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velifer t1_j9te92w wrote

This will not change until federal laws address it.

The Graham v. Connor and Tennessee v. Garner Supreme Court decisions mean that this is a license to murder:

"I am claiming now, that at the time of the shooting I believed the person I shot was likely to cause serious harm to someone else somewhere at some time."

Cops don't get much training, but they're told ALL about these two decisions and how to frame things properly.

And those decisions aren't going to be challenged.

The only way this changes is a new federal law.

Good fucking luck.

Police can outright murder you and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.


Fit_Fisherman_9840 t1_j9tz809 wrote

American police force is a Joke for:

How is structured
How is financed
How is not regulated
How is not responsible
How is not trained


More_Cowbell8 t1_j9uymcm wrote

We try our whole lives to avoid any interaction with any of them. They're dangerous, armed, lie, get away with breaking their own rules, laws, general morality & I don't believe a single officer in America can empathize with other people. ACAB, psychos, one & all.


Fit_Fisherman_9840 t1_j9v0go0 wrote

And wannabe army when the army teach better fire discipline. And I don't understand the whole SWAT thing you have there.

America is amateur time... All the time.


david-z-for-mayor t1_ja1zgxn wrote

I'm quite glad you posted your comment. It led me to research those two rulings. I'm making a list of alarming supreme court rulings and these two rulings are valuable additions to my list.

Graham vs Connor 1989 states that claims of excessive force have to be "objectively reasonable." However, police can now use deadly force if they have an "objectively reasonable" belief that there is a threat to their safety. That belief does not need to be based on evidence. See "Police can use deadly force if they merely perceive a threat" on

Tenessee vs Garner 1985 lets police kill fleeing suspects when "the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others."

These rulings seem to let police kill people whenever they want and are part of a broad trend by the Supreme Court to gradually destroy democracy while protecting corrupt power.

Are there any other distressing important rulings that you think I should know about?