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diagnosedwolf t1_j70xmpg wrote

What do you propose as a real, immediate solution? Not an ambiguous or long-term solution that will take 10 or 20 years to really take effect. An actual solution that’s going to protect the employees from being stabbed?

You don’t want to ban the violent people doing the stabbing from the restaurant. For some reason you mentioned that malls have valuable items for sale and McDonalds doesn’t, so it makes sense to ban them from malls and not McDonalds. Okay, explain that premise. Explain what you’d do instead, if your goal is to protect the employees from dying.


GyakuBoop t1_j70yht0 wrote

Security personnel? Automatic shutter doors in employee zones and exits? Emergency pushbutton to alert police? Making a petition to have a police patrol near high danger areas?

Hell, even filing complaints to their employers about work hazards and informing authorities if they refuse to provide a solution?

Now you actually seem like a boomer who thinks that few individual pieces of shit doing a crime, justifies banning a whole age group without even thinking of a solution and just being a keyboard warrior lmao. Grow up


diagnosedwolf t1_j70yswi wrote

What solution do you want the employers to provide?

They already have security. They already have panic buttons and heightened police presence. Everything you’ve suggested here has already been tried and tried and tried - and employees have still gotten badly injured.

What solution would you come up with, if you were the owner of the franchise? Instead of slinging insults, solve the problem.