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No not that kind of bait, jfc. Remember the laundry lady’s scheme? After some debate, I took her up on it. The flickering man is the bigger problem and I could use some help getting rid of him.

(if you’re new, start here, and if you’re totally lost, this might help)

“If this is going to work,” she told me, gleefully rubbing her hands together, “we need to be able to control where we trap him - without being discovered in the process. Which means we need him to think it’s his idea to be where we want him.”

I could see where this was going already. We were meeting in the dorm laundry room. There weren’t any chairs, so I was sitting on top of a washing machine while she folded my laundry. While I have a lot of concerns about this temporary alliance, getting nicely folded laundry out of it is a decent perk I suppose.

I did tell her my underwear is off-limits though. That’s too far.

“You need bait,” I said miserably.

“We need bait!” she proclaimed, gleefully brandishing a sock.

“I’m the bait, aren’t I?”

“Of course you’re the bait. What else would you be?”

“I don’t know, I’d kind of like to be the heroine for once,” I muttered.

Please. You haven’t suffered nearly enough for that yet.”

It was her disdainful tone that cut the deepest. I hadn’t suffered enough? After everything I did last semester? I curled my hands into fists until my nails bit into my palms, as if that small amount of pain could perhaps bleed out some of the anger I felt. Enough that reason could gain a foothold before I said something I’d regret.

It did not.

“I watched those students die,” I spat, my voice shaking.

“Exactly. You watched.”

She glanced back over her shoulder and shook out one of my shirts with a sharp snap. Her gaze was cold.

“You haven’t lost anything yet. Oh certainly, you have nightmares and you cried over them, but you’re still you.”

I fell silent. I understand what kind of loss she’s talking about. It’s the kind of suffering that redefines your world, a pain so profound that it will echo through the rest of your life. Every time you think it’s gone and done with, it comes back, bouncing down the corridors of your mind. It becomes background noise. Sometimes, in the silent parts of your life, you can hear it clearly again, reminding you that you’ll never be free. That pain is part of you. Forever. And you can mark the progress of your life at that moment. There’s a before-you and an after-you.

Like losing my dad. I became a different person.

I won’t let that happen here. Whatever loss I have to bear will be mine alone. I’m not letting Maria or Cassie or Grayson or anyone else get hurt because of me.

Even if that means I do all of this alone.

“Okay, fine, I’m bait,” I said. “How do we get his attention? Do I just go walk around in the rain?”

“Sadly, that won’t work anymore. He was keenly interested in you for a while. Followed you around every time it rained. He’s stopped doing that recently, though. I’m sure you’re relieved to hear that, but it poses a bit of a problem for us. I wish I knew why and I’m sure you don’t know either.”

It wasn’t a question, but I was glad her back was to me because I don’t think I was successful in keeping a straight face.

“No idea,” I said.

“Fortunately, I know his personality pretty well,” she continued. “He doesn’t like it when the status quo is disturbed. He doesn’t like it when meat starts to fight back. That might spur him into action again.”

I seized upon an idea. Clearly she intended for me to do something to harm or perhaps even kill one of the inhuman entities on campus. I’d already taken on the eyeball and earned the flickering man’s enmity, but going after another one of his kin would send a clear signal that I had no intention of stopping there. It would be a massive blow to the established order.

I chewed anxiously on a fingernail, which is a horrible habit, I know. I’d have to do this without the devil’s assistance, I thought. Let the flickering man think I’m acting on my own and don’t necessarily have inhuman protection watching over me.

Perhaps I could solve multiple problems at once. I just needed to guide her in the direction I was thinking.

“I could stop the thing that scratches on doors,” I suggested. “Would that get his attention?”

“Oh goodness,” she laughed. “Oh no. Not that one. You can’t stop it. Let’s start with something a bit more attainable, shall we?”

She turned to face me, a stack of my jeans sitting folded in her hands. Her eyes shone with triumphant malice.

“How do you feel about killing one of the swimmers?” she asked.

The laundry lady gleefully told me everything she knew about the swimmers. It felt more like she was trying to scare me, though perhaps she can’t help it. She is delighted by any prospect of violence, I’m finding. I think it's her entertainment. So she described in gorey detail what the swimmers were like. They hunt in packs, swimming through the rain, looking for vulnerable targets that have been separated from the herd.

(I knew strength in numbers was working!)

They take their time before attacking. They circle their prey for some time, swooping down to make false attacks to spur their victim to greater heights of fear. They cut off their escape routes, diving down to deliver a bite on an arm or a lash from their tails every time the person tries to seek shelter out of the rain. Then, once the blood is churning in the victim’s veins, they begin the final attack.

It isn’t one single blow, though. The meat isn’t the meal. The hunt is. The little cuts, the bites, the bodily impact that knocks their prey off their feet and onto the ground. Nothing debilitating on its own, but it slowly adds up, until finally their victim is rendered helpless under the weight of dozens of tiny injuries.

Then they feed. Sometimes the student gets lucky and they rip open something vital and they bleed out quickly. More often… they don’t.

“This isn’t helping,” I finally said, interrupting the laundry lady before she could go on any longer about how the swimmers eat their victims alive. “How do I kill them?”

“Oh, you just punch them really hard,” she said disdainfully. “That’s all there is to it.”

The flickering man isn’t the only creature whose strength is tied to the rain. The swimmers are the same way. When they’re in water, they’re like most inhumans - overwhelmingly powerful to the average mortal.

Outside of water, however, they were merely flimsy sacks of goo. Like a laundry detergent pod. Just give it a good squeeze and pop it open.

Her words, not mine.

All I had to do, she said, was go splash around in the gym’s pool until they showed up. Let them get a couple bites in. Put some blood in the water. The injuries wouldn’t be anything serious, she promised. If I was feeling squeamish about that, she’d even wait around my dorm room with a first aid kit and help bandage them up afterwards. Probably wouldn’t even leave a scar.

But the blood - once they tasted it, they wouldn’t give up the hunt. I could stay near the edge of the pool and haul myself up and out. If they were in a frenzy - and they would be, she promised - then at least one of them would try to make a leap at me.

Once it was out of the water and flopping around on the side of the pool, I just had to walk over and stomp on it a couple times. Easy.

I hated to admit it, but her plan could work. I’d already seen campus security squish a couple of these things, after all, and it seemed to be as easy as the laundry lady described. I had concerns about the first half of her plan, obviously, but if I could get out of the pool I believed that I could handle the rest.

“If I do this,” I told her, “I want something out of it. This is a lot of risk for me to take if the flickering man isn’t even trying to hurt me right now.”

Her expression soured, but I pressed on. There’s no way she’d agree to stop killing people - I’m not that naively optimistic - but I could perhaps get something that’d give my fellow students a bit of an edge in surviving her.

“You need to give people a warning,” I said.

She snorted in derision.

“Like what?” she demanded. “I stare at them and say they better put that away nicely - or else?”

“Yes. Exactly like that.”

She kind of has a murderous stare when she’s annoyed. Like. Really murderous. She stops being a nice lady the moment her brow furrows. It’s the kind of look that says ‘I will skin you alive with nothing but a nickel and determination’. Between a blatant warning and the list of rules that we’d distributed at the start of the year, perhaps she’d find it harder to find herself victims.

I don’t give a shit if she goes hungry. Heck, I’m not even sure if she will go hungry - she’s a revenge type creature, after all. Also, she obviously understood what I was trying to do and agreed to it anyway. So either she’s going to be fine or she hates the flickering man that much.

Whatever the reason, it worked. She’s going to give people warnings. That’s the best I can do for now.

Of course, this meant that I was now committed to the plan. I had to go to the pool and kill some swimmers.

Rule #8: If you absolutely must venture out in the rain, go in groups. Do not be caught in the rain alone. Similarly, never swim in the gym pool alone. They hunt in packs and are looking for easy prey.

The pool has set hours and finding it empty is actually fairly rare. I mentioned this to the laundry lady and she said she’d take care of it. Just show up an hour before the pool closes, she said, and she’d do the rest.

I think she stole everyone’s bathing suit. I mean, laundry is her domain, and when I was getting changed there were two other girls in the changing room that were very confused as to why their bathing suits weren't in their gym bags when they swore they’d just packed it before leaving their dorm. And since it was close to when the pool closed for the night, there was no reason to go get it and come back. They just left. I’m sure a similar scenario played out in the men’s changing room.

No, I’m not sure if they ever got their bathing suits back and I have no way of finding out.

Anyway, I had the pool to myself when I went out there. My heart was pounding as I dipped a toe in the water and then descended the steps. My plan was to stay in the shallow end of the pool so it’d be easier to escape. If I couldn’t get to the stairs, I could grab hold of the edge and pull myself out pretty easily. I’d ignored pool rules and brought my gym bag with me with some supplies. Clothing so I could immediately leave and wouldn’t be bleeding all over the changing room. First aid kit to buy time so I could get back to the dorm. And finally, I borrowed a 15 lb. dumbbell from the weight room and hid it inside my gym bag.

Just in case I needed extra blunt force.

I didn’t see the swimmers until their first attack. They were nearly invisible in the water. I saw a strange pattern in the water, distinguishable from the reflection of the overhead lights only because it was moving towards me at an unnatural speed. I only had time to freeze, to brace for pain, when it struck.

It veered right before reaching me. It swerved sharply and I had a second to wonder if perhaps it was only trying to scare me, before its tail snapped free of the water. It arched, trailing a sheet of water behind it, then it cracked like a whip and struck me in the chest.

It didn’t break skin, but the welt it left behind was a long, red line of swollen flesh just underneath my collarbones. I sucked in breath and edged closer to the side of the pool. The laundry lady said that they needed blood.

I didn’t intend to just sit there and let them take their time about it, though. I watched the water, noticing now how there were disturbances in the water, near the bottom of the pool. Large shapes, nearly invisible, that left subtle ripples in their wake. The second one that came at me slipped between my waist and the side of the pool, bodily slamming into my hip to push me away from easy escape and towards the deep end. My own fault. I hadn’t seen it coming until it was almost on me.

But by the time the third one made its pass, I’d gotten the hang of spotting them. The third one I kicked in the face.

It was like kicking a rock. Pain lanced up my shin and I yelped in shock and staggered backwards, towards the side of the pool, thankfully. The swimmer, however, was enraged. I felt it latch into my leg and it shook itself back and forth. Its teeth raked through my flesh and tendrils of blood floated gently into the water.

The pool began to churn. The water sloshed against the sides, up over the edges and onto the concrete. The swimmers were coming. All of them were coming.

They’d drag me into the deep end and tear me apart.

I grabbed hold of the side of the pool. I heaved - but my body was so much heavier than it should be. My arms almost buckled at the effort.

The swimmer wasn’t letting go of my leg.

I could hear them coming. The water frothed with the mass of their bodies. I had to get out of there now. If another one grabbed hold, there was no way I could hold onto the side of the pool. I realized how fragile my path to safety really was. One mistake and it would be snatched from my grip.

I heaved with all of my strength, fueled by raw desperation, and I dragged more of my body out of the pool. I got my knee up and that gave me the leverage I needed to push myself the rest of the way out. I dragged my captured leg with me, not feeling any pain through the adrenaline rushing in my veins.

But the weight and the pressure didn’t lessen. I screamed in strain and with one last pull, I dragged both myself and the swimmer out of the pool.

I landed on my stomach and desperately kicked at the ground with my free leg, pushing myself further away from the pool’s edge. I twisted around, staring in horror at the creature that was still latched into the muscle of my calf. It covered the lower half of my leg like a blanket, cold and soggy. Its tail lashed about and its wings flopped uselessly on the cement. I could see its teeth through its body and the streaks of blood smeared down its underbelly.

I didn’t feel the pain. It couldn’t be that deep if I couldn’t feel the pain, I thought distantly.

My gym bag was within reach. I grabbed the strap and dragged it towards me. The swimmer was flailing about, its fins slapping wetly on the concrete. It jerked itself back and forth, wrenching at my knee painfully, trying to drag both itself and me back into the pool.

I didn’t even try to get the weight out. I just heaved on the strap of the bag, swinging it up into the air like a flail, and then let it carry over my body and fall onto the ground right on top of the swimmer.

The creature exploded.


Just… exploded.

Bits of gelatin splattered all over the ground. It was on my face. It was in my hair.

And the pool continued to churn in a frenzy, the swimmers oblivious or uncaring of the fact that I’d just slaughtered one of their brethren.

I didn’t feel any sort of satisfaction. I didn’t feel much of anything at the moment. Like my mind was still catching up to my body.

I dragged myself to my feet. My leg was dripping with blood and I was finally starting to feel the pain. It burned. I took mental inventory of everything I needed to do - get gauze over the bleeding. Get dressed. Get out of there. I did all this with shaking hands, growing light-headed by the minute. I began to panic.

How bad was that bite? I couldn’t see it clearly - I couldn’t even look at it without feeling like I was going to faint, there was just so much blood. Did I need stitches? Was the laundry lady’s first aid kit going to be enough?

I made it out of the gym on sheer adrenaline and then once I was outside, my nerve broke. It hurt to walk. I could barely put weight on my leg. I was crying and I wanted to throw up. I found a random student and limped up to him, sobbing, and pulled up my jeans to show him my leg while asking for help and he were like uhhhh fuck it and literally picked me up and carried me to the student health center because it was like really close.

I didn’t need stitches. The punctures are deep but not long so instead I have to clean them like a lot so they don’t get infected. And they put me on antibiotics. Also.

It’s obviously a bite wound and when they asked me what bit me I panicked and said a dog figuring that’d be the safest answer. But guess what? It’s not. Because I said the dog ran off and since they can’t find the dog they have to play it safe and assume it wasn’t vaccinated.

So now I’m getting rabies shots.

And I hesitated on when my last tetanus shot was so I got that boosted just in case and now my arm hurts so bad I can barely move it.

I stg this had better work, the flickering man needs to get wrecked for everything I’ve suffered because of him. [x]

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epicstoicisbackatit t1_j1t29t1 wrote

I mean, I know that sucks, but... congrats on completing your very own TidePod challenge!!

Also, I'm a little alarmed that neither the Folding Lady nor you had any plan in case the Flickering Man showed up immediately after or even during the ambush?!


fainting--goat OP t1_j1t42k3 wrote

Uhhhhhhh I guess I figured since she didn't bring it up it wouldn't happen but now I realize that might have been a bad thing to assume.


epicstoicisbackatit t1_j1tlssq wrote

I mean, I guess he'd have a hard time manifesting if it's not raining - but can he manifest near the pool, or even the shower rooms? He did show up indoors that one time to call off the thing that eats students who don't pretend to take notes, right?


KProbs713 t1_j1t4t87 wrote

Soooo ....did the random student give you his name while princess carrying you to the health center?


fainting--goat OP t1_j1t8stq wrote

Probably but I was freaking out and don't remember it?


KProbs713 t1_j1u8xww wrote

You should see if you can find out and maybe get him a coffee. For.....reasons.


cavelioness t1_j20fvk4 wrote

Because it's polite to thank someone who saved your life, ya ship-crazed lollapaloozy! Now, if strongboi also happens to be cute, so much the better...


Elajz t1_j1tnt8z wrote

Ooooh, I like your thinking ;)

I wish it had been Grayson...


smarmcl t1_j1t5h99 wrote

Other than the obvious, there's something odd about the creatures on campus. Kate always used to describe Beau as somewhat uneasy about his interactions with her, painful even. While the laundry lady was having a grand time reveling in possibilities of violence and laundry.

Why is it that none of the creatures on campus seem to experience the same discomfort that some of the inhuman at the campground described?

Which leads me to another unsettling thought. What if there is a human element behind all of this? It's just a theory right now, but it feels worse than just the inhuman trying to get the usual snack.

Keep your head on a swivel, and stay with your friends. You may not want to put them in danger, but they're already in danger just by just being on campus. You said it yourself, safety in numbers.

Edit: Totally forgot, but the laundry lady already said they (the inhuman on campus, I assume) are there for the admin's "benefit." *Shudder


Barackulus12 t1_j1t9u99 wrote

I think it might just be that a campground has a connotation with mystery in it that is reflected in which creatures show up there while a college campus is more connotative among new students with unfamiliarity and stuff along that line


Cryptid_Muse t1_j1tdoj3 wrote

I was thinking it was more that the things on the campground didn't get exposed as much to humans, the woods tend to be an isolated "get away from people" camping experience. As well as less interaction with humans.

Where as a college is constantly occupied (even just a little) and a time to explore, experiment, learn, and discover. So they have been exposed to humans more and have more immunity.


smarmcl t1_j1v28fd wrote

I'll have to look back on what Kate wrote specifically. I just picked up her books. But I'm sure there was a part where Beau explained it was painful for them to interact with humans in ways that were not as cohesive to their "rules". If anyone finds the chapter before I do shoot it my way!


Cryptid_Muse t1_j1v6e6b wrote

I remember that but not which chapter, I think it was in one of the first two books though. I also remember beau saying (in frustration) to Kate that he doesn't know everything (in reference to the other inbumans on the campground). That could just be his personal experience that it hurts, and maybe a few others on the campground confirmed it (an ally of beau's).

This is a whole new setting with different types of inhuman developed in a different environment than a campground. There may be some that are hurt by being in proximity to humans, but i don't think all will. I especially don't think the pain would apply to laundrybitch because she is more social in nature, most of the others weve seen so far are just hunting. Where as the devil and laundrybitch are more interaction based. (I don't think either can claim a victim if their target happens to behave well.)


smarmcl t1_j1xmqtx wrote

You're probably right. And as I was reminded, she did say they are there for the admin's "benefit," which may also imply another type of interaction with humans altogether.

I hate to say it, but I almost miss the inhuman from the campground. At least they were somewhat predictable at times! But I suppose Kate's experience and family history may have helped a lot in that respect.


Cryptid_Muse t1_j1xnia2 wrote

I would be more willing to visit the campground than the campus, but thats because they are predictable and survivable and kate made sure of it even before her journey began.

The campus.. I don't want to visit because it seems dangerous as going into an enclosure at the zoo. You may be smart, you may be lucky, or you may be lunch. Ashley has so far been a mix of lucky and smart and with luck her experience may make her smarter and luckier.

Given what laundry lady said.. I almost wonder if ashley is more a samwise gamgee than a frodo baggins. She's not here to be the hero, she's here to force someone else to be the hero. Grayson? Cassie? Her friend that led the former rainchasers?


smarmcl t1_j1xqol0 wrote

Yup, totally with you there, campground over campus! (Thank you Kate)

I think Ashley stepped up with the whole pencil eyeball thing, tho.

Fml I don't know what I'd do in your place, Ashley. Probably pee a little.


No_House2325 t1_j1xj1mq wrote

Didn’t she mention a few chapters back that either the Laundry Lady or Shimmering Dude said that the dean and college board control them or something?


smarmcl t1_j1xlt0a wrote

Dude, you're right. I forgot! The laundry lady totally said that they are there for the admin's "benefit" while she talks about how much she hates the flickering man. I suppose have a short memory.

*Gulp, the administration is beginning to sound more ominous than the inhuman.


HVAC-Animal t1_j2ea0vk wrote

Could be that these creatures are different because of location, college is a social environment so they may be built for that and the campground is more like venturing out into the woods where human contact is generally scarce.

Also the campground creatures appear to be older, possibly from a time when human population was a lot lower, so dealing with humans is unnatural for them.


roccotheraccoon t1_j1t366t wrote

Shoulda said opossum. Those don't get rabies. But then that might have other connotations on campus.


fainting--goat OP t1_j1t46so wrote

I really wish I'd known that yesterday. 😭


Slenderandbros t1_j1t9bwj wrote

Now you know for next time! Hopefully your leg heals quickly I can't imagine having to deal with that AND yhe flickering man! ...can't imagine dealing with any of it to be honest thats a whole lotta work 😬 I believe in you!!


lexkixass t1_j1wsnvl wrote

If anything, don't say armadillo. Damn things can carry leprosy.


zvezdanaaa t1_j1xh3vb wrote

only nine banded armadillos! just say you counted and it wasn't one


MagniPunk t1_j1t6sm8 wrote

Hey better safe than sorry. What if the swimmers do carry rabies or tetanus?? Nice job whacking one though!


Elajz t1_j1tnx28 wrote

Yeah, exactly! Or any other campus creature. I just wonder of the Laundry Lady feels the least bit sorry or if she'll make fun of her instead


Wishiwashome t1_j1tdnb4 wrote

Still wonder if the university was put there as a way for the town to make sacrifices of “outsiders” without putting locals at risk. I would still check out the history of the town in relation to where and when the university was built, and who did the building of it.


Sheepbird22 t1_j1t9mh6 wrote

Just spitballing some random ideas out here:

Back with the campground, Kate kept saying that cause it was turning into ancient land all the rules were more malleable and twisted, plus there were power shifts.... Here there's some sort of rules still, but (idk maybe this doesn't have any actual evidence to back it up and i shouldve thought things through more before posting) what if the campus is stuck in between being old land and ancient land? I could easily see something about students always coming and going affecting the ownership rules whoch in turn seem to be able to reset old land.

And if the campus is turning into ancient land.... administration could be trying to make themselves at the top, despite only being human.

Also, there aren't rules here like at the campground, there's no actual history being passed down. Perhaps that's enough to cause new monsters to form far more frequently than old ones?


BeardedCuttlefish t1_j27mnzt wrote

>No history been passed down

That we're aware of!

The administration definitely is definitely more privy as to what's going on. If they're controlling the narrative (the stories) in a play for dominance the suppression of the stories while maintaining a small belief in the feeding ground (rainchasers club members) fits in quite nicely as its becoming apparent one must have some belief in the spooks to be hunted by the spooks.


Tomas-TDE t1_j27w4sv wrote

I’m actually wondering if it’s kind of the opposite, if the university is newly becoming old land, or if maybe the construction of the university disturbed it’s transition process at some point. There were dangerous and aggressive inhumans at the campground but more seemed to have stronger cognitive abilities than many here and a more complex harmony along with the power struggle. The university inhumans just seem less comfortably established even without competition


Fabulous_Signature98 t1_j1ueh1b wrote

‘I will skin you alive with nothing but a nickel and determination’ may be my new favorite phrase!!


MasqueradeOfSilence t1_j1tayqh wrote

I wouldn’t want the laundry lady folding my underwear either. I had one couple do that (I was staying at their house and for whatever reason they folded all my laundry while I was gone) and it was so gross lol.

While that was certainly an intense fight with the swimmers, great work pulling it off anyway. That flickering man is going down.


Elajz t1_j1to08s wrote

My grandma once folded my laudry in front of visitors AND SHE COMPLIMENTED MY UNDERWEAR OUTLOUD?!!?


Munchkinadoc t1_j1wo0gp wrote

If somebody did that to me I would simply cease to exist


Fragrant_Thought6636 t1_j1tcqdt wrote

I wonder if the swimmers have any similarities to the gummy bears from the campground ?? Obviously not pulling arms off people but still seems close


joinedforcurlyhelp t1_j1telc1 wrote

I get and appreciate why gelatin getting in your *hair * was the only part of that sentence to be emphasized.

I'm super interested to see how the next part of this "team up" goes!!


Blutraffic t1_j1thsjx wrote

If you're gonna keep being bait might use your non dominant arm as the monster chew toy at least. Still something doesn't feel right, LL seems to know a lot about killing everything else.


DevilMan17dedZ t1_j1tcrbe wrote

Damn girlie.... that was... Intense!!! To say the least. I'm really looking forward to seeing how everything between you an Lady Laundry comes together. Especially the part about whooping Mr. Drizzles rainy-day ass..


QzinPL t1_j1u62wa wrote

Who's to say the swimmers can't have rabies? I mean... better safe than sorry?


VorpalAbyss t1_j1tpbhm wrote

So, you were bitten, carried like the Disney Princess you were, and got repeatedly stabbed in the arm.

Net positive, I'd say for this little venture.


mysavorymuffin t1_j1x1siz wrote

Of all the tales from the campground or the university, this one right here absolutely terrified me the most. It brought back childhood fears of swimming in the backyard pool alone. I always felt like I wasn't alone. Something in the water. I do have a very irrational phobia of sharks and large bodies of water so... You're way stronger and braver than me. I could NEVER fuck with something in the water.


modvavet t1_j1ydw6c wrote

The laundry lady is certainly malevolent, but also maybe just a little exciting 🤣


prawnpaella t1_j20blgv wrote

Wait a minute. Wasn't LL supposed to be waiting to give first aid? I don't like unreliable humans, let alone unreliable non-humans, pushing someone to the edge without a failsafe.


fainting--goat OP t1_j20efc6 wrote

She was waiting in the dorms and there was no way I was making it that far. Also I probably would have wound up at the health center at some point since they were deep enough that I needed antibiotics. 😑


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