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ALincolnTime t1_j932du9 wrote

Chris P. Dick, I believe his name was


bigjayrod t1_j96s6ox wrote

Careful now, his name is Sam Mouzer. snipers could be anywhere


Hascus t1_j94yicc wrote

“The clip, published by TMZ on Wednesday, shows Mouzer and Jammerbund sleeping close to an open flame when Mouzer suddenly screams out in pain. Hot coal popped from the fire and landed on the tip of Mouzer's penis. "One of said coals has landed on my... um... little soldier's helmet," Mouzer told the camera as he tried to keep his droll sense of humor alive. "I'm going to look like I got hit with buckshot when I get home," Mouzer added.

Thankfully, a brave medic was on the scene to make sure Mouzer's injury did not cause an infection. He acted jokingly surprised that the medic only needed a small Q-tip. "Obviously, we need everything extra large," Mouzer joked. The medic helped Mouzer just in time and did everything to relieve his pain.”

So unlike the comments suggesting this no he did not literally burn his dick off


YuanBaoTW t1_j96oj2t wrote

>So unlike the comments suggesting this no he did not literally burn his dick off

Hey now. Let's give it time. This won't be the last open flame of the show.


SomebodyInNevada t1_j978pwx wrote

Yeah, I was trying to understand how you could get a burn without waking up first, but a flying bit could do it.


restore_democracy t1_j938eig wrote

He had the naked down, apparently was not afraid enough.


UnovaLife t1_j96uzix wrote

I’m sure he’s afraid now, problem solved!


The-loon t1_j94fzfw wrote

Host - contestant was successful in making a fire and gathering food to flourish. Ultimately his PSR lowered to a 1.2 for burning his dick off in the woods though.


TheGreatYoRpFiSh t1_j9378b8 wrote

Don’t put a shriveled twig next to a fire unless you want it to burn


zerostar83 t1_j93u4y6 wrote

I'm sure it was fine until it grew in his sleep


HollowRacoon t1_j930xif wrote

Well he is naked and afraid, and now burned


Ejacksin t1_j951sxp wrote

That reminds me of the episode where the guy got a sunburn on his penis and was worthless for the rest of the time.


SomebodyInNevada t1_j978uv8 wrote

Yeah, sunburn strikes me as a serious issue in many of the places they put the contestants. Forest is one thing but when they're in the open...


Joe4o2 t1_j94y1eo wrote

A true survivalist. This guy collected firewood in his sleep.


NinjaSquib t1_j94qxs3 wrote

I'm straight but I gotta admit that guy's dick was so hot.


Trolodrol t1_j95vkuj wrote

I have a friend that got a tick on his dick when camping. Another buddy ended up burning it off of him with a cigarette


AreWeThereYet61 t1_j94jc5i wrote

Well, that'll be an awkward moment for the rest of his life.

No baby, I like the lights off.


tracerhaha t1_j94w894 wrote

He had a weenie roast in his sleep.


RPDRNick t1_j96z18d wrote

Foreskin to fireskin. Circumsizzled.


Koffeekage t1_j94mh0m wrote

The female has a youtube channel, Survival Lilly.


virgilreality t1_j94nv5v wrote

Must have totally misread that "Hot Milfs In Your Area" ad.


lennyxiii t1_j94u19p wrote

I prefer the show alone. Naked and afraid just felt too fake to me. I bet they feed them off camera too.


SomebodyInNevada t1_j97996p wrote

My understanding is that it's one of the most realistic reality shows out there. They're not truly alone but other than providing medical care and evacuation should they tap out the crew pretty much doesn't intervene. (And if they do it's things like one guy who didn't give a hoot about the nudity and they asked him to be a bit more discreet because it was making things so hard on the camera crew to get stuff that could be aired.)


zoot_boy t1_j94uz13 wrote

See.. that leaf would take care of you. 👀🤠


krldrummerboy t1_j950fbf wrote

his member caught a burning ember


Enschede2 t1_j9586si wrote

Turns out he was right to be afraid


Shot-Spray5935 t1_j95a3wp wrote

Now he just needs a fine lady who loves putting icecubes in her mouth.


sharksnut t1_j95bzhg wrote

When you're starving to death, roasted penis isn't the worst protein option


AshgarPN t1_j95skdn wrote

The big news here is that this show is still on.


emwashe t1_j968jq6 wrote

That would mean he was legit naked and afraid


ErectionDenier2024 t1_j96qiu8 wrote

My wife and I watch his partner, Lilly's, videos on YouTube a lot. She's pretty decent but being in the US southwest is completely out of her element.

Oughta be a good episode!


ramanujam t1_j971rx7 wrote

Naked and afraid and roasted now


DrSanjizant t1_j978vfa wrote

Coulda been worse.

It coulda been a burnin' "ring of fire"


resfan t1_j9a4ss0 wrote

Probably looking to score a sick new skin graft extension


justhavingfunMT t1_j9dgbxy wrote

My penis is usually kind of tucked when I'm sleeping. Was he sleeping with a boner and passed out drunk or whacked out on some benzo or opiate. I wake up if something was heating my penis up just a little bit.


3woodx t1_j9dqbkx wrote

The dude is either hung like a horse or a little field mouse. Back to the fire mate, not your balls. 🔥


Lucid_Duck t1_j94axwc wrote

Firecrotch detected. Redhead confirmed.