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VyrPlan t1_j713315 wrote

"your young mind isn't ready for these adult ideas like sex or drugs - now kids, back to our active shooter drill and remember what i said about playing dead in the likely event that your classmates are ever murdered in front of you"


kevinds t1_j71j74l wrote

>because the prosecutor cannot prove the teacher committed a crime.

That is a very good reason not to file charges...


Mornie0815 t1_j711fxa wrote

I don't get it. Why would it be an inappropriate book?


AndeeElizabeth09 OP t1_j712rne wrote

My thought exactly! Like yes there’s a death in it, but by that logic, The Great Gatsby would apply, and that book is pretty standard in American high schools. You can’t shield kids from death, it’s inevitable.


elanhilation t1_j71s22v wrote

considering Nick discretely fucks another man in the text of The Great Gatsby, there’s a very good chance conservatives would try to ban it


x-munk t1_j716t2t wrote

If we're ruling out literature with death in them we can kiss pretty much all of Shakespeare goodbye.

Oh also Death of a Salesman and Of Mice and Men... and I guess the theater department will have to stop putting on Les Mis every fucking year.


ReadAllAboutIt92 t1_j71kn9p wrote

Crucible and Lord of the Flies are both out too… pretty sure I studied both of those by age 13 in the U.K.


amerkanische_Frosch t1_j7138t3 wrote

Apparently there is a rather explicit sex scene in it between two (consenting) teenagers.


AndeeElizabeth09 OP t1_j713s34 wrote

I honestly forgot that there even was sex in it lol, but I remember reading a book from the library in high school that was quite raunchy, and all the characters were teens. I think it was originally released in Australia but can’t remember the name.


speculatrix t1_j710pfk wrote

Parts of the USA really do want to become Gilead!


Khemith t1_j74v9sc wrote

Gotta protect kids from violence but not the cold coercion of capitalism that forces them work a mind numbing job for the rest of their lives.


mamacrocker t1_j7dr5j3 wrote

I bet some of the people complaining about books like this are the same ones who were passing around Flowers in the Attic in junior high.


swisscriss t1_j713i4o wrote

I'm sorry but I tried reading the one about the dying teenagers and it's clear the guy is a total loser. He has that certain mixture of timidity and arrogance that sets my teeth on edge.


prefer-to-stay-anon t1_j74jge4 wrote

Great! Sell it back to your local used bookstore please, I like having them available as disposable books whenever I am going to jury duty or whatever since they only cost a dollar.


swisscriss t1_j74p3z0 wrote

I always get out of jury duty by saying I'm prejudiced to all races