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cutelyaware t1_j9j578z wrote

Even more disturbing to me is that he prefaced his utilitarian argument with "Obviously it's not good for the child, but..."


Lch207560 t1_j9jxisr wrote

He's all about 'child but's'


locustt t1_j9lx9c3 wrote

'Obviously its not good for the child butt.' That's pretty specific, he must have read the case files.


afedyuki t1_j9lw78r wrote

Should be painfully obvious why people like that are trying to ban abortions, right?


cutelyaware t1_j9mvr94 wrote

I don't see how. He's certainly on board with cutting entitlements, but forcing poor women to give birth is a way of keeping them poor, but he is correct that they're then likely to use any entitlements they don't manage to cut.