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FrozenToonies t1_j6rap1k wrote

Not to compare to nuclear submarine standards, but you’d be surprised to learn how much architecture and machinery in society is held together by glue.


FubarJackson145 t1_j6rb671 wrote

Super glue, WD-40, and duct tape are all you need in any military


sAindustrian t1_j6rss6t wrote

Does it move but it shouldn't? -> Glue.

Does it not move but it should? -> WD-40.


kevinds t1_j6s4bzj wrote

>Does it move but it shouldn't? -> Glue.

That is what the duct tape is for..

Super glue is to stop people from bleeding.. ;)


FubarJackson145 t1_j6wbcbc wrote

Well yes, but glue is also for the small fixes to hold you over until duct tape is needed


jimi15 t1_j6rj159 wrote

"The entire British army is held together with duct tape!"

-Jeremy Clarkson


Gebling65 t1_j6u2ji5 wrote

Marines need crayons, too. You gotta eat to fight.


ShadowJerkMotions t1_j6ro1d6 wrote

“Jenson, what type of glue did you use?” ; “Sir, it was Sub standard glue, sir” ; “Jenson, you asshole! You were supposed to use Abby Normal glue!”


doginjoggers t1_j6tieia wrote

They didn't use sub standard glue, that was the problem


gooberfishie t1_j6riw00 wrote

Let's be fair here, it was super glue


hbgwine t1_j6ugwb2 wrote

It wasn’t glue - it was FlexSeal. 90 percent of the time it works 60 percent of the time.


Lmessfuf t1_j6rufmi wrote

>bolts on HMS Vanguard’s reactor chamber were stuck on instead of replaced

And, suddenly, glow parties became a thing on board the Vanguard.


kevinds t1_j6s4mfp wrote

>The bolt heads originally came off due to over-tightening. But, rather than replacing the damaged shafts, staff at the defence contractor Babcock implemented a quick fix and glued them back on.

I could understand if they needed a 'quick-fix' while out at sea.. But docked.. No..


pholan t1_j6zgetx wrote

Even then, this was worse than nothing. In both cases the bolt wasn’t providing any clamping force but by gluing the head on the damage could, if the jackass who did this had their way, be missed during inspection and go unrepaired.


masterofn0n3 t1_j73vkng wrote

That was regulation glue, quartermaster approved.