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Most of my younger employees are sort of afraid of me, which isn't something I ever wanted to foster. It's just because of the wedding dress. They probably think I'm either secretly a ghost or a little nuts. I find that regrettable, because I'm a really nice person and I deserve to have friends, for fuck's sake. I like being alone, I do; but if the only people talking to you on a regular basis are a flesh-eating tree monster and a naked old man living in your sauna, you're bound to start overthinking your life choices.

At least with my little brother by my side, I know I'm not all alone in this.

We've had a pretty eventful day here, actually. We spent the early hours traipsing around in the snow outside looking for more cameras, and we found two. They were well-hidden, and I would have probably never noticed them if we hadn't been searching for them specifically. They were mainly located in the deeper parts of the forest, but leaning towards the western edge, so we figured they had to have been put up by a guard assigned to that area. We have three people on staff for that route and they're always rotating shifts. We called in a worker who was currently off the clock and didn't mind a few extra bucks to cover their section while we had them gathered in the main building for a little talk.

The guards in question, Ira, Tom and Clara, were sitting on my living room couch, all looking a bit worried. I tried to focus on their aura, but nothing seemed to be amiss at first glance. Cas was standing in the corner with his back against the wall, arms crossed in front of his chest. I gave him a nod and he stepped forward, picking up the plastic bag on the floor beside him and proceeding to empty it on the ottoman. Three trail cameras came clattering out. We had already removed their SD cards.

I could only hope that this time, the unease I evoked in some of my workers would motivate one of them to come clean. "As you know, we've been having a bit of a security issue as of late. Seems like somebody's been trying to benefit from the woods financially, with surprisingly little regard for human life. I'm paying you guys to keep this place safe and hidden, and one of you has been doing the exact opposite." Clasping my hands, I made an effort to look like an authoritarian boss. "You're gonna have to tell me who."

Silence. None of the three seemed to be willing to look me in the eye, let alone answer my question.

"You people disgust me," Casimir spat out in an unnaturally deep and gruff voice.

Oh dear God.

"You don't know what you're doing," he went on, sounding like the bad cop from a movie. "People have died because of you, and yet here you are, pretending like nothing's wrong."

What the hell was he doing? I tried motioning for him to shut up, but he didn't react.

"So what's it gonna be? Either you speak up and we talk this out, and maybe my sister will have mercy on you; or you keep quiet and all three of you will face the consequences."

Fuck's sake, he was making it sound like a death threat.

"People are dead! Lives have been lost because of you! You're scum, you hear me! Sc—"

I took a quick step forward, covering my brother's mouth and pulling him aside. The three guards turned to look after us in confusion as I dragged him into the adjacent room. "What are you doing?" I hissed. "Two of those guys likely don't even know what we're talking about! I was hoping they'd keep working here after this whole thing is over! And I'm not keen on a lawsuit."

"I just wanted to help," Cas replied innocently.

"Less of that, please."

I returned into the living room by myself. Safe to say my three suspects didn't feel all too cooperative after this, and I basically just apologized and told them to go back to whatever they'd been doing.

Now, we were going to try and see if we could get answers from the cameras somehow, but after I found that note on my dresser this afternoon, I'm not sure I should proceed with my investigation anymore. It was there when I got up from my impromptu nap.

"If you don't leave this be, I'm going to kill the white rabbit."

The dread I felt upon reading these words was near paralyzing. For a moment, all I could do was stand there, mouth agape, clutching the piece of paper with trembling fingers.

"Um… Cas? Cas!"

My throat had gone bone dry; but I managed to grit out my brother's name. He was there in a heartbeat and only had to take one look at the note to tell what was wrong. He instantly pulled me into a hug, pressing my cheek against his chest.

"No one's gonna kill the rabbit," he said softly. “We’ll fix this, we’ll figure out who’s been playing us and then we’ll get it back. Think of it this way; it’s a great opportunity! You haven’t been this close to finding the rabbit in ages.”

He had a point. Part of me had already given up on it altogether. Now, you’re probably kind of confused. Nobody except myself and those close to me could ever possibly understand why this message terrified me so. Bear with me, I’ll try to explain.

First, a couple things about the human soul. The soul is, contrary to popular belief, separated from our consciousness. At night, when we sleep, it sometimes leaves our body to roam free and wander around, most often in the shape of an animal or an insect. The animal your soul presents as doesn't have anything to do with you as a person; it moreso symbolizes a hidden or suppressed desire you might have buried somewhere in the back of your mind. Normally, the soul returns before you wake up. Trouble arises when it doesn't. Your soul doesn't define you, you can live without it, but it is a part of you. When it's gone, you can tell. It leaves a hole somewhere inside you, and let me assure you that you're going to miss it like a phantom limb.

It's not like you're unfeeling and emotionless without it, but it will all seem a lot duller and tamer than before. You'll often find yourself feeling weirdly disconnected from your surroundings, your own body even, for the soul often acts as a bridge between your consciousness and your physical form. You'll still be able to feel grief and happiness, but it will never be the same as it was when your soul was still inside you. It will all feel indescribably surreal and just… off. Something's always going to be missing, even outwardly.

Your eyes will look rather lifeless to others.

Now, there can be a lot of reasons your soul isn't coming back to you. Maybe it got lost on one of its journeys. Maybe it's just tired of your shit. Or maybe something happened to it.

When I was sixteen, going on seventeen, we acquired an unwanted houseguest. Mom could tell it was a haunting from the very first time we heard the thumping down in the basement at night. She was sitting on my bed with me—we had been immersed in a game of cards just a moment ago.

"Did you hear that?" I asked her.

"Yeah," she said quietly, her eyes darting around the room as she drew closer to me.

"The doors are locked, right? You think someone's broken in?"

"No way, not… not broken in."

We listened closely, only to hear a dull clatter that sounded like items being knocked off a shelf. The noise was followed by a rhythmic banging, like somebody was bashing the end of a broomstick against the basement ceiling.

Dad dropped in shortly after, asking if we had any idea what that ruckus was. My mother merely grinned. "Why, I guess it's some kinda ghost, no?" Giving me a short nod and pointing at the cards in my hand, she added, "Your turn, baby."

"Ania, I'm not taking this shit, I wanna sleep. Go downstairs and deal with it!" Dad told her sternly.

"Ah… no." Mom shook her head.


"First off, don't speak to me like that in front of my daughter. If this bothers you, take care of it yourself, you coward," Mom replied nonchalantly, raising a haughty brow at him. She had become great at getting under his skin over the last couple years.

Dad made a face like a fish gasping for air. Without saying another word, he turned on his heel. We heard him slam the door to the master bedroom seconds later.

"Now he's pissed. Ah, well." Mom smiled sweetly. "Where were we?"



"Are you for real? There's a ghost downstairs, I'm scared now!" I couldn't believe I had to explain this to her.

"But there's no need for that! Like you said, it's downstairs. Not here."

"Well, what if it comes upstairs?"

"We'll worry about that when it happens."

I lay wide awake that night. You'd think with everything I'd already seen up to that point, I would have lost some of my apprehensions, but I find that when it comes to the supernatural, it's only healthy to stay cautious. I still get the shivers even now when something goes bump in the night, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The noises in the basement didn't cease, and each one made me twitch and shudder. Somehow, this was much worse than the door-slamming yule lad. It felt distinctly more disconcerting.

The following day at the breakfast table, I was so puffed up and sleep-deprived that I couldn't swallow a single bite. I begged and pleaded with my mother to somehow take care of the problem, but all she had to offer were pointless words of reassurance.

"That's the thing about poltergeists, honey. If you take them seriously, you're giving them what they want. Just don't let it get to you," she told me.

The following night was even worse though. The noises had moved up onto the ground floor, and whatever was causing them had absolutely wrecked our kitchen and living room. The trash can had been knocked over, books were lying on the floor beneath their shelf, plates and glasses had been shattered. On top of that, my younger siblings were now just as terrified as me, so Dad became a lot more insistent about it.

Mom finally agreed to check out the goings-on, asking me if I wanted to stay up with her in wait for the ghost. I wouldn't be able to sleep anyways, so I figured I might as well. We prepared cleansing salt and sage which we would utilize to purify the room once the spirit would appear. My mother insisted that she was the one who'd deploy these defences as I was too inexperienced. She squeezed herself into one of the kitchen cupboards—short and slim as she was, she actually fit in entirely. I hid under the sofa, legs stretched out and belly pressed to the ground.

We waited for what felt like an eternity, a giddy kind of excitement keeping us both awake. I was still just as afraid, but something about secretly expecting the haunting to happen was really thrilling. It did happen, and none too late. Around midnight was when the first pots and pans started clanging together. My heart rate quickened instantly and I dug my teeth into my lower lip. The air in the room suddenly seemed to jitter as ragged breaths and an eerie wheezing sound rang out from the kitchen. My entire body tensed in fearful anticipation; I was filled with a nervous energy that made me feel like I was about to explode.

Floorboards creaked as footsteps started moving towards the living room area. I had expected Mom to use her cleansing salt at this point, so I was a bit confused as to why she was letting the ghost proceed. I admittedly couldn't see very much from my hiding place, but I could tell it definitely wasn't my mother coming out of her spot—the steps sounded weird and wrong. Peeking out into the darkness, I could make out a pair of unnaturally thin legs moving about in the room. They were extremely unsettling to look at, all gnarled and bony. Perhaps we'd been wrong about this entity. Granted, I'd never seen a poltergeist before, but this was a much more physical form than I'd imagined one to possess.

The legs started dragging closer, and that's when I realized that they ended in big, pointy chicken claws instead of feet. This was definitely not a ghost.

Cold sweat broke out on my forehead as my mind started racing with thoughts about what could have possibly found its way into our home. Mom had most likely already realized we'd made a mistake and that was why she was staying in hiding. The creature started stoming around so heavily that the porcelain on the shelves started jangling. The thing began to jump all across the floor, kicking down chairs and eventually flipping our table. The bangs and crashes were loud enough to make me wince each time and its hopping made the floor shudder beneath me.

I was too afraid to keep watching, opting to press my eyes shut and block out the noise instead. I really shouldn't have done that, for I didn't realize in time that the creature had moved behind my sofa. Before I knew it, I felt long fingers gripping my ankles. I let out a sharp cry of fear as I was dragged across the floor, out from under the sofa and flung into the air. I landed painfully on my back, whimpering as I struggled to push myself back up only to find myself facing a grotesque-looking entity.

It was a hunchbacked, haggard old woman with a large chicken beak smack in the middle of her ghastly face. I cried out, but she was upon me within the blink of an eye, grabbing me by the collar and forcefully pulling me to my feet. Suddenly, I heard a sharp scream of fury—my mother had come tumbling out of the cupboard and was now charging at the creature from the side, trying to pry her away from me.

"Get your hands off my daughter, you dirty old crone!" she yelled, reaching right up to the monster's eyes as if to gouge them out.

The creature let go of me and staggered backwards. My mother rushed right to my side, wrapping both arms around me as she glared daggers at this bizarre-looking thing. For a few seconds, all was silent.

"Get out of my house, Kikimora!" Mom said in a steely, low voice.

The old woman let out something akin to a giggle; a high-pitched, uncanny sound that sent chills down my spine. Then, she disappeared, simply vanishing into thin air.

My mother's chest was heaving. "This isn't over," she mumbled. It wasn't a threat. It was a statement.

"You mean she's not going away?" I asked.

"Worse. Everyone, wake up!" she shouted, raising her voice as she began stomping up the stairs. "Honey, get me a marker or something."

My mother ordered us to draw crosses on the other sides of our pillows, then sent us back to sleep while staying up to guard the upper floor. I came to relieve her from duty an hour later, after I'd calmed down and taken a little power nap.

"So?" I asked as I helped her up from her seat by the staircase.

"That's no poltergeist," Mom explained, rubbing her eyes. "It's a Kikimora. The domestic kind. Wants to drive people insane to chase them out of their houses. When she's in a really bad mood, she'll try to eat their souls."

Mom had already explained the whole soul-thing to me, so I knew to be frightened. "The crosses on our pillows, will they protect us?"

"Yeah, don't worry. So long as you're asleep in bed, you'll be fine."

I took her seat and started waiting. There hadn't been any noises since our face-to-face encounter earlier. Maybe the Kikimora was hiding somewhere, watching me. The thought alone sent chills down my spine. As the minutes seeped by, I was getting increasingly tired. It wasn't easy fending off sleep. I tried to recall the image of the creepy old chicken woman, and just when I thought my mind was finally occupied enough to stay clear, I heard a sharp scream and my eyes flew open.

Wait, had I been dozing this entire time?

I didn't have much time to ponder that, though. My little sister Julia was standing in the hallway, a plastic cup lying in a pool of milk at her feet. She was pointing at the window across from us, her mouth agape. My parents came running to check on us, and immediately Julia started to babble. The poor thing was scared out of her mind.

"There was this white rabbit… A ghost rabbit! It was just hopping along and then this chicken woman came and she tried to catch it! They were over there, and I was right here, but they didn't notice me!"

"A ghost rabbit," my father repeated.

Mom had gone very pale.

"Yeah," Julia went on. "But the rabbit jumped out the window just in time! Right on through, like it was open."

My mother slowly began walking over to me. "Honey, did you fall asleep?" she inquired.

I didn't reply, merely stared up at her with wide eyes. "Something's different."

In the week that followed, we tried to chase away the Kikimora by hanging various charms around the house. She stopped bothering us eventually, but the ghost rabbit never returned. My mom kept telling me my soul would one day find its way back to me, but it's been so long since then. I actually started convincing myself that I'm alright, and most days, I'm actually unaware of the disconnect, but even so, something is missing and I've always known it.

Back to the present—Cas and I have had a long talk, and we've decided that if there's a chance I could have my soul back, we need to take it. We need help though, from someone who not only knows their way around the forest, but around souls and all that spiritual stuff. And to my great dismay, I know only one person who fits that scheme.

Jacek of the old black mill.


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S4njay t1_j3bqtox wrote

Oh no! Shit's going from bad to worse.

Stay safe!

Now, you better do what I say, or the 🐇 goes 🗡🗡!


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3bt5s6 wrote

Nice try, but I don't buy it. Nobody who uses emojis could be that cruel


stomaticmonk t1_j3c43yf wrote

I was just gonna come explore the woods a bit but after reading this my contact seems like a jerk. I’ll rough them up a bit when I get there and see if I can get your soul back. How dangerous could it really be? ;)


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3c77nr wrote

Awww you're a darling but also NO DON'T YOU'LL GET KILLED


stomaticmonk t1_j3c7m1m wrote

Don’t worry I’ve got this. I’ve explored some of the most haunted places in America I know what I’m doing. I’ll be there in about a day.


S4njay t1_j3c8bqp wrote

I'll be there! I'll even hold a placard with your name like they do at airports!


S4njay t1_j3c6grj wrote

You do not know my true power!


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3c79n7 wrote

The last guy who said that was flirting with me


S4njay t1_j3c8e40 wrote

What if I was flirting too?


ghetoknowme t1_j3c3g3h wrote

Keep it up, OP!!! Been dying to know what's going to happen next. This is getting more interesting.


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3cb00y wrote

Yeah, interesting for YOU. A little empathy??

Jk we're good! I reckon I'm glad I can draw people in a little I guess


OnionsandThyme t1_j3ceaqo wrote

Jacek finally! Yes!!!


confused-leprechaun t1_j3cgrnf wrote

Are you sure that Cas isn't the traitor? Not many people know about the rabbit... the way he threatened the staff?


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3cpzrv wrote

He's not. Like, he can't be. My brother is a total idiot but he's not a traitor. There was never any animosity between the two of us and he does love me. If there's one thing in the world I'm sure of, it's that he'd never do anything to hurt me


No-Sympathy-630 t1_j3cg68k wrote

I've been waiting so long for you to post! (yes, i know it hasn't been that long, but it sure felt like it cause this series has me hooked) I kept refreshing r/nosleep waiting and hoping you'd post (because the bot never seems to let me know), and then you did, and it just got better from there:)
Finally getting to the part where you talk about Jacek: can't wait for the next installment, so guess I'm gonna go right back to refreshing :D


PandaBennington t1_j3ck6og wrote

We're finally going to talk about Jacek. 💀


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3cq2rt wrote

Yeah, we are. That skull is how I feel rn


PandaBennington t1_j3cqbvp wrote

I figured as much. Lol. Truly hate to see you suffer. But I can't wait. You've gotten me so invested.


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3crc64 wrote

It's cool, you can watch me suffer


PandaBennington t1_j3crjip wrote

I don't enjoy your suffering, just the tale of your life.

We all suffer in many ways. It's not pleasant.


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3cuyh0 wrote

I know, I was joking. You don't seem that mean.

That's true enough. But life's not all suffering, isn't it?


reiko371 t1_j3cggdx wrote

I’m just gonna throw this out there, but how many people know about the white rabbit? Does Cas already know Clara? (or one of the other two)?


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3cprud wrote

Nobody knows. Like, of course Cas and my family do but none of the workers. And Cas didn't know any of them personally.


real_talk_with_Emmy t1_j3da87a wrote

That’s what has me concerned…only one person (being) knows about the white rabbit outside your family. What are the chances that she (or another from the woods who may know) got ahold of a smartphone? It’s like DoorDash for Cryptids!


appa-ate-momo t1_j3cxukd wrote

I fear your soul won't return to you so long as you're bound by pledge to one such as the Leshi.


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3d7kki wrote

But I won't be bound to him forever. It'll be over soon, one way or the other


appa-ate-momo t1_j3d9l01 wrote

May you fare well in your endeavor. My thoughts be with you, noble steward.


lunar_galaxy96 t1_j3dyl3n wrote

I wasnt expecting Jacek to become a needed player, I always thought he would just be the tragic backstory /j But no, seriously, this story and your life are amazingly scary and its awesome you choose to share it


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3e8648 wrote

Haha I'm glad to hear it! And yeah I suppose it's time to move him out of the backstory. But I gotta tell y'all that backstory first... Boy won't that be awkward


laramye t1_j3e2z70 wrote

This entire time, I thought I just had depression, but maybe I've lost my soul instead. 😭


mastani11 t1_j3dxqxt wrote

Omg I’m so nervous for you! I hope jacek has answers that can help 😭! If not we’ll uhh… salt him like the slug he is


ancientevilvorsoason t1_j3cd0ol wrote

Are there ways to summon a soul? What about switching? Can one person have more than one soul?


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3cpbxq wrote

I don't know


real_talk_with_Emmy t1_j3db12r wrote

There is, but you need to have the ability to call a soul. I could do it, but it’s been a long time since I’ve done it. The last time I did, the person lied about themselves and I believed them. Let’s just say that some people should really, really not be whole. Sometimes a soul leaves for a reason, and chooses not to come back. Not saying this is you, just explaining why I don’t do it any more.


real_talk_with_Emmy t1_j3dbwcy wrote

Plus, I would have to come to you to call your soul back. I can’t do that though, because I guarantee you have entities who can sense my abilities. If they were to absorb me, they’d have the ability to call souls. That’s too scary of a thought to even think about.


coilycat t1_j3uhm0v wrote

Don't think about it. I won't,either.


karmadovernater t1_j3dxwsk wrote

There's a chance a guard in a different location put the cameras up in another section to throw you off. Or it could be bc he has either seen things himself, or been told about occurrences in that section of the woods. Watch everybody.

I'm commenting here after having only read the first paragraph as I didn't want to forget. Maybe my own comment gets answered further on. Let's find out....


Needs_Must_So_Drive t1_j3eoy5f wrote

Perhaps, the old woman in the cottage would be able to help. She's not exactly trustworthy; and her cottage has a habit of taking off on its own. No one knows the woods better than she does; and it's a good bet she knows where the white rabbit is.


Nature_Dweller t1_j3epjvz wrote

How cute, a bunny soul shape. Adorable. Now we finally get to hear about Jacek. I can't wait. I know I should be nicer, I just am so curious.


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3etbaz wrote

Haha heck yeah I'm cute

No it's okay. Not sure the man himself would appreciate all the attention, but hey, he's not reading this. I'm gonna tell all


cilvher-coyote t1_j3tawp4 wrote

These are great stories. Sorry you have to deal with all this crapola.

Just wanted to say I LOVE your explanation of when someone loses their soul. I died 3 times in 8months from Aug 2021- March 2022. The second time I died(& I woke up to the paramedics talking about "calling it"& if they should bag my body up on the floor or stretcher as apperently I had no pulse/breathe for 10 or 15 mins at this time(that's what I'm told) but THIS time coming back I was Angry. And something felt So Damn Wrong. Like I was missing a Big part of me. Like my soul got lost in transition from death back to life. Like it was lost on a proverbial great plain. But yet my head felt clearer than it did in yrs(& according to an MRI I didn't suffer from Any brain damage) and I feel more whole after dying again 3 months after that experience (coded out in the hospital due to a horrific accident) but things are definitely WAY tamer and I Do have a hard time connecting with the world now in all senses(except with animals). My emotions are dulled,I honestly can't be bothered to do more than the bare min, and even my physical pain has lessened by a substantial amount. I think I lost some pieces of myself I'm not sure I'll get back. Hopefully you'll find yours.


KeeperofAmmut7 t1_j3d99wn wrote

I was afraid that's what the blackmailer meant...Back to the black mill you go.

I DO hafta say that the Chicken Woman does sound sorta cool.


karmadovernater t1_j3e22yi wrote

After one of your reads i spend some time researching that days entity. You're teaching us so much. If I should ever happen upon any atleast I'll have knowledge. Knowledge is power.


handjammer t1_j3f9a7t wrote

I hate to say it but I am suspicious your brother is involved with the cameras and threat against your soul. How many others even know about the white rabbit? And would a random person or entity who found the white rabbit even recognize it for what it is?


ashimo414141 t1_j3f9z24 wrote

I’d guess the wood-demon. He seems to have some clairvoyance or know about the personal on goings on this family at the least (knew she was the heiress) and toys w her for his benefit. He wants to tourists gone and adding that extra pressure that her soul is at stake might get her more on the horse, as the guy in the bath house said he didn’t take pleasure in punishing her so maybe the demon is trying to help motivate her more so she doesn’t fail


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3fdz7p wrote

So you're suggesting the Leshy's doing tough love on me to keep me at a speedy pace? Ahh I dunno. Feels like there's more to this.


ashimo414141 t1_j3fehuh wrote

I couldn’t say that it’s love but if it is the leshy, it’s definitely tough. We know it’s motivation is to rid the woods of the tourists, so it would check out that he’d try to give u a kick in the ass so one, he could be sooner removed from the nuisance of the tourists, and two, so he doesn’t have to punish you, as there’s a transactional/mutual respect for an heiress. There’s definitely some ulterior motive from it, even if he didn’t send the letter, it’s odd that it wants the tourists gone despite relishing in feasting on them, unless it’s also answering to a higher entity (like it has to consume/kill/punish the defiant/the outsiders to appease some higher power and it doesn’t actually enjoy it). Where’s that intuition girl, gotta peel back the layers


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3fe536 wrote

No. Cas wouldn't do this. You're not the first to say this and I get it, it's a reasonable assumption, but it's just... out of the question. Cas is my best, favorite brother


handjammer t1_j3gn4ss wrote

I’m struggling to answer the who and why of the cameras.. but I keep coming back to Cas and because of his notorious money issues. I don’t think he would do anything to hurt you intentionally but I think it’s possible he was financially motivated to set up the cameras to catch cryptid hunters becoming the hunted. Maybe he’s being blackmailed but it might serve to ask how his personal life was going before he returned (maybe he didn’t ask off work and was actually fired). He put on quite a show while interrogating your employees and then the note shows up basically immediately after (was it handwritten?). My other thought is that the cameras spotted the white rabbit. Maybe you could secretly watch the film to get an idea of its location - unless Cas kept the SD cards…. I hope I’m wrong OP,


DevilMan17dedZ t1_j3fb2wx wrote

Find the White Rabbit!!! Poor little thing. She's probably been thru Hell N Back. Hope she's (you) Okay!!! Damn dirty Chicken-Woman. Need to fry her ass up.


Writerhowell t1_j3ed71v wrote

Oh no. Hey, we're all here for you, okay? If I knew where you were located, I'd try to help, but I'm not experienced in this sort of thing anyway, so I'd probably be more of a liability. Would prayer help? I can pray.

Did you know that your soul would wander from your body when you slept? If not, your mother really should've warned you. You were only a kid; your father should've been keeping watch instead.

If the blackmailer asked for money, I would've suspected your brother, since you mentioned that he has frequent money problems. But I doubt he's holding your soul hostage. How would someone even do that? I still think he's possibly sabotaging your investigation. Either that, or he's just a moron who thinks that good cop-bad cop is the only way to question people. Did he ever want to be a cop? Because that could explain his unhelpful behaviour during the questioning.


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3eghn1 wrote

Aww, that's sweet of you, but I'm sure I'll be okay. Admittedly, what I told y'all today was sorta upsetting for me back then but overall, I'm still optimistic.

My father's a coward.

Yeah it's definitely not Cas. He is, indeed, a moron who's watched too many cop movies. He's good at charming people but when he tries to be intimidating, it just doesn't work. But I really don't think he's sabotaging me. He stands to gain nothing and I have never doubted his love for me.


lauraD1309 t1_j3es6u7 wrote

How could you even trap a soul?? I mean soul's aren't (dead) spirits are they? Could they be bluffing you? Good luck. I'm looking forward to meeting Jacek.☺️


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3etfu0 wrote

I don't rightly know how either, but there's a lot of things I don't know. And I don't wanna take that chance ya know


lauraD1309 t1_j3eugls wrote

Understandable. We will all be right here with ya... 🤞👍


oneeyecheeselord t1_j3f6oxj wrote

I missed your last update, but I’m here now. With how this Jacek is portrayed, I feel something bad will happen.


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3fdcs7 wrote

Imma try being optimistic. And I don't know what light I've painted him in up to now but... I haven't seen him in over a decade. And we used to be, well... Close. There was a reason for that, so he's not all bad, I just got to say.


oneeyecheeselord t1_j3fdv1k wrote

I would say it’s a negative light but in a cautious sense. You don’t want to mess with that in particular because there’s a lot of unresolved things there. I dont know what those things are though and I don’t think I’d benefit from knowing.


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3fekeb wrote

Unresolved things... Like feelings?

Because I don't have those anymore for him. It's no problem.


oneeyecheeselord t1_j3fewl5 wrote

Not feelings but tension and things. Trauma maybe. Even if there’s no trauma, it’s still awkward and sometimes just having history can make things difficult, even with no feelings involved.


girl_from_the_crypt OP t1_j3ffr4d wrote

No trauma. Just... Anger.

At myself AND him. I know it'll be awkward, I know it'll suck buuut he's the ONE person I know is capable and helpful. I just got a good feeling about this. Semi-good.


colddeadsoul t1_j3fenka wrote

I know the troll in the sauna sees a lot of the entities there, so if I had to guess that where whatever found out about the white rabbit. He also told you he had many visions of you, I’d start with him. He may be tricking you into you thinking he’s helping you….


TriskitManaged t1_j3futgc wrote

I hope you find your rabbit, waiting desperately for updates 🫶 Take care of yourself!


Little_Messiah t1_j3g63y9 wrote

I’m ready to hear bout jacek. Old boyfriend/ fiancé. Wedding dress and all


CuteKLeeXo t1_j3g8zbl wrote

What if one of your other siblings is back for some sort of revenge . Be careful OP


acarp52080 t1_j3gsi57 wrote

I'm super invested to find out what Jacek is, maybe gancanagh or another dark fae. Although the black dog you speak of sounds a bit like a shriker or bugharest. Guess we just have to wait and see.


libra-love- t1_j3jlsfu wrote

Everyone excited to hear about Jacek but I’m not. There are people I never want to have to speak about again and I understand your aversion deeply. I don’t even have to know why. It doesn’t matter. Im sorry you gotta face this :/


Bellabonvoyage t1_j3x4xgj wrote

Oh damn. Is he going to eat her soul??


Cimorenne t1_j3ybux8 wrote

Ok my soul must’ve vacated my body in high school and gotten lost and that would explain so much.


Nukkhotruccolent t1_j4s7kf4 wrote

I’m tempted to try and find a haunted place but I barely survived my first encounter I grew up in a suburban place so my days are mundane and lack adventure but after reading this I’d be happy if I could just see a yuletide or shadowwalker


Nukkhotruccolent t1_j4s7s1u wrote

Also for those wondering my first encounter was a hide behind similar to a Leah’s except they are skinny furry and are masters at hiding I got lucky and ran like I never did and had some booze to keep it away


NoSleepAutoBot t1_j3bpngr wrote

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woob00st t1_j3gr93g wrote

Saying stay out makes me want to check it out even more. I wouldn't call myself a cryptid hunter, but I would say I'm versed in some of the occult and have a fascination with it. I hope all works out and you find your white rabbit.


MotherofPuppos t1_j3lstp9 wrote

Have you considered searching the guards as they come on for duty? It might feel a bit extreme, but you’ve found 3 cameras— it stands to reason that they need to be replaced 🤷🏻‍♀️


Weary-Fee1715 t1_j4mxl8t wrote

This thing about souls, is it true? It’s the first time I hear about something like that and I would like to read and find out more about the subject