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N8CCRG t1_j4bc1t5 wrote

>The lawsuit says Robertson asked the student what she preferred to be called and whether she would like to be referred to by male pronouns. According to the lawsuit, the student felt pressured and responded with a yes.

This parent is actually claiming the school "transitioned" their child against the child's own wishes? I'm really tired of these insane takes being given serious attention. This person should be shunned from society for believing such a thing. Lemme guess, they also believe that schools are putting litterboxes into the bathrooms.


PRPLpenumbra t1_j4d3cz9 wrote

I'm curious what the kid has to say about the lawsuit


kdlangequalsgoddess t1_j4dwhhh wrote

If I had to guess, very little. They have likely been browbeaten by their mother into submission beforehand.


SpoppyIII t1_j4rs8mz wrote

These kind of parents don't want to believe their child has any autonomy or agency at all. The child is simply an extension of the parent and is to do what the parents say and believe what the parents say. That's how good kids behave. And their kid is good!

So as soon as the kid is old enough and has had enough social and media exposure to have formed their own opinions, feelings, personality, goals, and beliefs, then the cracks start forming in the perfect Mini-Me facade that the parents were clinging to for so long.

And they don't like that. "That's not right! It must be someone's fault that my kid turned out to be a different person than who I wanted them to be! Someone has brainwashed them! Someone has controlled them! Make my baby be normal again!"


Peachy33 t1_j4bnseu wrote

Jesus Christ there is no “Parental Secrecy Policy”. As both a parent and a teacher I’m so sorry for this kid and for this school for trying to do the right thing. This kid trusted their counselor enough to open up and the shitty mother just blew this up and made it about her. FOH


tallbartender t1_j4fomo9 wrote

What does FOH stand for?


Sea-Acanthisitta-316 t1_j4fx8sh wrote

F off hater


tallbartender t1_j4g9v6l wrote

Thank you. I worked in several restaurants, where FoH and BoH mean front of house and Back of House, respectively.


groveborn t1_j4hxtnf wrote

F off hater, back off hater... Man they really hated you at those restaurants. They totally trolled you


yur1279 t1_j4bbi0d wrote

I just chalk it up to the same thing as calling a kid by their nickname.they aren’t treated any differently, just called a name they prefer.


kdlangequalsgoddess t1_j4dw9wo wrote

This parent sounds like precisely the kind who would make her child "detransition" under duress. The kid is likely still trans, but is now closeted. Their mental health likely took a major hit when their mom forced them to recant. Sadly, the likelihood of them thinking about suicide or self harm also jumped. This isn't just speculation: it is backed by numerous studies.

When trans kids are supported, their quality of life goes way up and mental health improves.

Any policy that supports kids in their identity without informing the parents is put in place because parents who are not supportive have been known to beat the everliving shit out of their kids or subject them to intense psychological warfare, if they don't kick them out of the house and disown them on the spot.


One-Guilty-Finger t1_j4bodmy wrote

We’re in a tricky time, as our culture struggles to be inclusive. It’ll take some time to sort it.


Tart-Pomgranate5743 t1_j4k6g4g wrote

I feel so sorry for this poor child. The fact that the parents are suing for socially identifying the child -for a few weeks- as another gender… I can’t believe the home environment will be much better regardless of the lawsuit outcome. Especially when the child approached the counselor initially but later claimed the transition was because they “felt pressured”…


Honestjenjen t1_j4mf7xw wrote

Calling someone by a different name or pronoun does not change whether they are trans or not, and does not change whether they are a male/female. Like literally who cares. What a waste of resources.


Quantity-Mindless t1_j4iaugp wrote

Articles like this its just brings in propagandists on both sides who both think they are right


DusktheWolf t1_j4idjk3 wrote

"Both sides” bullshit. One side wants to exist peacefully the other is effectively genocide of trans people


Quantity-Mindless t1_j4ieh8x wrote

See you think your right . Ill let you be right if it makes you feel better but the end of the day its opinion . Oh well no sense arguing with a kid you dont even matter anyways . Chow


GloriousStoat t1_j4leruw wrote

One side wants to exist. The other side doesn’t want the other side to exist. “Both sides’”ing that makes you a piece of shit. End of story.


Freak0nLeash t1_j4cgpg2 wrote

I think parents have a right to know if the school is changing the name and type of gender of a student. I'm not saying the school shouldn't honor the child if they come out as transgender, but it should notify the parents beforehand.


diegrauedame t1_j4cmek3 wrote

This is a really good way to get trans kids abused by transphobic families.


Freak0nLeash t1_j4cok88 wrote

A parent still needs to know. They are responsible for the child until a certain age.


DusktheWolf t1_j4dn0nc wrote

Why do you care more about the parents control than the child's safety?


foreverpsycotic t1_j4fh11q wrote

Because until the state takes the kid, they are still the parents child. Sad and tragic as it is, it's up to the parents to raise their children unless they lose custody.


DusktheWolf t1_j4glqee wrote

"I think kids should be treated as property and not people."


foreverpsycotic t1_j4iiv2i wrote

No, I don't think it's the states job to raise kids. If you ever have a kid, do you want to raise the child or the state to raise them?


DusktheWolf t1_j4ijw70 wrote

Kids are people, not fucking property of the parents. If your parents are transphobic you shouldn't be forcefully outed to them. You are literally advocating for the state to drive more kids to suicide.

And yeah, I do think transphobes don't deserve children. If you won't love your kid for who they are you don't deserve them.


foreverpsycotic t1_j4il3xr wrote

Well, there is a process for that. Should probably follow that legal process to either emancipate the child or to take them as a ward of the state. Until then, they are the responsibility of the parents who should be involved in the medical decisions of their children.


DusktheWolf t1_j4ilicz wrote

Transphobic parents gave up the privilege of medical decisions when they were transphobic shit stains. This is no different than gay children being abused.


foreverpsycotic t1_j4ilsbf wrote

Can you cute the case law to support that?


DusktheWolf t1_j4ilvny wrote

I'm speaking morally. Legally these fucks get to torture their children. All of those parents deserve to die alone.


foreverpsycotic t1_j4im0di wrote

Until legal action has been taken to.... Relieve them of their child. Look, I understand. There are a metric fuckton of unloved children in this world. I hear stories often enough as my wife is elementary special education and the things she has seen ... Ugh


ChillyFireball t1_j4cryfy wrote

Kids are entitled to keep certain secrets if the truth could put their well-being at risk. Parents don't have a right to know that their kid is gay or trans; it's a privilege earned by creating an environment where your child feels safe coming out to you on their own terms.


thefrankyg t1_j4d889b wrote

Do I need to let a parent.know every time I have a student who wants to go by something other than the name on their school forms? Because that can be a real Hassel. There is a student in my school where the parents changed the kids name after adoption, but the girl prefers her original name.

It isn't hurting anyone calling this kid by their preferred name. Kids are allowed to have their own identity separate from whT their parents want and as long as it isn't hurting anyone who cares.


TrailChems t1_j4ft5ko wrote

I wish there was an equivalent of an award for down voting. This comment is so horrible that I would pay for reddit to highlight it as an example of a shit opinion.


SpoppyIII t1_j4rsvf2 wrote

No. It's not the school's duty nor right to out a trans or LGB student to anybody. No one.

That's how you get kids abused, kicked out, or sent away to conversion therapy.

If a kid isn't out at home, there's a reason. If they don't trust their family to know something like that, trust that they have a reason.


[deleted] t1_j4bampb wrote



MollyDooker99 t1_j4blqdj wrote

Pretty sure the only “gangs” that are in Chico are the almond grower coops.


[deleted] t1_j4buafn wrote



MollyDooker99 t1_j4bwqql wrote

Chico isn’t great in many ways. Homeless problems, drug problems, and an indigent population, but I’ve never heard of much of a gang problem.


skankenstein t1_j4h0c7o wrote

Chapmantown and the north end of town have a high concentration of gang activity. At one point, there were about 1000 known gangs members in Chico and LEO, both Chico PD and Butte Co Sheriff have a gang unit. I know the Crips, Bloods, and Nortenos are represented in Chico.


EntertainerNo3007 t1_j4e7bzq wrote

Mandi Robertson is about to be out of a job.

What an idiot. Leading kids into transitioning is different than providing guidance.

This district is about to learn a very very expensive lesson.