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natakial2 t1_iv84bv4 wrote

What kind of an idiot walks around to explore!?!! Should’ve just kept to a familiar location, so you wouldn’t have a chance of getting lost.


Queen-Canada t1_iv8qv6d wrote

I would’ve just sat on my front porch


iwinharder t1_iv8xmm4 wrote

That's what I said the whole time. You don't have to be OUT out, just outside. Damn...


Wishiwashome t1_iv9cemt wrote

Couldn’t agree more. Why not just open the door at 2 am or even better, look out the damn window? Also, I wonder how many other kids his age in the town ended up not reaching adulthood because of this? Wish these people would just tell their kids WHY when they reach an age they can explore on their own. I have seen way too many experiences here about these kind of towns.


the-book-anaconda t1_iv9opkp wrote

You're forgetting something very important.

OP seems to be from a very small town where everyone knows everyone else and they all know the layout of their town like the back of their hand.

Getting lost wouldn't even be a possibility.


Livonor t1_ivbvr2i wrote

urban exploration youtuber, I saw a game where that's used as a plausible explanation.