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RobsEvilTwin t1_j9o2vb0 wrote

A woman was murdered in her home on Boxing day by a 17 year old who had been arrested for a different home invasion the day before (on Christmas Day), and the police were forced to let him go under the old rules.

His scumbag mates picked him up from the watch house and they went straight to committing another crime, and this time they killed someone.

The "child" stabbed someone during a home invasion the previous year also, and the police were forced to let him go under the old rules.

So three convictions for home invasions in two years, two stabbings, and one murder.

The new rules say if you stab a bunch of people you don't get bail.

Just a bit of context on the "children" the Guardian wants you to feel sorry for.


sillyintellectual61 t1_j9rexoa wrote

Ok, but cases like this are extremely rare. Most children who commit crimes can be rehabilitated without putting them in jail. In fact, putting them in jail makes them much less likely to be successfully rehabilitated, because the conditions are so awful.


RobsEvilTwin t1_j9t45s7 wrote


Agree with 100% of everything you said as a separate, very good, idea. In a decade or so those sorts of reforms should help reduce youth crime.

In the short term no bail for serial violent offenders would have prevented this murder.