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FreeholdDemesne t1_j71c7dk wrote

I remember climbing it, along with everyone else there, in 1996. Was amazing, though it's incredibly steep and difficult to come down. Back then they even had a chain bolted into the middle of the steps for descending.


AJ_Mexico t1_j71kzb8 wrote

Yeah, I climbed up there c. 1987. It was cool and unsafe. But, in Mexico, the cars didn't have seat belts or safety glass, the boats didn't have life preservers -- everything was unsafe. There was a chain just kind of lying on the steps for descent. Descending was scary. There was a guy descending by sliding his butt down one step at a time while holding on to that chain for dear life.


nidedin t1_j73k6e6 wrote

yeah, well I actually climbed up there in 1634. way less tourists back then, but still steep as hell.


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tedfundy t1_j74nwiz wrote

I climbed coba and cried on the descent. There’s was a rope I hung on to. Took me a while to get down.