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Zak_The_Slack t1_iy9mt55 wrote

Glad to hear everything is ok now. My thoughts are Damien was possessed by a spirit (unlikely), or he is a little insane. His actions are pretty extreme, so he might not be in the right mind. The crash seemed to get him out of it, which is very good news. Those glances you have may just be PTSD from the incident, but definitely keep tabs on him. If he gets too clingy, tell someone else about it. Glad to hear you’re ok OP!


mikadomikaela OP t1_iy9ymxm wrote

Now that I think about it, I don't know much about his past. He always seemed so healthy mentally and physically. We never fought and in the beginning I assumed him being clingy was a result of not getting much love growing up. That would explain the secrecy.