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Bokbreath t1_j6wavs0 wrote

What is an 'eshay' ?


hypatiatextprotocol t1_j6wblk7 wrote

An eshay is an antisocial young man, prone to hypermasculinity and violence. Eshays are a youth subculture, and usually travel in groups. Eshays are linked to public group violence and property crimes.

Kind of similar to a lad or a chav.


kevinds t1_j6wcp4d wrote

>An eshay is an antisocial young man

>and usually travel in groups

That made me question your description..


hypatiatextprotocol t1_j6wd2q1 wrote

Antisocial, here, means disregard for society.

Antisocial behaviour might include no regard for right or wrong; no regard for rules or authority; breaking the law; vandalism; public violence; disregarding people outside their group; etc.


RyanFrank t1_j6xs0tc wrote

You're confusing asocial with antisocial. Asocial is having difficulty with social interactions. Antisocial is against facets of society, like anarchists.


RunInRunOn t1_j6z312y wrote

How to remember it: A- means not, so asocial is not social. Anti- means against, so antiocial is against society.


Wagnaard t1_j6y1l6i wrote

Antisocial is what used to be called sociopathic.


cbeiser t1_j6xn9lb wrote

I really don't like the term Antisocial. It is used frequently in British cultures and usually means anti-normal. IMO it's doublespeak


zerostar83 t1_j6yygih wrote

So like Bro and Bro Ho thing in the west coast US?


GyakuBoop t1_j6wczj5 wrote

Sooo, instead of letting them pay for the stuff they want. Now they are giving them a reason to obtain it in other ways including violence?

What is Australia trying to do here lmao


hypatiatextprotocol t1_j6wdwc2 wrote

Well, not quite. Eshays seem to cause violence and disruption everywhere they go. Sometimes eshays harass staff and customers, start fights, order but refuse to pay, etc. Some businesses would rather avoid them altogether.

(Since this is Australia, this means knife and fist fights, not gun fights. But still, people want it to stop.)


AverageCowboyCentaur t1_j6wdnpy wrote

Worked for us at the malls, no entry without adult after 6pm. After the 20th arrest word got around. Stealing, shootings, and muggings went down.

For us, we need to stop bussing in from certain parts of the city. 80% of all the crime comes from a few pockets of people in our town. If we run bus service from that area to anywhere else, the anywhere else becomes a hotspot for crime.


thefifeman t1_j6xnsta wrote

Or, ya know, you could stop being xenophobic, try and solve wealth inequality, and stop kicking down at those less fortunate than you and start punching up at the politicians and business leaders who enact policies and take actions that keep these people in "certain parts" in poverty?

At some point you boomers (even if you're not that old, you've got the mentality) better realize that punishment doesn't fucking solve things. Violent crime, 95% of the time, stems from poverty. Build up that community, and you'll see less crime.

Want evidence? Go Google the war on drugs. Crackdowns and harsh punishments made the situation worse. Meanwhile if you look at the Housing First initiative being taken to alleviate the homeless problem, you'll see that if you temporarily lift people out of poverty, they'll often keep themselves afloat moving forward.


GyakuBoop t1_j6we3ig wrote

The difference here is that malls are big and have valuables, even if a theft accord at mcdonalds.... $100 worth at most in stolen stuff and anything that breaks is covered by insurance?

A lot of countries have stricter access to malls especially at night time(like the ones where i live don't allow single people in during peak times like events to enter after 8-10pm(changes everytime) and that leads to less sexual harassment and theft) due to valuable stuff being displayed.

The most this is going to do is tell people to order by phone and claim its for parents, or ask someone outside to buy it for them and they pay him the cost. This isn't a grand solution to stop obesity, its morons not giving kids mental health support they need and better education to deter bad behavior


diagnosedwolf t1_j6zs42y wrote

Did you just completely and totally dismiss the human beings working in fast food restaurants as “not valuable”?

The point of the new rule is to prevent harm to them. It’s not about preventing obesity in kids, it’s about making sure that minimum wage workers can do their jobs without getting assaulted.


GyakuBoop t1_j70unb5 wrote

Here we go again with brain gymnastics and cherry picking words, who tf said employees aren't important?

Since you identify as a 'professional reddit moron' let me make it simpler:

Pissing off an already angry group, just puts the employees in even more danger for refusing to give them service. If they are already trashing places WHILE getting service, you expect them to just..... Walk away instead of trashing the place? Even if said employees fought back, they will be fired and we both know that.


diagnosedwolf t1_j70xmpg wrote

What do you propose as a real, immediate solution? Not an ambiguous or long-term solution that will take 10 or 20 years to really take effect. An actual solution that’s going to protect the employees from being stabbed?

You don’t want to ban the violent people doing the stabbing from the restaurant. For some reason you mentioned that malls have valuable items for sale and McDonalds doesn’t, so it makes sense to ban them from malls and not McDonalds. Okay, explain that premise. Explain what you’d do instead, if your goal is to protect the employees from dying.


GyakuBoop t1_j70yht0 wrote

Security personnel? Automatic shutter doors in employee zones and exits? Emergency pushbutton to alert police? Making a petition to have a police patrol near high danger areas?

Hell, even filing complaints to their employers about work hazards and informing authorities if they refuse to provide a solution?

Now you actually seem like a boomer who thinks that few individual pieces of shit doing a crime, justifies banning a whole age group without even thinking of a solution and just being a keyboard warrior lmao. Grow up


diagnosedwolf t1_j70yswi wrote

What solution do you want the employers to provide?

They already have security. They already have panic buttons and heightened police presence. Everything you’ve suggested here has already been tried and tried and tried - and employees have still gotten badly injured.

What solution would you come up with, if you were the owner of the franchise? Instead of slinging insults, solve the problem.


PattersonsOlady t1_j6wqus4 wrote

Our local MacDonalds is a real youth gang scene. There was a stabbing a year or two ago.


mesovortex888 t1_j6ymhfs wrote

There is always a McDonald's in town that you are not supposed to go in


DefrockedWizard1 t1_j71jl06 wrote

But if they don't let kids buy there, how are the kids going to get hooked on their food and go there when they are an adult?


jobra84 t1_j6xow6r wrote

Bring them to the US and let the Ese’s get ahold of them.


txgypsy t1_j70v617 wrote

Fuck that, bring them to the US. take them to a Waffle House. Waffle House staff knows how to throw hands LOL