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herewego199209 t1_j6xksbk wrote

Mormonism was built by a white supremacists and they vehemently hate black people.


Infamous-Werewolf196 t1_j6xlcdq wrote

They have to let them in though, didn't want to lose tax free status


weallfalldown310 t1_j728mp0 wrote

Also they were building a Temple in Brazil and had given the priesthood to white passing people. Didn’t realize they had black ancestors, and realized how empty the temple would be with only white without black ancestry. Lol. They are such horrible capitalist hypocrites.


mamawantsallama t1_j6xt29k wrote

There are levels in their afterlife and non-white folks can only achieve the lower levels. This sounds like a bug voting for raid.


Soggy_Midnight980 t1_j6ybogh wrote

The Mormons will welcome anyone for only 10% of their income.

Also, Mormonism is about the dumbest religion you can find. Just complete bullshit.


DocHendrix t1_j7khxhg wrote

Bro at least pick a religion that doesn't hate black people. I think that's why most rappers go Muslim anyway


gheebutersnaps87 t1_j6ye6ms wrote

Didn’t the mormons start as basically a militant terrorist org, like the danites and shit


Chard069 t1_j70hqzs wrote

Joe Smith, formerly convicted of fraud, 'found' the Tablets of Moroni somewhere or other -- maybe in Latin America, but more likely in his own stateside studio. Via careful 'translation', Smith revealed sacred stuff to the world. I once resided near his base of operations. Strange place, Palmyra NY. Follow the tornado damage there for a hint of how divine powers reacted to Smith's efforts.

No, I doubt Joe Smith founded LDS for revolutionary terrorism -- more for just power and sex. That worked till he was lynched. Sad. 8-)