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mrbeefthighs OP t1_irr3pmp wrote

It’d get up behind ya eventually. It’s not playing a game with ya…it’s hunting


LuxTheSarcastic t1_iru15fc wrote

What if you put a realistic mask on the back of your head like fishermen in asia do with tigers?


aidonpor t1_irrp4uy wrote

Would it try to attack something like a bear or a HONEY BADGER?


Eino54 t1_is1kny5 wrote

Can it attack conjoined twins who are joined together at the head so they look in opposite directions?


mrbeefthighs OP t1_is1ljup wrote

Asking the tough questions! I’m sure it could. It’s not the fact that it can’t be seen, being seen is a vital part of its hunting strategy. I imagine it wouldn’t sneak up behind some conjoined twins but would rather prefer to lay in wait for them around a corner