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Lead_cloud t1_ja3x3gv wrote

This wasn't malicious arson, the dude is just an idiot. The punishment fits, I think


RobsEvilTwin t1_ja4kiv8 wrote

He lit a fire in bushland and then just walked away from it? Without realising he was endangering lives and property?


Lead_cloud t1_ja4o73j wrote

He's a dumbass that got himself lost, and lit a fire to try and make a "smoke signal" to get rescued, which naturally immediately got out of control because he's a dumbass.


RobsEvilTwin t1_ja4xwh0 wrote

Maybe I am overly sensitive to deliberately lit bushfires mate :D We have had some horrific ones that were deliberately lit.


Lead_cloud t1_ja4z9u4 wrote

Yeah, I remember watching coverage of those over the last couple of years, so I completely understand that


12altoids34 t1_ja79cg9 wrote

Are you sure they weren't caused by Jewish space lasers?


RobsEvilTwin t1_ja79rtr wrote

I think those only work in Dumbfuckistan mate :D

The formula is pretty simple. Warmer than usual winter, late wet season, equals a shit ton of dry fuel without the normal window for a winter burnoff.

Huge fuel supply, throw in lightning strikes, the occasional idiot with a cigarette, and a few arsonists and half the country is on fire.


12altoids34 t1_jaaydut wrote

I was intending to make a joke at the expense of Marjorie Taylor green. She's an idiot congresswoman we have in the united states. When California was having massive wildfires at one point she tried to blame them on Jewish space lasers. She was also a Q-anon follower. She's a complete nut job.