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CorgiDeletesToes t1_ixy4152 wrote

Jeez man, way to ruin the party
just don't let them know


Zak_The_Slack t1_ixysolu wrote

You need to somehow check where you buried her without anyone noticing. Especially your “sister who returned”. If the body is still there, then it’s probably a changeling or a skinwalker, or someone just masquerading as her. If not, then someone or something has resurrected her. I’d seek help with either of these scenarios, but make sure that you are never alone with your sister. We have no idea how she’ll react, so it’s best to always be with someone else. Also make sure you carry a pocketknife or some kind of weapon in case she tries to attack you.

I that it’s just someone masquerading, but I suspect not. Hope this helps you out OP.


RedDemonCorsair t1_ixzh4fr wrote

And then when she uncovers the hole, the fake sister might be behind op so she gotta be careful about it.


Rangermatthias t1_ixybrt7 wrote

I was all in your corner about having a rude mother and condescending sister...but then you went and murdered her.

That's not cool. I bet she wasn't really that bad. I bet You are just a hateful, whiney, brat. That's right, I said it! What ya gonna do about it? Nothing! You know why?

Because you have a Revenant to deal with. Hmph!


randauum t1_ixzwh9c wrote

Doppelganger is just overjoyed you got rid of her so she could take over


ScienceByte t1_ixzzw53 wrote

Your life is like an Edgar Allen Poe story


johnclark6 t1_iy03d2w wrote

Wow. You are a miserable person. That being said, I'd probably run if I were you.


PersonalityTough9349 t1_iy10yvs wrote

Law and Order SVU did this in an episode. The sister threw her down a chimney if I remember correctly.


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UnwillingHero22 t1_iy4ps0v wrote

A skinwalker perhaps? Wait…you murderer!