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Oregon687 t1_j6v1rdc wrote

With the Roberts' court, the Constitution is word salad and precedence is meaningless. They're going to rule for big money and whatever hurts Democrats.


Chariots487 t1_j6wi7c4 wrote

Yeah, just like all those other times democracy ended forever. Keep on predicting the apocalypse, it's bound to happen one of these days!


pokeybill t1_j6xpir7 wrote

Democracy doesn't die overnight, it's a process.

The GOP has been slowly dismantling it by disenfranchising voters.

A good the congressional apportionment act which caps the number of house representatives per state. Larger population states like CA and NY have congressional members representing a massive number of people, diluting the voting influence of those constituents.

Thr GOP has prevented that cap from being raised because it gives them an unfair advantage - they tend to dominate the less populous states.

This is just one area of conservative fuckery, there is also partisan gerrymandering across the country which strongly favors Republicans.

GOP lead states keep enacting measures to make voting difficult or inconvenient which disproportionately impact population centers, further diluting liberal votes.

This case has the potential to force social media companies to leave up content full of disinformation, hate, and straight up lies because conservatives have realized their hostile messaging often breaks the terms of service of social media companies.


Chariots487 t1_j6z4vtt wrote

Yup, you're 100% right. There's an evil conspiracy to end democracy, and only you and the people you agree with are smart/good enough to have noticed.


pokeybill t1_j6z53ny wrote

You're aware of the people found guilty for seditious conspiracy for their actions on Jan 6th, 2021 - right?


Chariots487 t1_j6z5ksm wrote

Yeah, because we all know that a group of complete randos rioting and breaking shit had the actual capability to overthrow the government. Just like the Seattle anarchist zone!


pokeybill t1_j6z5ws9 wrote

Randos who were in contact with the Trump administration who withheld the national guard and allowed these chucklefucks into our nation's capitol to disrupt a congressional session? Randos who showed up with zip ties and maps, planted pipe bombs outside, and erected a gallows? Randos who had hotel rooms stocked with assault rifles to distribute when the order was given?

The mental gymnastics behind this blatantly false equivalency are profound. You are bending over backwards and nobody here buys it.


Chariots487 t1_j6zeva7 wrote

Yes, randos who lacked the ability to do anything more than break shit. They were never capable of succeeding. The fact that you need to rewrite history to make it otherwise is mystifying to me.


Deyln t1_j6v4v12 wrote

Yeah... I really don't want to see Canadian content when I'm looking for subject matter.

I want subject matter period. Yet the changes to online content will prevent that.


FastestJayBird t1_j6vf3uf wrote

It's the Net Neutrality scare all over again.


Chariots487 t1_j6widb8 wrote

Yes, this time the internet's really going away forever. It didn't happen with Y2K, and it didn't happen with net neutrality, but this time the evil forces/poorly-programmed technology will surely destroy all we love and cherish! Side note, anyone who cares that much about this site should be legally prohibited from operating heavy machinery.


[deleted] t1_j6worni wrote



pokeybill t1_j6xqifx wrote

There are very few communists in the USA. I think you are maybe confused about what communism is.

There are far more fascists here than commies.