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pinacoladablackbird t1_iri2l78 wrote

Blue sunflowers, eh? And "hatchet"men? It might not just be looking up that could be a problem, OP - look out for blue eyes in strange places!


Saturdead OP t1_irimdyd wrote

Yeah, the stamps weirded me out. Then again, we saw that kind of flower all over on the way there. Thought it was just some local thing, didn't really pay any attention to it.

And yeah, the people working for Hatchet Pharma or Biotechnica refer to themselves as Hatchetmen. Ominous stuff.


michael06581 t1_irj9cep wrote

I've been thinking about the hand/sunflower stamps (assuming they aren't fictional). While we can guess all we want about them being two groups of classification, they could just be some other internal designation to keep the paperwork pages together (like Copy 1 and Copy 2). I remember wondering about strange things in the ADCs and then finding out that they had innocuous meanings, so ...

If not an "innocuous" designation, then one guess is that sunflower might code for more passive (e. g. vegetable) and hand might code for active (e. g. animal). While armed robbery might seem kind of "active", it includes picking someone's pocket while you happened to be carrying a weapon (e.g. extra-large toe-nail clippers - lol) (versus putting a gun to their head and grabbing money off them). They may have considered you less "active" than other inmates especially if it was your first time sentenced to more than one year (6 months with good time).


TheSunflowerSeeds t1_iri2lsb wrote

A common way for sunflowers to pollinate is by attracting bees that transfer self-created pollen to the stigma. In the event the stigma receives no pollen, a sunflower plant can self pollinate to reproduce. The stigma can twist around to reach its own pollen.