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cutelyaware t1_j9j578z wrote

Even more disturbing to me is that he prefaced his utilitarian argument with "Obviously it's not good for the child, but..."


Lch207560 t1_j9jxisr wrote

He's all about 'child but's'


locustt t1_j9lx9c3 wrote

'Obviously its not good for the child butt.' That's pretty specific, he must have read the case files.


afedyuki t1_j9lw78r wrote

Should be painfully obvious why people like that are trying to ban abortions, right?


cutelyaware t1_j9mvr94 wrote

I don't see how. He's certainly on board with cutting entitlements, but forcing poor women to give birth is a way of keeping them poor, but he is correct that they're then likely to use any entitlements they don't manage to cut.


Arc80 t1_j9j712t wrote

More power to him. He's apparently been tearing the republican party apart up there for years now saying shit like that while otherwise accomplishing next to nothing.


porncrank t1_j9jz3z0 wrote

I think we can safely say that nothing will tear the Republican Party apart. They are entirely made of stupidity and misdirected rage. The worse they get the tighter they pull together.


Kittenscute t1_j9ldw8q wrote

>They are entirely made of stupidity and misdirected rage.

Evil. Evil is the actual word you are looking for.


Kyell t1_j9mvfcf wrote

They aren’t as a whole though. I’ve seen a few before it’s not that they are evil they are just super easy to manipulate.


regalrecaller t1_j9n3ltp wrote

I was at a shitty crustpunk bar once getting an after-work beer. One of those shitholes where the bartenders clearly hate you. So the bartender and I were ignoring one another when someone sits next to me and he immediately says, "no. get out."

And the dude next to me says, "hey i'm not doing anything, i'm a paying customer." and the bartender reaches under the counter for a bat or something and says, "out. now." and the dude leaves, kind of yelling. And he was dressed in a punk uniform, I noticed

Anyway, I asked what that was about and the bartender was like, "you didn't see his vest but it was all nazi shit. Iron crosses and stuff. You get to recognize them."

And i was like, ohok and he continues.

"you have to nip it in the bud immediately. These guys come in and it's always a nice, polite one. And you serve them because you don't want to cause a scene. And then they become a regular and after awhile they bring a friend. And that dude is cool too.

And then THEY bring friends and the friends bring friends and they stop being cool and then you realize, oh shit, this is a Nazi bar now. And it's too late because they're entrenched and if you try to kick them out, they cause a PROBLEM. So you have to shut them down.

And i was like, 'oh damn.' and he said "yeah, you have to ignore their reasonable arguments because their end goal is to be terrible, awful people."

And then he went back to ignoring me. But I haven't forgotten that at all.

Republicans are like that


Kittenscute t1_j9nkwn2 wrote


Stupid evil is still evil. Banal evil is still evil.

The most common form of evil is precisely the kind of evil you are stating here, the kind where common, ordinary people stop thinking critically and allow evil masterminds to dictate their thoughts and actions to hurt other common, ordinary people.

It doesn't matter one iota that they were "manipulated", their actions were evil and caused harm to innocents, and therefore their persons are also evil.

"I just followed orders" is not an excuse, it's damning evidence.


Kyell t1_j9ozgw8 wrote

You guys are ridiculous. I have a better understanding now of why they are so dug in. Some old mom thinks abortion is murder and so votes republican. Instead of saying you know Doris you just don’t understand you say they are evil. They think the exact same thing about you. Sounds like there can never be a way to work things out with the way you talk. I don’t agree with them but I do think there needs to be a way back for the gullible people otherwise you guys should just have the civil war now.


wallander1983 t1_j9jplcu wrote

The list on poltical positions is something.


sirspidermonkey t1_j9jryg5 wrote

Oh his picture... The only word I can use to describe it isn't even english: Backpfeifengesicht

Between him and Rand Paul...


MofuckaJones14 t1_j9jk15p wrote

You know it's hilarious but also pretty sad that Republicans can say things like this and constantly pass bills that harm kids and yet their voters will say that they're the party that cares about children. I guess they just want to see their children struggle as much as possible whilst they grow up. That's pro-life for ya, I guess.


The84thWolf t1_j9jzhf3 wrote

They care about children. Specifically, care about the minimum age children can get married, care about how future children will damage the gun party, care that they are allowed to vote…


Tarrolis t1_j9k5avz wrote

I was raised in a republican household and i'll definitively say at least in my case they do not care about children. They care about their children growing up to be dogs of the ownership class, and according to their wage is the amount of pride they have in them. People have economic worth and that's it.


Nokomis34 t1_j9luf19 wrote

Don't forget they are concerned about children's employment as well... Making sure they have a job.


porncrank t1_j9jzbic wrote

They’re also the party that loves America — the same America they can’t stop bitching about and trying to secede from. They are truly the most confused people around.


pilgrim93 t1_j9l7wqc wrote

Well you see, the problem is they’ve branded themselves as pro-life. They’re not. What would be more accurate is pro-birth.


sst287 t1_j9m7dg4 wrote

They care a lot about children—they care about if they can fuck a child, literally and figuratively.


adoyle17 t1_j9mqxy6 wrote

They only care about the "unborn" as pro-life ends at birth to them. George Carlin said it best, "If you're preborn, you're fine, but if you're preschool, you're fucked."


Swampwolf42 t1_j9jgq66 wrote

Why is it, whenever a read a headline about a politician ghoulishly focusing on money rather than people’s lives, I don’t need to open the article to guess which party they belong to?

Oh yeah. Now I remember.


hizilla t1_j9ldxq9 wrote

This one is also a lifetime member of the Oath Keepers. A group that literally tried to overthrow the government.


Swampwolf42 t1_j9lek3z wrote

And the Republican Party, who (not coincidentally) is also trying to overthrow the government.


wallander1983 t1_j9j3r1h wrote

Guess the Party!


Knichols2176 t1_j9mnuk7 wrote

Same party as the child rapist of child enslaved sex workers in Ohio.. never fails I see some rapist that in legislature and it’s always Republican.


DFWPunk t1_j9k0zaa wrote

For those wondering what he said:

“It can be argued, periodically, that it’s actually a cost savings because that child is not going to need any of those government services that they might otherwise be entitled to receive and need based on growing up in this type of environment,”


Rosebunse t1_j9kh8ah wrote

So yeah, just as bad we thought.


Swampwolf42 t1_j9klyji wrote

Worse. He’s saying dead kids are preferable to social programs.


freddy_guy t1_j9ndzht wrote

It's worse. Most people will imagine that he implied something, or said something that can be taken a couple of ways. But actually he just flat-out says it.


EvlMinion t1_j9l71mq wrote

This was one of those headlines I see from time to time and think, "That can't really be what happened." Then I get proven wrong.

The Republicans' response was what I expected, though. Spineless. Either not going on record that he's vile or saying 'his words are his own'.


Mista_Cash_Ew t1_j9m6s95 wrote

It's one of those stories where it's actually worse than what the headline says. If you watch the video it actually sounds like he's trying to determine what the best age for letting a child die is


TheBatemanFlex t1_j9m69cu wrote

He then continues to ask whether that "pricetag" can be expected to increase or decreases with the age of the child killed.


mistaekNot t1_j9nfn4j wrote

people voted for this trash. they get what they deserve


wallander1983 t1_j9j4heq wrote

My highlights from the article:

Eastman has long attracted controversy in the state Capitol. He was censured in 2017 after claiming that women in rural villages try to get pregnant so they can get a free trip to the city for an abortion.

No, i am shocked. Shocked.

Seasoned lawmakers said he has alienated every caucus he has joined with his uncompromising approach to legislation and his tendency to use his newsletters to bully his GOP colleagues.

I hope he has no partner and no children, classic abuser behavior.

Eastman himself did not respond to a request for an interview. In a text message, he said, "I was happy to hear that ACT is taking a stand against child abuse, but the value of a child is not derived from their future productivity, but from the fact that every child is made in the image of God."

Understood, he's an Ultra-Christian Right-Winger.

Gray said Eastman has "boldly shown who he is," pointing out that he has solidly won four consecutive elections.

He may be a Far-Right Ultra-Christian Oath Keeper who is shunned even by his GOP colleagues, but he is one of US.


p_larrychen t1_j9jt55z wrote

He’s also literally a member of the Oath Keepers, according to the article


ChuckFeathers t1_j9kfxba wrote

Lol, the GOP don't shun anyone that can get them votes, that's all they care about anymore.


chocomint-nice t1_j9mz34d wrote

All those words stringed together with hyphens can be summarized to “fascist”

Its ok to use the F-word


SpiritualPrize t1_j9jly69 wrote

A conservative state lawmaker has successfully tacked an anti-abortion message onto an otherwise innocuous resolution in the Alaska House aimed at raising awareness about sexual assault and child abuse.

The amendment from Republican Rep. David Eastman of Wasilla refers to abortion as “the ultimate form of child abuse.”

I get the impression he doesn't know whether he's washing or hanging out.


Usernamenottaken13 t1_j9n8oti wrote

How curious that according to him it could be an economic benefit when a child dies from abuse, but he's not talking about the cost benefits of abortions and avoiding unwanted pregnancies 🤔

Prolife...until the kid is born


MetricVeil t1_j9jf80j wrote

The lack of empathy, shame, and remorse are, often, characteristics attributed to psychopaths. :|


newaccount721 t1_j9k1qwb wrote

This guy didn't realize "a modest proposal" is satire


earhere t1_j9k2uvw wrote

It's kind of sad that there's nothing that a Republican can say that will get them to lose support from their conservative base. No depths of depravity is low enough for them.


tweda4 t1_j9jtszh wrote

Christ, I saw the headline, and kind of assumed that there must be missing context and he was actually saying something callous but not psychotic, but like... What the fuck?

He's straight up asking if it isn't better that abused kids die as otherwise the government has to spend money to help them get over their abuse.

What kind of psychology does this guy have that that's even a question that passes through his mind?


DrDroid t1_j9jmn19 wrote

Let’s just get ahead to the end game and kill all the kids for maximum economic benefit, right? Fuck it, adults too!


DLTRla4 t1_j9lyk87 wrote

Actually it is better to kill people that have already been productive and will never be so again, so you should take a machinegun to an eldery home and scream "This is to pay the debt!" while you play the national anthem and eat bbq ribs, and when you're done tell all the families to "get over it" so they can get back to being productive.


DomesticApe23 t1_j9jprml wrote

This is some of the most evil shit I have ever seen in my life. It's the ultimate boring dystopia. This is the banality of evil. I'm fucking speechless.


SelectiveSanity t1_j9kydu5 wrote

>“It can be argued, periodically, that it’s actually a cost savings because that child is not going to need any of those government services that they might otherwise be entitled to receive and need based on growing up in this type of environment,” he said.

To answer your question yes, this man is a Republican.


Mr__Teal t1_j9l2wh7 wrote

I'm really only surprised that he didn't follow it up asking if there were any volume discounts.


Kailaylia t1_j9mwxoe wrote

He followed up by asking, basically, what was the best age for them to die for maximum cost savings.


bouchert t1_j9jlw68 wrote

I know when I hear about a dead Alaskan child, my first thought is "How can this profit me?"


Lch207560 t1_j9jx47n wrote

'Leadership of the Republican-dominated House majority caucus has not yet met to discuss whether Eastman will be punished for his comments.'

Why would they punish him? This is straight out of the white Natc 'quiverfull' argument and right in line with trumpublican 'values'.


BroForceOne t1_j9ka0fu wrote

>“It can be argued, periodically, that it’s actually a cost savings because that child is not going to need any of those government services that they might otherwise be entitled to receive and need based on growing up in this type of environment,”

When Republicans steer so far to the right, they end up turning left and making a pro-choice argument.


NCHouse t1_j9k0haz wrote

Another Republican. Why do y'all make yourselves look like fools and idiots?


TjW0569 t1_j9k3v9i wrote

Pro-life Republican.


DifficultyWithMyLife t1_j9jzldo wrote

"Republicans trying not to put their foot in their mouth" challenge (impossible)


extracensorypower t1_j9k8w45 wrote

Tell me you're a republican without telling me you're a republican.


unclejosephsfuton t1_j9jzion wrote

So it is less expensive for the state to incarcerate the killer of this hypothetical abused child or was that even a thought in this moron's equation?


Inside-Palpitation25 t1_j9knuvr wrote

If you are part of groups, that want to dismantle our government, that alone should disqualify you from being IN that government.


orionsfyre t1_j9ll0t8 wrote

"I'm just asking questions"

Ah, the Tucker Carlson defense. You can bring up anything, no matter how evil, or heinous or disgusting... under the guise of "I'm just being intellectually curious."

Also to be fair, he wasn't asking anything, he literally floated the idea that dead kids were ultimately better for the economy. It's the ugliest possible answer to a question no one who has any humanity would ask.

You want to know if it matters who you vote for? Things like this make it clear why it matters.


Cyber_Dan t1_j9mh3ug wrote

Why is everyone surprised that Republicans don't care about dying children? They let them die in school shootings all the time and prefer to protect their guns over their own kids. And they'd rather watch newborns die after birth than allow women to have an abortion. These people are sociopaths, psychotic. They have no morals, no ethics, no integrity.


FuzzAldrin81 t1_j9nh4k1 wrote

I went to college with this chud and was forced to spend more time with him than I care to recall. I’m not shocked that he’s still this much of an idiot, but I’m absolutely appalled that he managed to get elected to any office at all.


QuestionableAI t1_j9ke5b3 wrote

Is he married? Does he have children?

If both are a NO, he has at the very least spared some woman and children the horror of living with this sack of shit.


hippyengineer t1_j9ld6tt wrote

My bet on the over/under is that he has 5 kids and is married.


QuestionableAI t1_j9lgfd2 wrote

Do we know for certain? I seriously do not want to google him.


hippyengineer t1_j9lre2f wrote

Photo on his campaign website has 3 kids and a wife in it.


Inconceivable-2020 t1_j9ktixk wrote

Whenever you see a true waste of oxygen politician, just remember that they were elected by people that knew exactly what they were voting for.


Jatee_100 t1_j9mh3cp wrote

The same collectio of morons who elected Sara Palin. Go figure. Ron White said it. "You can't fix stupid."


MellifluousPenguin t1_j9l7xvb wrote

Dumbfounding. I can well imagine the guy thinking he's playing "devil's advocate", with a side of "let's troll the libs a bit". Truth is, don't play devil's advocate if you don't have enough sense, empathy, human dignity, and braincells to realize that your argument makes you an irredeemable pig.


FlashpointJ24 t1_j9lphdq wrote

What a fucking ghoul. What's next, he wants to start putting down foster kids because it's good for the economy?


Jatee_100 t1_j9mgggp wrote

He's from Wasilla, where they elected Sara Palin. There must be some toxin in the water there that turns residents' brains to shit.


ramriot t1_j9jj85j wrote

Oh you politicians,

You were so preoccupied with whether they could say a thing, they didn't stop to think if they should.


eighty2angelfan t1_j9jsgch wrote

Horrible out of touch statement. Republicans are electing every nudnik if they scream guns and immigration. They aren't vetting. That said, can we vet these news web sites better? This news website actually locked up my phone until I accepted their subscription. I had to turn off my phone to get out of it.


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pitshands t1_j9ljdab wrote

That is so close to the "unwertes Leben" Ideologie of the Nazis, there isn't even place for a sheet of paper. Unwertes Leben - unworthy life. Used for disabled people


trucorsair t1_j9lk8ch wrote

If only his parents had had the same thoughts all those years ago….


Die-Nacht t1_j9lmhd2 wrote

The party of family values, my friends.


SnarfbObo t1_j9ls5u4 wrote

what a prolapsed anus


Jokerchyld t1_j9lx4eu wrote

How did I know he was Republican just from reading the title


ugmold t1_j9ly5mw wrote

What kind of anus was this pig born from?


strawbennyjam t1_j9lzg76 wrote

But have we tried asking the computer what would happen if we killed all the poor AND raised VAT?

I’m not saying we’d do it, just that it doesn’t hurt to ask.

— skit from Mitchel and Web


chrisinokc t1_j9m7ipp wrote

I'm definitely at the "f**k all Republicans" stage of my life.


Azr431 t1_j9mea4d wrote

Don’t even need to google this piece of shit to know he’s a Republican


Professional_Mud_316 t1_j9mk3s3 wrote

Problematically, the Only If It’s In My Own Back Yard mindset basically follows: ‘Why should I care about others' children’s troubles and turmoil — my family and I are alright?’ or ‘What is in it for me, the taxpayer, if I support programs for other people’s children, however abused?’

While some people will justify it as a normal thus moral as well as ethical human evolutionary function, the self-serving OIIIMOBY mentality can and does debilitate progress, even when it is most needed. And it seems this distinct form of societal penny wisdom but pound foolishness is a very unfortunate human characteristic that is likely with us to stay.

The wellbeing of all children — and not just what other parents’ children might/will cost us as future criminals or costly cases of government care, etcetera — should be of great importance to us all, regardless of whether we’re doing a great job with our own developing children.


newsman0719 t1_j9mmf67 wrote

Actually Ebenezer Scrooge said it best “Let them die and reduce the surplus population “


FireFlinger t1_j9n24gp wrote

He got censured. Everybody in the legislature voted for the censure except for himself.


Nivosus t1_j9n4euu wrote

Didn't even need to read the article to know it was a fucking Republican.


Greenhoused t1_j9n9wau wrote

You are simply confused if you think Dems are somehow going to do anything other than what politicians do - which is accept money to pass legislation beneficial to big business.


Nivosus t1_j9nxg3x wrote

You must be lost. The toilet is over there, I don't speak to shit here.


ChipmunkThen2861 t1_j9nen3s wrote

I find it very ironic that he is pro-life and also apparently pro-child abuse fatality for the sake of saving tax dollars on welfare programs. What a fucking idiot. But even dumber, anyone who has voted for him and anyone who does in the future.


lazy_phoenix t1_j9nnjue wrote

I mean is anyone honestly surprised? Republicans have been saying, subtly and not so subtly, that profits are more important than people for decades now.


r31ya t1_j9nrxrx wrote

>"It can be argued, periodically, that it’s actually a cost savings because that child is not going to need any of those government services that they might otherwise be entitled to receive and need based on growing up in this type of environment"

The Family Values Party


elaynefromthehood t1_j9op113 wrote

What’s HIS cost/benefit ratio? Someone please calculate that.