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batchy_scrollocks t1_j76lape wrote

I think you're expecting too much from this conversation. Have you used Google before? If not it'll be a learning experience for you to research it yourself


imregrettingthis t1_j76lger wrote

Lol. No I don’t expect a link. You’re already being disingenuous. I’m just calling you a liar in a more polite way.

I am in no way surprised you’re not backing up your claim, or that you’re confidently being an ass about it.


batchy_scrollocks t1_j76nhr4 wrote

I don't have time or patience to educate you, that was your mom's job and clearly that didn't go too well, plus you would be amazed how little I'm interested in the things you call me, even if you were right. And please look up the word 'disingenuous', because I know you think it makes you sound clever, but that only works when you're using it correctly


imregrettingthis t1_j76o1qg wrote

lol, sure buddy. I am glad we both agree you cannot back up the claim you made.

Also, feel free to look up the word yourself. you're either being disingenuous about this or you're about at thick as it gets.

It doesn't really matter which one it is I was just going with the more polite option. So ok, you're not disingenuous (thought you clearly don't understand the word) and you are slow and need to have stuff clearly explained to you. (which I guess would explain why you can't understand what disingenuous means).

Thanks for making sure I understand.