.


kthulhu666 t1_j4a1dfp wrote

I'm not saying aliens, but...


moscowramada t1_j4dxwc2 wrote

Love your hair man


kthulhu666 t1_j4dy9eu wrote

I never thought of it before your comment, but the Ancient Aliens guy is Doofus Rick. It all makes sense now.


TooManyJabberwocks t1_j49zoln wrote

Like the time a tree jumped in front of my car and made me hit it. Would expect planes to have dashcams by now


sanguine_feline t1_j4cn4ni wrote

Right? What could you have done differently? It was coming right at you and you had to swerve to hit it!!


Jimmy-Pesto-Jr t1_j4a069e wrote

it will be interesting to read an official analysis about this incident from the FAA/NTSB in the coming months.


c53x12 t1_j4b5k44 wrote

Don't they have dash cams for commercial aircraft?


Vantss t1_j4cjyzk wrote

I'm kinda shocked there isn't any forward camera for accountability. Planes are mostly flown by instrument readings so there's not usually a lot to see up there.


noslipcondition t1_j4dbz39 wrote

Accountability is exactly the reason we don't have them.

Pilot unions have been fighting cockpit video recorders for years.


c53x12 t1_j4cl38f wrote

Seems like a no-brainer especially for near-misses on the ground.


bretthull t1_j4bm6zw wrote

Some aircraft types have cameras in the tail and underneath the aircraft to aid in taxiing but not the one in this incident.


nochinzilch t1_j4bkmvl wrote

It was weather:

> Satellite imagery later reviewed by the report’s authors showed strong cells associated with a storm system moving toward Hawaii that were near the flight path, according to the report.


Nessie t1_j4hjcnq wrote

Yes, yes, but how did the aliens cause this weather?


[deleted] t1_j4k83st wrote

Unfortunately my only sources are the McPherson Tape, the Tic Tac video, and Mars Attacks.


sassmo t1_j4a3dul wrote

Most of our declassified material regarding UAP/UFO activity is over our oceans. The other day I was reading that rogue waves have been recorded at 2-3 times the size of other swells during the same time period. Now this report about a strange plume 45 outside of Honolulu.

When I read about the rogue waves I was thinking about the amount of displacement that might happen if a massive UAP/UFO moved out of our oceans at a high velocity. Now there's a plume rising out of the ocean near Honolulu?

I think aliens are hiding in our oceans...


JustSatisfactory t1_j4aihgf wrote

There was some person on the conspiracy subreddit a few years back that claimed they worked for some part of the government. They said that all the world governments are aware that there's another entity that lives in our oceans, that they have their own cities, more advanced tech, and they're the "aliens" we hear about. They come from the oceans to observe us occasionally but we don't know why. If we mess with them, they easily destroy our stuff, so we all just leave them alone.

Not a true believer of random internet posts, I just think non-political conspiracies are fun to think about.


Pheonixdown t1_j4bsqxg wrote

Man, I miss when r/conspiracy wasn't all just shit political discussions...


MollyDooker99 t1_j4b1f27 wrote

The rogue wave phenomena is well documented. Tldr it’s like 2 or 3 small waves that combine.


Jipkiss t1_j4b9mpu wrote

One of the best UAP sightings I’ve heard and at the start he seems to be describing the UAP as coming out of the water, albeit not at ridiculous speeds like described here. Given the whole 95% of the oceans unexplored or whatever that stat now is if UAP are aliens or something wouldn’t be inconceivable that they are doing stuff in the oceans


Buckettttttt t1_j4ab2dk wrote

Da earth farted at the plane


exbarkeep t1_j4ao62g wrote

Dis is what fockin happened


[deleted] t1_j4bs2ig wrote

I apologize if this is offensive but I read that in a Scottish accent


forgot_to_growup t1_j4bq6ph wrote

When I flew on Hawaiian airlines they were constantly harassing us to make sure our seatbelts were always fastened. Seems that the 25 injured ignored the flight attendants.


jennanohea t1_j4caozc wrote

I believe flight attendants are also included in the 25 who were injured.


TooManyPaws t1_j4bnrv9 wrote

I watched Manifest. Have they been in the air for 5 1/2 years?


Dangerous_Wave t1_j4bri48 wrote

I know we're joking aliens, but uh...stealth spy plane? Jet wash + it's paint scheme seem like a cloud to naked eye, radar etc blocked by tech?


SlipparySnake t1_j4d13wz wrote

It can happen, I’ve done it before


Spidersinthegarden t1_j4a1cbr wrote

Aliens? I don’t actually think that, but what if?


gregs1020 t1_j4a00bz wrote

"shot" in front of them sounds something went by really fast, clouds don't do that.


Woodie626 t1_j4a1pw0 wrote

If it was a line formation, and the approach was right, it certainly could.


ahmc84 t1_j4cb8wr wrote

Updrafts in thunderstorms can reach speeds of 100 mph. It sounds like that's about what happened.


gregs1020 t1_j4cby10 wrote

that would make sense. it would probably be quite a sight to see from a cockpit. thanks!


screechplank t1_j4bbu37 wrote

Kilauea eruption disruption?


[deleted] t1_j4as7bi wrote

Look at all the fucking experts on Reddit 🙄


AromaOfCoffee t1_j4bb0q3 wrote

I feel like you made this comment pre-emptively, but nobody has yet come around pretending to be plume cloud experts yet.