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The counter above is how I track what day I'm on. Every day, when I wake up, I type that before I forget.

There are a million movies surrounding this. They all focus on comedy. This is not funny, this is a living nightmare.

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It has been December 13th, 2022, for about 4 years. I have written this Reddit post too many times. I don't post it every day, but I almost always do, in the small hopes that someone's advice will work.

When I was only a few days into this, my posts were short. A few sentences at most. I would add more information every day, cramming more and more information in. Eventually, it got to the point where most of my day was spent typing things up, and it got tiring.

Whilst this is your first time reading this, I have written slight variations of this post over 1,000 times. Today just happens to be the day where I'm in your timeline. Tomorrow, it'll be the exact same for me, whilst you move on with your life.

Asking for advice in person takes too long, and usually, nobody believes me. The internet is the best way to reach a large number of people, fast.

Times Drove To Hospital: 907

My wife is 9 months pregnant. Every day, at 11:49pm, she goes into labour. No matter what I do differently, it always happens. On the drive to the hospital, at exactly midnight, everything always goes black, and the day resets to when I was sleeping this morning.

I don't even always wake up. Some days, at midnight, I'm suddenly back to dreaming again. Sometimes the dream even continues the drive to the hospital. I always wake up before my wife gives birth - And I always cry.

A terrifying thought I sometimes have is what happens to my wife. Is everyone in the world resetting, but I'm the only person with the memories? Am I in a different universe, and the version of me driving the car thinks they've broken the loop? Do I disappear for her, and there's a car crash? That last one is the most terrifying for me. Some days I don't even drive her down, and she's furious at me for it. I hate to do it, but I like to think I'm saving her from a potential crash.

The comments are always slightly different - Probably because nothing is truly repeatable. The simple act of me wording this slightly differently each day will cause different outcomes for that day.

A few things are usually the same, though.

u/BriteBytes, you're going to comment about how this reminds you of Groundhog Day, and how it's been your nightmare since you were a kid. You're also not going to read this far down because you never notice this prediction.

u/Skipper15cp, you're going to comment about trucks.

I'm kidding. You're actually going to write some cocky comment about how I was wrong, and fate doesn't dictate you. Also, *you're

Deaths: 197

I've killed myself so many times, in so many ways. It never works. I feel the immense pain it causes, so I always try to pick fast methods. But no matter what, I always wake up, as if nothing ever happened. I haven't tried it in a few years; I've accepted now that death is no way out of here.

Kills: 1

I've killed someone once. I hate myself for it. Even though I see them every day, alive and well, I can't get their lifeless eyes out of my mind.

It was purely out of curiosity. I've tried so many different things in my time trapped, and this is the one I regret most. My neighbour did nothing wrong, I just wanted to see what would happen. I got arrested and taken into custody. Just before midnight, an officer came into the interview room to let me know my wife had gone into labour. He was only halfway through his sentence when midnight hit.

Wife's Deaths: 0

It's crossed my mind - It can't be a coincidence that this is happening on the same day my wife goes into labour. I keep thinking, what if it's her, or the baby? But the only reason I want to break this loop is to see my daughter. It's the only thing I want, the only thing I need. The only thing that can make me sane again after living like this. If killing her breaks the loop, I'd rather be looped forever.

I want to see my daughter.



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Skipper15cp t1_j02naic wrote

lmao your wrong, fate cant dictate me i guess

edit: wait, shit


BriteBytes t1_j02n5we wrote

This reminds me so much of Groundhog Day. It's been my worst nightmare since I was a literal child.

I don't have any advice to give you, but I hope you see tomorrow.


AverageKrupukEnjoyer t1_j02vcox wrote

have you tried turning it off and on again?


NomNomNomNation OP t1_j02w3n4 wrote

No matter how many times you comment this, it still makes me giggle a little.


mommykraken t1_j034xmp wrote

Maybe on your way to the hospital you’re missing something that you’re supposed to do, like help someone in a car wreck, and that’s why it’s resetting. You haven’t “done” the day right. And since it’s always at midnight, maybe that’s when your opportunity to fix it stops (ie, the person you’re supposed to help dies). Have you noticed anything in your way to the hospital? I know having a woman in labour in the car can be a bit distracting.


Illustrious_Bison_20 t1_j0kf2fh wrote

I agree. though, I'd search through the whole day for anything you missed. something is keeping you there, and you need to figure it out. Maybe you need to take your wife to L&D earlier or drive a specific route.

that or you're in hell and something you've done thousands of times on this day is what landed you there.

yeah yeah, I comment this all the time. you obviously haven't found the issue yet


something_idkman t1_j056kb7 wrote

Convince her to get a c-section, you have infinite tries! If seeing your daughter will break this cycle, try over and over again to drive there earlier and somehow convince everyone to get her a c-section. If all else fails, maybe an... at home surgery.... would work.


InfamouslyishFamous t1_j05y2df wrote

Take a few months to learn how to do a surgery like that though.


I_have_no_fun t1_j0303vk wrote

Have you tried- nah, why do I even kid myself, you've probably already tried it.


NomNomNomNation OP t1_j030qzd wrote

If you were gonna suggest breaking up with my wife, yes, you've suggested that before. It broke both of our hearts, and didn't work

Or maybe you were gonna suggest your plan involving bread

Idk, you're a bit of a wild card. Always something new


I_have_no_fun t1_j03137e wrote

I was gonna ask about the bread, but hey, you try throwing a ceiling fan at your wife yet?


Pootsa t1_j05ilal wrote

So here’s my theory: there’s someone who is time travelling in an attempt to erase the baby. This someone is probably, unfortunately, you from the future, OP. It makes sense, since you’re the only one remembering the loops, and you’re very motivated by the thought of your daughter.

I guess you fucked with time too much and trapped yourself in a temporal loop, where you have no memories of your daughter yet, but also can’t let her be born.


timelady_13 t1_j02ut08 wrote

Have you tried going to the hospital earlier than when your wife goes into labor?


NomNomNomNation OP t1_j02w086 wrote

Oh hey timelady. Yeah, I tried this the first time you suggested it.

To answer what your reply was going to be - I did it by pretending I broke my leg, tricking my wife into going to the hospital. She still hadn't given birth by midnight, and the same reset happened.


timelady_13 t1_j02wfqp wrote

Oh shit. My other suggestion would be to research how other people have gotten out of time loops. There might be something anchoring you to today that you need to complete first before it will let you continue life as normal


plausiblydead t1_j05miiw wrote

I’ve probably said this before, but have you tried to induce early labour? Going to the hospital early makes no sense if she is not in labour.

So I suggest starting the day by having intense intercourse with your wife and see if that doesn’t speed things up.


NomNomNomNation OP t1_j02wi71 wrote

I can't be bothered to wait for the comment. But yes, I've tried the sewer method. And no, it didn't work, even with string.


Automatic-Plankton10 t1_j05za84 wrote

well. that was my best, and second best solution. have you tried looking for the nearest particle accelerator research center? if anyone would know, it would be them


BigBee-_ t1_j056qdq wrote

try putting her in rice. the rice will soak up the time anomaly. just.. just don't eat the rice after.


Lagtim3 t1_j05ingi wrote

I'd be shocked if you haven't tried convincing your wife of the truth yet--y'know, telling her that you're in a time loop, and using knowledge of the previous versions of the conversation to say what she's gonna say before she says it, that type of thing.

What happened when you tried?

Have you ever considered--once you convince your wife of what's happening--inducing labor at home, as early in the day as you can manage, and then going to the hospital?

I have no idea how you'd go about the induction, but you have infinite time and all the information on the internet at hand, I'm sure you can learn how to do it as safely as possible.

Best of luck.


No_Competition7327 t1_j05yvly wrote

I don't know if you're still in this timeline but here's a way for you to break out of this loop. The Laplace's demon, It's a person who can make the day repeat when it doesn't go their way, Only they and the person they want to change their decision remembers the day. Meaning anyone else other than you two will behave the exact same way. Live the exact same thing for a few days and look for little differences, The one who does make even a little difference is your way of getting out.


GoodeBoi t1_j061rdl wrote

It’s December 14. He can’t answer us now, not in any way that matters.


ancsamancsa t1_j05jkqe wrote

You crashed and died. This is your personal hell.


rmd_23 t1_j05isti wrote

Sounds like you’ve reached the purgatory level of the simulation. You have unfinished business. Solve the problem/fulfill your purpose and you break the cycle and level up.

Best of luck to you trying to figure out what it is that needs to be done though.🍀


d-Klaviter t1_j05kip9 wrote

Have u thought of buying her a squish-mallow? Maybe she needs a birthing gift


nrhsd t1_j05lamx wrote

Have I commented before? This is so interesting to me. My only suggestion is that maybe taking your wife to the hospital the second you wake up and trying to induce the labor so the baby is born earlier in the day and maybe you can at least hold her. I’m also wondering if, because you’re stuck in a time loop, you’re essentially immortal. I don’t wanna freak you out but I’m thinking that either this will continue for eternity, or you could find a way out, or you’ll live the amount of days you would’ve lived in the real world and you just have to wait for the clock to run out but then it will all be over. Also, you’ve lived a lot of days stuck in this loop so idk how you’ve spent all that time but if you’re stuck in it just try to live each day to the fullest and go out and do fun stuff and you can do something different every day so it doesn’t feel so stagnant


Massattack52 t1_j065v9d wrote

Considering it’s now December 14th, I find myself wondering what happened to OP.

Chances are the version of them who posted this got cycled back through the loop, sure, but since we’re still here and aware, I’d take it they’re just creating alternate timelines whenever they loop back, which begs the question if there’s still an iteration of them in this timeline. Maybe someone could try to get in touch?


SerenityLee t1_j06upm7 wrote

Precisely my thoughts. Would this iteration that continues have any memory of any loops?


Mathias_rasmus t1_j05v32a wrote

What if you go to a different timezone? Will your day reset at 12am in your "old timezone" or the one you're in?


MrBluer t1_j056y50 wrote

Hey OP. Try asking people for trust passphrases, for verification that you’re in a time loop. You’ll look stupid on that first loop when you ask “okay, so what is it” but after them it’s pretty handy.


HisLilSilverKitsune t1_j05rge4 wrote

This may sound insane but hear me out ok I’m thinking two things on this You’re already dead and no matter what you do this is not going to change or stop. Think really really hard about your life did you do something that would send you to hell? I’m not a religious person but are you? Hell or Tartarus is not just fire and brimstone it’s doomed to relive a day a situation of heartache for eternity I don’t know what you believe in but I believe that there is so much out there we don’t know so what if some of the gods we’ve read/learn about or heard about are real? What if this is one of them playing a sick joke? Like the trickster Loki? He’s watching to see you go crazy or to see what all avenues you are willing to try to break this loop I’m sure I’ve said this to you before but what if? Look for any deviation at all in the loop a glitch something that wasn’t there before anything


pekingnese t1_j05s2ni wrote

Do animals you meet on the 13th of December for several times recognize you?


Solidus_Tsuchinoko01 t1_j05tzn1 wrote

Try spending time with your wife (like showing how much you love her ) incase the loop is being caused by her dying due to her giving birth


Readalie t1_j05mq8l wrote

OP, what do you remember from the first time you looped? What was the drive like? Icy roads? Headlights coming towards you? Could you have gotten into an accident and be looping while you come to terms with your death?


jessiezell t1_j035uu0 wrote

Wow. I’m so sorry! I only know how to get out of a bad song loop. Sing: Oh black water keep on rollin Mississippi moon … You get the gist


548662 t1_j05ugjr wrote

It’s strange that from my perspective, this is the first time I’ve seen this, but you know me already. Kind of bothers me that someone would have more knowledge of me than myself. At least before tomorrow.


Substantial_Wash3906 t1_j05yt6a wrote

Maybe it has something to do with your daughter. Maybe, someone out there wants her gone. Maybe the persons you, which might explain why you remember it. Your being is being disturbed by the presence of another you being present. Maybe if you just do what is ASKED of you then MAYBE it will finally stop. All the pain, all the suffering…you must know what i’m telling you to do, right?


Whenyouatthewhen t1_j056rpa wrote

Yeah I think you gotta kill your wife ngl. Don’t get caught tho


Readalie t1_j05mlm0 wrote

OP don’t do this. There’s gotta be a way out. I believe that you’ll get out of this. I believe in you.

The only thing worse than being trapped in a loop is going on with your life knowing what you did to get out of it. There’s a reason you only tried murder once in fifteen hundred loops. The loop can’t punish you as much as your own mind can if you hurt your wife or worse.


Pitiful-Difference52 t1_j05alai wrote

i feel bad for you OP but also it might be slightly fun. you can do whatever you want each day; commit crimes, go anywhere, do anything, with essentially no consequences. the next day everything resets. i mean, im sure it’s exhausting after years of it though. i hope you get out


Lagtim3 t1_j05j0q3 wrote

I mean, he has one inescapable consequence; he has to live with himself.

If something changes and he's suddenly thrown back into the normal timeflow after years and years of doing whatever he wants with no consequence, he's gonna have one fuck of a crisis about identity and values as he tries to pretend he's the same person and slip back into his life.


Praetor-Xantcha t1_j05egu6 wrote

I’d try getting real Buddhist about it. Worth a shot at least.


somedudeonthis t1_j036d4f wrote

As grim as it may sound , kill her, maybe the baby is what's resetting time


BreDenny t1_j04zzur wrote

Then when OP resumes their normal timeline OP goes to jail and never gets to see his little girl. Nah fam


Mo3inaz t1_j05h52p wrote

Look at your hands. Tell yourself you’re dreaming, either you’re dreaming or you’re possessed. If you’re dreaming, you’ll more than likely wake up. Good luck


ramennumerals t1_j05kdlk wrote

Maybe you could break a bone around 10-11pm, get driven to the hospital with your wife, while there, your wife will go into labor and get admitted immediately. Idk


Top-Noise5959 t1_j064bkj wrote

As soon as you wake up, do something to get your wife into labour/ the hospital. Make her fall off the stairs, get her something that will trigger the birth etc… Do something to make sure your baby girl is born before midnight.


Reddd216 t1_j071lv7 wrote

No not the stairs, you don't want to hurt her or the baby. Maybe try having her eat something really spicy, maybe that will quickstart labor. Taco Tuesday?


lokisown t1_j0659qq wrote

Induce an earlier labor, if time rests ywill have your proof.


z3nfei t1_j051s55 wrote

Have you tried figuring out any unfinished business you might have throughout the day? By this I mean maybe there is something that you haven't done or maybe there's a sign your missing.


VillageAcceptable127 t1_j054mvz wrote

My only suggestion would be to make your wife go into labor early and see what happens. But I’m sure you have tried that and she never goes into labor. Good luck!


MoonlightStar6262 t1_j05bclr wrote

Induction? Or drive somewhere that’s a different hospital or not one at all


Vulgaris25 t1_j05ogyp wrote

Have you tried just enjoying the time? It might feel redundant, but do whatever you want. Read a book, watch movies with your wife, eat whatever food you want because you don't have to worry about gaining weight.


popcornglasses t1_j05utl1 wrote

Oh shit! You’re in a loop too?? I’ve been looking for someone stuck in this loop!!


GoodeBoi t1_j061ywt wrote

It is December 14. You are fortunate to be the consciousness that emerges after the point of looping.


BizarreRequiem t1_j06nter wrote

Woah, I was stuck in this time loop before but I just deleted my save then overrided it by saving again, maybe you should try that? or maybe I’m the only one who can see the save option…


Noctazar t1_j064t49 wrote

Does... does the universe want you to kill your pregnant wife for some reason? It's the one thing you haven't tried yet.


The_Gov78 t1_j06lu62 wrote

This happened to me. You have to piss in the air and catch it in your ear. And put a sock on your ear first so when time tries to get your ear all it gets is a sock.


IDCWhoIam t1_j06m487 wrote

Oh god, you fucked with my head


Contessaa t1_j075kz0 wrote

Please at least tell your wife what’s going on! You might go crazy with this knowledge alone


MrQuojo t1_j07g7sx wrote

Does it mean he can’t answer comments from Today because for him it’s yesterday


Lazy_bonzi420 t1_j07wtbg wrote

Hear me out: go rob a bank, or a grocery story, and hide the money back at your place where you and you only know where to find it so your wife can’t find it.

The next day when you wake up, see if the money is still there. If it is, go rob a place each day, and stick like the money for a while. Since your day resets, you won’t be “wanted” for very long, and if you get caught, your day resets you back to your bed with a clean slate each midnight. Continue robbing until you have enough money to hire a scientist (or a team of them) to help you solve your problem.

If they can’t, well, you’ll have a nice stockpile of cash to finally pay for the delivery-if it ever happens.


Jareth247 t1_j0c7p9i wrote

More than likely the money won't still be there. Absolutely everything resets.


auseronthissite t1_j08aw7x wrote

People who make jokes about this are monsters, they think its some joke but its not, I know this won't phase you at this point but I can't not be in a world where you think nobody believes you.


Dyslexic_dumbass6543 t1_j059hw5 wrote

Try killing your baby. Hear me out, just make a new one you have the parts to make your first one you can make a second one and if it doesn't work you still have your daughter and your wife.


Massattack52 t1_j05gz40 wrote

I’d say I believe you, but I imagine nothing would change. I don’t have anything I can say to you, nothing that would improve your situation. Im so sorry.


Cr1msix t1_j05hgo7 wrote

OP. Crash the car. I know it sounds counter intuitive but do it. Make sure its fast and does total damage


Nerdy_Waffles t1_j05ni27 wrote

But do it in the morning so you have to call an ambulance (five minutes before your wife actually goes into labor so they arrive just as she does)


NEETenshi t1_j06l5cc wrote

OP's wife goes into labor at night, though.


Nerdy_Waffles t1_j1glmkr wrote

Exactly. If he crashes in the morning then he doesn’t have a car to drive when she goes into labor at night


DesignerDry2458 t1_j05hkua wrote

Why not do something productive cuz you have all the time in the world


BeccsADoodle6 t1_j05j5gr wrote

But the progress would reset each day. OP has endless time, but only to do something that'll take 24 hours or less


DesignerDry2458 t1_j05jd4h wrote

Maybe he should do extremely dangerous stunts lol it wont affect him anyway


madici0us t1_j05lqec wrote

you are giving birth to that thing from dr strange 1 . so he looped you


ChimpanzeeInAPizza t1_j05nsk6 wrote

Run around naked and tell what happened to the other me lol


gooeycheesymoon t1_j05okkl wrote

Has anyone checked on you on our current timeline? Have you asked anyone to check where your wife is- not where you say you are- where we are


Maviert t1_j05op9i wrote

I'm reading this on Dec 14. Meaning you did it! What was the solution?


existential_risk_lol t1_j05oqj7 wrote

Do you think this might be linked to your unborn daughter in some way? The fact that your wife's labour is one of the few concrete inevitabilities in the loop makes me think her birth is directly connected to the loop in some way. Is there a way to, I don't know, change the rime of her birth? You could speak to a doctor and get them to induce your wife's labour earlier; would that change anything? Who am I kidding, you've probably already tried it.


VerseGen t1_j05puir wrote

all I can say is good luck and o7.


devilsnj30 t1_j05pwnc wrote

Don't go to the hospital and deliver the baby at home.


Addfwyn t1_j05y5qa wrote

Inducing labor seems to be the way to go here. If the baby is born without a hitch you know that the baby isn't causing the time loop and you can see your daughter.

If that causes the loop, you know what is causing it. At least you will know the cause, what you do with that information is up to you.


Venoxz123 t1_j0634ju wrote

Time for a two for one kill! Gotta get that K/D up or you'll never become pro, Jack!

Or try to drive to the hospital earlier with you wife. Anything goes as you've become Chronos for the day.


MustardJar4321 t1_j067tfo wrote

Can you still reply to me even though its the 14th of december?


Comfortable_Corgi593 t1_j068026 wrote

try to not wake up when your wife gives birth it might fix it


Ronnoc_Rekab t1_j06aagr wrote

What if you don’t get to the hospital and have a home birth?


happybouncingfun t1_j06aktg wrote

"There's no fate but what we make for ourselves" Sarah Connor. Feel it, breathe it, live it.

Clearly you are trapped in a paradox, now it is just a matter of figuring what sort and how to break it.


Zak_The_Slack t1_j06bf4t wrote

Could there be someone else stuck in the same time loop as you? Might be able to figure out where your paths crossed and time got weird


nejnonein t1_j06bu7m wrote

Have you tried c-section for the wife?


alex_touch t1_j06cdyj wrote

Play Silent Hill 2 for more answers I guess


Rathbaner t1_j06cydz wrote

You've obviously crashed the car and wiped out your entire family. You need to accept that you have f'd up, that you, your wife and child are dead.

It's over.


antoniofungo t1_j06j6cd wrote

Give her some Prostin E2 and send her into labour before 23:49 pm, maybe she will give birth to your daughter before midnight and and you'll be out of the loop.


kayseybae t1_j06mu6t wrote

Try researching to see if a significant event ( possibly future altering ) happens that day. Maybe you are stuck in this loop & you are supposed to save the future ? The future is sure to be full of advanced technology that perhaps is keeping you in this loop Bc you are the only one who can be there / fix what ever it is . I agree with many other commenters , you have unfinished business .


Denaton_ t1_j06mvd4 wrote

Since it seems like knowledge seems to transfer, learn everything there is to learn, you have access to internet..

Edit; Since i can read this now, it seems this was the last time, otherwise tomorrow won't come.


SerenityLee t1_j06xjba wrote

Unless it starts alternate universes that continue, but their consciousness starts over.


Denaton_ t1_j0702pq wrote

What happens with the new him in this universe then?


SerenityLee t1_j070aml wrote

Maybe ceases to exist, maybe has no memory of time loops, we won’t know unless he responds.


MoonVirg t1_j06nus0 wrote

Have you tried inducing the labor on your wife? Maybe if you daughter is born before midnight something gonna change.

Worst case scenario… try to practice a c section yourself. Your wife will die but you’ll have your daughter. It’s horrible, but at this point what do you have to loose?


Late_Storage4070 t1_j06yaxd wrote

Deliver the baby yourself or call an ambulance


1cmhoodieman t1_j071vj3 wrote

Maybe I've said this before but cause her to give birth earlier. You have time, you can probably learn how to do surgery or some shit


Sepehrbigman t1_j0733ex wrote

contact a famous time_space scientist(i mean, you have lot of time huh?) tell him whats wrong with you remember his words, and use them for the next day after all, you have a power. why dont u use it?


Wrong-Interaction995 t1_j0750z7 wrote

Create a trigger for yourself and attempt to lucid dream once you reset. Recreate as many details as you can and repeat everything you did the first time your day reset. Wake up the moment you're supposed to "reset" while lucid dreaming.


msip313 t1_j076hhz wrote

Today is December 14, soooo


millaaeroo t1_j077xc4 wrote

maybe have your wife induced into labor sooner than normal? if possible? idrk how anything birth related works but i hope you make it out g


Guy_ThatOne777 t1_j07bpvq wrote

Something told me to post a reply about killing your wife to break the loop, but given that you're in a loop where everything slowly changes, I guess I shouldn't do that so you move closer to the timeline where you break out or something...?

Edit: I swear, to whatever God there is, that if I come back to this comment and you've mentioned the wife death counter-


Username912773 t1_j07cfha wrote

Have you tried bringing her to the hospital before she goes into labor?


Username912773 t1_j07cml8 wrote

Have you tried bringing her into the hospital beforehand to get a c-section?


EducationalSmile8 t1_j07qcko wrote

I hope you escape the loop (I wonder how many times before I've written this comment)


Unlikely-Rutabaga110 t1_j07uoj0 wrote

Maybe after enough tries you'll be able to find a way to birth the baby prematurely


MutantTailThing t1_j084xmd wrote

Throw milk at her. Just try it it might work


jarofonions t1_j0a1a8d wrote

ummm... hear me out- what if you c-section ur wife? then you'll .. see your daughter? and if it goes bad.. well.. there's always tomorrow...

unless. ... It works lmao


the_doorstopper t1_j0kn0sf wrote

Have you tried killing your baby


Incendas1 t1_j1g90oq wrote

Then reviving her after breaking out from the loop? Maybe she's meant to die. But just for a second?


Conscious-Mix3585 t1_j0pfmng wrote

Maybe the baby isn't meant to be born for some reason I don't know