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I’ll be in Kansas for the week helping my pops rebuild our old family farm, devastating that tornado was! All the cell towers are down, and considering it’s rural Kansas, it ain’t gonna be up anytime soon, so you won’t be able to contact me… so hopefully everything goes smoothly!

I got ONLY three cats:

Wilfred — all black

Butters — grey

Suzy — all white

They‘re simple cats, fairly easy to watch, just refill their food and water each day and clean the litter box. Then I got a few more easy peazy rules for taking care of them. Follow them, please.

1. Be VERY nice to Wilfred, the other cats respect him, he likes you, they’ll like ya too!

1.5 . He’s a little old and blind, sometimes gets in the way, just watch where you’re walking.

2. Butters gets some special treats in the blue container in the fridge, hand feed 5 pieces to him every day.

3. Suzy NEEDS to be pet 2 hours a day, because otherwise, well, she can be a real b, if you know what I’m saying.

4. If you hear meowing coming from a different room, but can see all three cats, do NOT go investigate the meowing. If you don’t see all three cats, you can check on it.

See, the rules are easy, the job is simple and I will compensate you well for all your time when I get back.

Again thank you so much,


I set the letter down.

Yikes, I truly should’ve had Amanda explain the details of this “easy cat sitting” thing before I agreed. But honestly, I probably still would’ve done it because she, to be blunt, is very hot, and hot girls are rare to find around here. So if I have to put up with some crazy cat lady bull shit to get a chance with a beautiful woman, so be it.

Day One

I didn’t realize how far from society Amanda's house is. She literally lives in the middle of nowhere. The last sign of civilization I saw was at least 7 miles back, the scenery is trees, trees, and you guessed it! More trees!

Finally, I see the single cottage-like home perched on top of the hill. I parked my car near the front porch and found my way inside using the spare key hidden under the welcoming mat.

I stepped inside and was instantly greeted by 3 cats staring me down. I gave them all a quick scratch on the head, “hi Wilfred, Butters, Suzy,” acknowledging each cat as I spoke their name.

“I’m Matt, I’ll be taking care of you for the week and hopefully will be getting a date with your hot mom afterwards.” All three cats stared at me blankly, I begin sensing a weird tension in the room. I awkwardly started walking around the house.

I gave myself a tour of Amanda’s place, her home is pretty tiny, so it didn’t take long. I found her bathroom first, which also happens to be where she has the litter box. I did my business and then cleaned up the cat’s business, too.

“If I was more talented, I probably could’ve done it at the same time,” I told Wilfred, who was trailing me as I made my way around the house.

I took note of the layout of the house, Amanda’s bedroom across from the bathroom, and at the far end of the hallway was a basement, maybe. Couldn’t tell for sure as the door was closed and I didn’t want to be snoopy.

I made my way into the kitchen to hand-feed little Butters his treats.

“Here Butters, come on now, come get your— oh, oh my god what is that,” as I opened the blue container a rotting, putrid smell came out. I fingered out a chunk of the gooey, red meat.

“This can’t be right, it must’ve gone bad. You can’t possibly want to eat this, do you?” I asked Butters.

The cat excitedly pranced back and forth meowing, as if saying “it’s all good Matt!”. I know cats can’t really beg, but I definitely would consider this the cat version of it. I plugged my nose and hand-fed him 5 pieces, one after another. He gulped each portion and even attempted to lick the remaining goop off my hands.

Now it was time for the long and honestly questionable part: petting a cat for 2 whole hours. I took a couple of steps from the kitchen to the living room and plopped myself on the couch and put on the longest movie I could find on Netflix, 2 hours and 36 minutes. Suzy must’ve known it was her time to shine because she nestled herself into my lap and used her head to nudge my hand.

Let the pets begin.

Halfway through the movie I heard faint meowing. First thing I did was figure out where each cat was, Butters on the kitchen counter, Suzy on my lap, and Wilfred snuggled up in the corner of the couch. I attempted to ignore them, remembering the 4th rule, but the meows were slowly becoming more and more abrupt. I started standing up and Wilfred jumped up and sat on my feet, staring me down as if saying “no” to me. I sat back down and continued watching the movie, shortly after the cries stopped.

After the movie was over, the entourage of cats escorted me to the door.

“Bye little kitties, maybe one day I’ll pet you during a movie with your hot mom at my side!”

As a I was shutting the door, I swear I heard Butters gag.

Day 2

This day was very lackluster, cleaned the litter box and refilled the cat chow and water, with my diligent helper, Wilfred, watching my every move.

I continued the rest of my tasks, fed Butters that rancid meat, pet Suzy, and I even pet Wilfred with my other hand while I was petting Suzy! The muffled meows started towards the end of the movie this time; all the cats gave me a warning glance when I started to stand as if they were urging me to sit back down.

Day 3


I’m so late, slept through my alarm like a fucking idiot, and only have 20 minutes to deal with these damn cats or I’ll be late to work.

I didn’t even turn my car off and ran through the house hastily doing all the chores. Threw some of that gross-ass meat on the counter and laid a few pets on Suzy and rushed back out the door.

Day 4

On the way into Amanda’s house, I felt very uneasy about how I left the cats yesterday. It was a shit show, to say the least, and the anticipation made me feel uneasy.

“They're just damn cats, Matt, they probably don’t even care,” I reminded myself.

I entered the kitchen and on the counter I only saw one cat, Wilfred. He was staring deeply at me, examining me. I went up and pet his soft head and held his face in my hands.

“Ahhh boy I’m sorry, I’m sorry I suck Wilfred.”

I backed away to search for the other cats, and gave one last glance at Wilfred who now had a pondering look on his formerly bleak face.

I heard meowing and scratching down the hallway and figured I would be fine to follow the sounds since I couldn’t find the other cats, and the rule said I could if a cat was missing.

Butters was eagerly scratching at the door towards the end of the hallway, the one I refused to snoop in on the first day. He saw me and meowed towards the door, and I swear I could hear muffled meows coming from the other side.

I reached for the door and Wilfred came flying in from the kitchen and cemented himself in front of the door hissing and swatting me away.

I backed off and he turned his attention to Butters giving him a threatening glare. In the commotion, Susie slowly waddled out from Amanda’s room. She seemed uninterested, or maybe was it disappointed?

After the tension cleared up, and I was certain I wouldn’t have to break up any catfights, I started doing my daily tasks. Wilfred monitored me and our surroundings with alertness.

I attempted to pet Suzy for a while, but she must hold grudges because I was being hissed and clawed at the whole time.

“Dumb bitch cat,” I muttered while dabbing up blood from the cuts that marked my whole arm.

I opened the fridge to once again feed Butters his foul treats. I held out a paleish pink piece and Butters took the whole chunk in one bite, nearly getting my fingers. I hold out the next piece and he misses completely, sinking his teeth into my index finger!

“Ah fuck, fuck you, Butters!” I yelled at the cat.

That was my final straw with these dumb cats! I'm so done!

I start putting on my shoes to get the fuck out of this place when through my socks I start to feel a warm, soggy mass.

Fucking cat shit.

Enraged, I rip my shoes off and start running towards the bathroom sink. In my rage I accidentally kick Wilfred, sending the cat into the wall with a thud.

I rinse off my shoes and they still smell that bitch cat probably pissed on them too. I say fuck it and leave the shoes; they’re ruined beyond repair.

I’m leaving this house, shoeless and outraged. I open the door and take one last glance back on the cats and see Butters and Suzy comforting the hurt Wilfred.

Day 5

So, I know I made it seem like I would never go back to Amanda’s, but I found out my shoes have a warranty on them so if I can get them back, I’ll be able to get new ones.

No cat in sight as I enter the house. I walked through the hallway to the bathroom and found my shoes.

“Perfect, now I can get out of here.”

I turn to leave, and Butters is purring and caressing my leg, maybe he feels bad for being a little asshole yesterday. I pet his head and then he beckons me to follow him.

He leads me to the end of the hallway and starts scratching at the closed door again. I search around for the other cats, remembering the rule, and see Suzy sleeping at the end of the hallway.

No Wilfred anywhere though.

I stood there debating if I should open it, but then I start to hear meowing behind the door again. Not muffled like what I’ve normally heard, but loud, distressing cries. It has to be Wilfred; he must be hurt pretty badly from when I kicked him yesterday.

“I’m coming, Wilfred!”

I open the door and am hit with a rancid smell; I plug my nose before I plunge further down the stairs. Thoughts of a decaying cat raced through my mind.

“Come on Wilfred, don’t hide, let’s get you upstairs, you dumb cat!”

I hear a loud bang and assume a draft must’ve slammed the door shut because I’m now without any glimmer of light, I pull out my phone flashlight and scan the basement.

I see shelves full of jars with this pinkish substance and as I examine them closer, I see hooves and paws and is... is that a hand?

“What is this!”

I shine my light around once more and in horror see miscellaneous carcasses rotting around the room.

“I need to leave!”

Turning towards the exit I see a giant cat with red eyes, it’s hissing and swatting towards me to back up. It then starts circling around waiting for a reason to attack.

From the corner of my eye, I see Wilfred sitting still on the staircase, then he gives a slight nod and the big cat lunges at me.

Day 3 of being home from Kansas

I shut my laptop off. I couldn’t watch anymore; I can still hear the echo of Matt’s screams in my head even when they weren’t playing.

The moment I got home from Kansas, I knew something was wrong. I still had a sliver of hope Matt was okay though, even when his car was still parked in my driveway, and when I entered the house and only Wilfred and Suzy greeted me at the door but lost it all when I got a whiff of the deathly smell that was wafting through my house.

I remember begrudgingly walking down the hallway, spotting Matt’s shit-covered shoes on the floor. Embarrassingly, I was still blindly praying he was just fine. When I noticed the basement door was wide open, I knew that was the complete opposite of the truth.

Expectantly, I found Butters and Juney by Matt’s body, well you know cats do have their preferred treats.

The next thing I did that first day of being home was I needed to find Matt’s journal, and it was conveniently sitting unharmed in his pocket.

After finding it, I got to work.

That leads me to now, three days later. You see, usually, after having a cat sitter I would come home to a body and have no clue what happened, so when I found out Matt was a journalist, I thought maybe I had a chance at seeing from the cat sitter's perspective what goes wrong?

By going through Matt’s journal and filling in missing pieces that I gathered from the security tapes, I’ve been able to put all the events in order.

I’ve even decided to use Matt’s experience as a learning tool to educate possible future cat sitters, so they won’t make the same mistakes.

And now that you have read and learned from my post, I can tell you my reason for sharing:

Hi, y’all my name is Amanda I have 4 cats, and I’m looking to hire a cat sitter.



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Kitsune_Kalimaru t1_iswbk1t wrote

You know what, I'm interested, as long as they don't mind getting little forehead kisses.


acs730200 t1_iswt5k7 wrote

He broke the rules and kicked my boy Wilfred and got what was coming to him, I think I could keep the kitties happy


Self-Aware t1_isx3mw1 wrote

I'll happily look after the kitties, OP. And I wouldn't blame the cats for acting like cats.

Matt was openly cruel to them, I'm sorry he let you down so badly. I can't believe he didn't check on poor Wilfred after he KICKED him! To throw a tantrum about Butters accidentally biting him too, when it was his fault the poor baby was so hungry for his treats, and even having the audacity to then withdraw basic care as a punishment?? Psycho behaviour, I swear. Being late to work ONCE wouldn't have hurt, and there's no excuse for deliberately neglecting the animals for which he was responsible.

Plus, if Juney and the others would be ok with it and you did hire me, I'd be happy to put some of the special treats just inside the basement door too. Just so Juney doesn't feel too left out while you're away. I imagine you've a plentiful supply of treats laid in now!


maohvixen t1_isxkgnp wrote

Even if he couldn't be late I see no reason he couldn't have gone back to the house after work to get those pets in and the couple minutes it takes to handfeed Butters five treats won't make any major difference in how late he might be. SMH such a terrible pet sitter.


Bright_Blue_Bell t1_isy83wt wrote

Right? I was literally thinking how he had to rush in the morning made sense, weve all ran late before, but there is no excuse to not come back. He could explain to the cats he'll be hand feeding the treats that morning and come for pets after work, which I would do anyhow honestly just because it helps you avoid mornings like that. He could have even negotiated an extra hour of pets to make up for it so everyone wins


Self-Aware t1_it29wgi wrote

Exactly! And then the cats wouldn't have been so upset.


taylor212834 t1_isztkxq wrote

That was not his fault........the cat hit him tf you want him to do?


maohvixen t1_it05enn wrote

If you're trying to say it's not his fault he kicked Wilfred I suggest rereading that section of the post. He might have done it accidentally, but he shouldn't really have been running through the house anyways even if he wanted to clean his shoes asap. The thirty seconds he would've saved won't change much and it's a tripping risk (or a cat kicking one). Also asking what is wanted of him is if you kick a cat hard enough to fling said cat into a wall it's common decency to stop and make sure it's okay. That can severely injure the poor cat, but he decided his shoes were more important than a pet he himself had personally agreed to take care of. I'd say it's 100% his own fault. The cat didn't hit a running person, so much as he hit it.


taylor212834 t1_it08ike wrote

He doesn't deserve to die for that shit lol like you cats get in the way all the time I routinely run into my cats like "oh fuck why are you right there" they run and follow behind me of course I make sure they're OK but that doesn't mean I should die l yall wild


maohvixen t1_it0a5uh wrote

No one said he should die, we called him cruel for neglecting the cats and potentially injuring one and then deciding to quit taking care of the cats entirely deciding to only show up to grab his shoes without informing their owner of his intent to no longer feed or care for her pets. I'd say what he did was cruel and while he didn't necessarily deserve death it was an unfortunate consequence of not following the rules set out which he had agreed to. These rules exist for a reason.


HatRabies t1_it5oe8p wrote

You're not wrong. But everyone here is gonna take the cats side because nosleep is a little weird.


taylor212834 t1_it5xqjh wrote

Right that's wild they think tripping over an animal is even close to an acceptable penance for death


taylor212834 t1_it5xuyt wrote

Right that's wild they think tripping over an animal is even close to an acceptable penance for death


HatRabies t1_it61rgw wrote

Yeah I mean I love my cat to death but my eyes suck so I trip over that little baby somewhat frequently. She gets an apology and headpats.

Here's hoping she isn't plotting to murder me for tripping on her accidentally.


Diznerd t1_iswmvzh wrote

I’m in! But I want to play with the 4th kitty too!


VladSuarezShark t1_iswvo1w wrote

How did Matt manage to write the final journal entry?


Senior-Act5519 t1_isx7fv7 wrote

He was writing the journal while being eaten by a huge out-of-the-ordinary cat. He's a journalist, bro.


thedeserttiger OP t1_isx12as wrote

After rewatching the security footage and listening to the audio I was able to figure out what happened in Matt’s final moments, and I completed his journal entry for him.


mysticaltater t1_isyt257 wrote

Ok but he literally yelled and at hurt the cats? What did he expect? And he could have come back after work for the 2 hours of petting and extra care. What a boob.

Your cats sound really special and cute, and no more high maintenance than other cats. I hope you find a good and worthy pet sitter!


terrorcatmom t1_isxt3oa wrote

Sure! Can I wear gloves when feeding Butters his treats? Just don’t wanna get my hands too icky.


ghostyghosty239 t1_iszcev7 wrote

I half get the frustration when trying to pet Suzy, even tho it’s his fault for not petting her long enough the day before. But Butters is blameless. Sounds like this dude had kind of a temper and doesn’t know how to treat animals well. All he wanted was for you to go on a date with him, not the welfare of the cats. What kind of person kicks a cat and leaves it there. You said he’s old so a kick and hit into the wall could have seriously hurt him enough that a vet could be involved. You never know.

My only questions is are we allowed to pet butters for more than 2 hours? I could chill at urs all day and pet her until we both fall asleep.


randauum t1_iswyg9d wrote

Well, he did hurt will, so I guess he deserved to be murdered by a giant can't and eaten


RoqueBarque t1_isxte0n wrote

What company offers a warranty on shoes for cat piss and shit????


slumberfaerie t1_isxvvts wrote

Lots of companies have a warranty. Few months, a year, a lifetime. Especially if they’re expensive shoes.


RoqueBarque t1_isxwab3 wrote

Warranty only covers manufacturer defect. Not pet urine and feces.


luckymasie t1_isxh6x7 wrote

I’m a petsitter, and I would love to watch them on the condition that I get to play with Juney too <3


wuzzittoya t1_isy155e wrote

The list at my farm would be almost as crazy. Only two dogs, two cats, ten chickens, a donkey, and two horses.


Predacutie t1_isyh6sh wrote

I thought Matt was gonna be OP and I was getting ready to unleash at him in the comments for kicking Wilbur but now it's ok lol.

Best of luck finding a suitable cat-sitter!


cupidsarrowss t1_iszvm8k wrote

poor kitties. i’d do anything to spend a whole 2 hours with 3 cute cats.

edit: also, what kind of cat is Juney? would love to give him a big old pat on the head if i could. so cute.


FlippyTae t1_it5eb9f wrote

This sounds like one big lie, sounds like you aren't looking for a cat sitter but victims. It's because you told Matt you only had 3 cats but actually had 4 and you know about what your cats do and didn't warn Matt that he would die if he didn't follow them. When you hire someone, and the job is dangerous then you need to warn them. Matt was a stupid typical male, but you let him die. That's on you.


Edit: The fact that so many people are okay with Matt getting killed because he kicked a monster cat seriously need help.


NoAd3038 t1_ite9pbe wrote

no i agree i actually get sad asf when our protagonist dies 😭😭 gets me every damn no sleep story


thndrgrrrl t1_isyg9o6 wrote

I'm in! Whats the pay?


KYpineapple t1_isxxhgq wrote

Sorry, but I am deathly allergic to cat dander. I'm more of a dog person anyway.


danielleshorts t1_isyq05b wrote

As long as I don't have to deal with people( not a fan of the human race), I'm great with animals of any species.


mrsmushroom t1_isze2ab wrote

So is Matt the 4th cat? Or are we counting Giant basement cat?


Kaedekins t1_it053te wrote

The 4th cat is "Juney" the giant demon cat in the basement. What OP needs is a priest, an exorcist and a cleanup crew, not a sitter.


catatonie t1_it0rq6f wrote

Oh I’d love to sit them!


rotten_robin t1_it3k6d7 wrote

Matt got what he deserved. I will happily come cat sit those little babies and even give them many forehead kisses.


Firefly_07 t1_itkgfz5 wrote

I love cats! Especially if they want snuggles and scritches. I'm totally in.

Though my cats might be jealous if I come home smelling like other cats.....