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N8CCRG t1_j4bc1t5 wrote

>The lawsuit says Robertson asked the student what she preferred to be called and whether she would like to be referred to by male pronouns. According to the lawsuit, the student felt pressured and responded with a yes.

This parent is actually claiming the school "transitioned" their child against the child's own wishes? I'm really tired of these insane takes being given serious attention. This person should be shunned from society for believing such a thing. Lemme guess, they also believe that schools are putting litterboxes into the bathrooms.


PRPLpenumbra t1_j4d3cz9 wrote

I'm curious what the kid has to say about the lawsuit


kdlangequalsgoddess t1_j4dwhhh wrote

If I had to guess, very little. They have likely been browbeaten by their mother into submission beforehand.


SpoppyIII t1_j4rs8mz wrote

These kind of parents don't want to believe their child has any autonomy or agency at all. The child is simply an extension of the parent and is to do what the parents say and believe what the parents say. That's how good kids behave. And their kid is good!

So as soon as the kid is old enough and has had enough social and media exposure to have formed their own opinions, feelings, personality, goals, and beliefs, then the cracks start forming in the perfect Mini-Me facade that the parents were clinging to for so long.

And they don't like that. "That's not right! It must be someone's fault that my kid turned out to be a different person than who I wanted them to be! Someone has brainwashed them! Someone has controlled them! Make my baby be normal again!"