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ConstantlySlippery t1_j8vmz4o wrote

> Alemi later went onto work as a psychiatrist and was admitted to the Royal College of Psychiatrists after passing the relevant exams using her fake MB ChB qualification.

So, she passed the test to be a Psychiatrist.


luckylebron t1_j8w4etu wrote

She had an undergrad degree and passed those exams so she had some idea of the trade itself and how to counsel, I'm assuming.


134608642 t1_j8yltb6 wrote

She had enough schooling to pass the test, so what was she missing? What were patient outcomes as well? This is getting a lot more curious.

Not saying what she did was okay, just curious about what she fell fort on.


gloatygoat t1_j8ysgmo wrote

I don't work in the UK but if I could guess, she was probably just running the equivalent of a pill mill. "Oh, you think you have ADHD? Here's some Ritalin. Your telling me your depressed.... here's some zoloft".

People self-diagnose psych conditions on the time. Patients like that probably loved her.


BirdLawyer50 t1_j90fsnx wrote

Yeah it’s like she built a house but lied about laying the right foundation. Still built the house


lahtidadi t1_j8v1d9d wrote

But was she good at it?


darkblash69 t1_j8v23oy wrote

She wasn't terrible, or she wouldn't have been able to do 20 yrs


RtuDtu t1_j8x7rpq wrote

she was pretending to be a psychiatrist, not exactly hard to fake


TrekForce t1_j8xmmbi wrote

You’re getting downvoted, but let’s be real, could you detect a fake therapist or a fake surgeon better? I feel like a fake surgeon would be a bit more obvious.

Also if she did any schooling, but just didn’t get her degree/license, then it probably is super easy to fake.

Especially since a lot of people are going to be people who have never been to see a therapist and wouldn’t know what to expect, and the ones that do will just write her off as being bad ( unless she was actually decent) and not think much of it.

A surgeon? Again, gonna be super obvious super fast. Got lots of eyes on you, and your patient outcomes are much more obvious.

So while your comment could be taken as a slight against those who practice, I don’t really see it that way, it seems more like the other people involved (the patient) is much easier to fool as a therapist than some other kind of doctor.


Thetallguy1 t1_j8yt0vg wrote

Wow, you see your first mistake that derails any validity to your comment is that you think a therapist and a psychiatrist are the same thing. Which they absolutely are not. Its like comparing an EMT to a RN. I'd say the easiest and fastest way to spot a fake psychiatrist is their pharmacology knowledge. If you read the article, she did actually study and was on the path of becoming a psychiatrist, looks like she might just have never gained board certification to practice.


Hawklet98 t1_j8xky18 wrote

How did that make you feel? Cool. How did that make you feel? And how did that make you feel? Great session. See you next week!


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jppianoguy t1_j8v43jh wrote

Paywall, but this appears to be an interview with a psychotherapist.

Psychiatrists are actual MDs, not psychologists or therapists. Pretty sure they study the brain as well as the other systems in the body. They don't specialize in the brain itself (that would be a neurologist).


[deleted] t1_j8v7n2x wrote



Agouti t1_j8vo74p wrote

lol have you even read that paper

It's talking about psychiatric labels from the DSM, not psychiatry as a profession

Seems like you are due for a few DSM labels if your own


Cindexxx t1_j8vtcva wrote

He has so me point, but I don't really agree. Psychiatry helps a lot of people but it's basically a guessing game. Following the source from the link shared gave me this quote which makes a hilarious (to me) point.

>Young et al. (2014) memorably calculate that in the DSM-5 there are 270 million combinations of symptoms that would meet the criteria for both PTSD and major depressive disorder, and when five other commonly made diagnoses are seen alongside these two, this figure rises to one quintillion symptom combinations - more than the number of stars in the Milky Way

Kinda shitty lol.


comradoge t1_j8w16x4 wrote

It is a guessing game because of the nature of the complaints. When your back hurts it is not normal, that is easy to decide. But you have no motivation towards life? This complicates things by orders of magnitude. Maybe you are naturally born that way, maybe you had certain traumas, maybe you had no particular trauma but your upbringing lead you that way slowly, maybe you had shitty friends or family... List goes on. It is even harder for deciding what is normal and what is not. How much sadness or joy should counted as pathological and under what conditions?

Psychiatry has the most subjective organ of interest of all fields in medicine.


Agouti t1_j8z01lf wrote

There has been a lot of criticism of the DSM over the years, most of it justified. Labels like "borderline personality disorder" are almost so vague as to be unhelpful.

At the same time, nobody has come up with anything better. There is so much nuance that simple labels can never capture what is really going on.

If you wanted to really accurately capture someone's personality you would need dozens of scales, 0-100, like a sadistic variant of a table-top RPG. Many of these sliders would have similar competing effects, and any test you gave would never be able to single out a single value. Then, on top of that, people actively hide and deceive the real answers to questions, and the answers might change significantly from day to day.

The key takeaway here is that you can't self diagnose or treat using labels from the DSM or (even worse) western pop psy. Practicing self awareness, finding someone you trust enough to talk honestly with, and if feasible a really good psychologist (because there are plenty of mediocre ones out there, too) is more important.


Eric1491625 t1_j8w37n5 wrote

>FOR 20 YEARS!!!

>What more proof is needed?

It was found that 30% of Pakistani pilots had fake licenses without crashing a plane or getting detected, is pilot a bullshit profession now?

A less regulated industry is going to be easier to sneak into, simple as that.


trixayyyyy t1_j8w35nn wrote

Clown with bad reading comprehension


gamerdude69 t1_j8xpb6y wrote

Why you gotta bring clowns with bad reading comprehension into this? That's pure bigotry toward those unfortunate underdeveoped clowns.


gamerdude69 t1_j8xovcn wrote

You're being dense. You said at the end of your message that psychiatrists don't need to study the organ, and then someone corrected you that, yes, they are doctors, so they in fact do study the brain. Do you always get irrational when you're emotional like this? I'll study your brain.


21_MushroomCupcakes t1_j8vnfo9 wrote

Weird, we talked about neurology quite a bit last time I took psych.


JimC29 t1_j8wc297 wrote

You have to complete medical school to be a psychiatrist. They absolutely study the entire body. You really have no clue as to what you are talking about.


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Ex-Pat-Spaz t1_j8ww9v7 wrote

What in F are you talking about? They are doctors first and finish Med school like every other doctor and then specialize in psychiatry afterwards. Whatever stupid links you posted, it appears you didn’t read them or probably and more likely didn’t comprehend them. We already have evidence you didn’t understand one of the articles you linked….


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I_like_boxes t1_j8xaqak wrote

That paper is just saying that, instead of putting everything in a box with a label, a more flexible approach would probably better serve patients. It doesn't suddenly invalidate an entire profession; in fact, it would do the exact opposite. Insurance companies and government agencies won't let the DSM go though.

Psychiatry is advancing quickly in our current era, so saying it's essentially a worthless profession is extremely short-sighted.


predictingzepast t1_j8v1csi wrote

And Oprah didn't give her a show?


vandalia t1_j8wmdry wrote

Dr. Phyllis


Brener69 t1_j9decw6 wrote

Kinda funny/related, there's a Dr. Wahba W. Wahba in Daytona Beach, FL. I always imagine his middle name is Wahba and you say it like Fozzie Bear, Wahba Wahba Wahba.

Stupid things I do to amuse myself.


invent_or_die t1_j8x1kn6 wrote

Fuck Oprah. She gave Jenny McCarthy a platform for anti-vaccine.
Shots! Shots for Everyone!


urkldajrkl t1_j8wultf wrote

Not rich enough for Oprah. Oprah helps those who can help Oprah.


007FofTheWin t1_j8vutjw wrote



Drivethatman t1_j8vwwjk wrote



venReddit t1_j8w3lrd wrote

Dude an im here with my imposter syndrome...


UnknownSpecies19 t1_j8y9334 wrote

Me as fuck. I literally taught myself software engineering on the job and at home, got promoted year over year last 3 years. I'm deathly afraid of having to interview for a job soon because I'm scared I'll be exposed. Lmao


IAMTHEADMINNOW t1_j8uxcs3 wrote

And only made around 50k a year? Why even be a Dr. If you are only gonna make an average of 50k yearly over 20 years that's wild.


MikeTheGamer2 t1_j8v7tfv wrote

She could tell all her friends she was a doctor. You'd be surprised howmuch so little matters to someone.


pfy5002 t1_j8xc6j9 wrote

When I worked at a restaurant there was a local doctor that would go out of his way to make sure he had his name as “Dr. (His name) MD” in our reservation system that only employees could see. He went as far as demanding to see his reservation in our system when he came in for his dinner to make sure we didn’t lie to him and put it in exactly as he requested. I get wanting credit for all your hard work but it was some total weirdo behavior on his part. Out of the thousands of people and dozen of doctors I put into the system he was the only person who ever made such a fuss about it and the only one to make us show him his reservation name like that.


Nonsensical20_20 t1_j8xpdr7 wrote

If I had 500k in student loan debt for a title I also would want people to call me by it.


livinginfutureworld t1_j8vp1xf wrote

Dat sweet sweet Doctor title that only doctors, dentists, and PHDs get to use ..

"The starts back there lady!"

"It's DOCTOR!"


AgentUpright t1_j8wxdyn wrote

Well, she didn’t make much, but she didn’t have any med school debt either.


illiance t1_j8xiwzu wrote

1 - it’s the UK so doctors are paid less, and it’s in pounds sterling. In late 90s 60k would have put you near the top of hospital doctor pay scale even for a consultant

2 - the article says up to 65000 a year for 20 years and just an estimate. Probably doesn’t include pension etc

3 - doesn’t include whatever she earned in private practice


johndavismit t1_j8x1hmj wrote

I think that salary is pretty common for doctors in some European countries. It's part of the reason their healthcare costs aren't astonomical.

Many will do it because it's rewarding or because they'll only work 3 or 4 days a week.


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snarlindog t1_j8uzmar wrote

well thats one way to live


Keltoigael t1_j8x5oyr wrote

20 years experience, no degree looking for work.


NinjerTartle t1_j8vi8k2 wrote

I fail to see what's Oniony about this?


gencoloji t1_j8w9fnp wrote

Same. This happens much more often than you’d think. Wouldn‘t call it oniony.


maninplainview t1_j8vaoaq wrote

Look up Linda Hazard, people. This shit happens all the time.


AnarchyApple t1_j8xbk0z wrote

We won't allow people with doctorates from universities overseas become doctors, but we'll sure as hell have a run of mulitple doctors and nurses falsify documents and their careers.

What a fucking country.


DizzyDifference665 t1_j8v43q9 wrote

This is giving me such a panic attack.

The one venue, the one arena I always assumed I'd be safe, was at the doctor's.



smurgleburf t1_j8vhmo8 wrote

wait until you read about how frequent death by medical errors are.


smashkraft t1_j8vj97d wrote

My lived experience of the minor mistakes makes me firmly believe that I will experience at least 1 major mistake


[deleted] t1_j8vj9w3 wrote



Cindexxx t1_j8vtirm wrote

Lol, poor guy. Does his best to keep idiots from breaking everything and you do this.


toefurkyfuckmittens t1_j8wr2rc wrote

Heard about Dr Malachi Love Robinson? Kid started posing as a doctor in his teens and did it multiple times, then finally it happened enough that someone connected the different incidents together. He finally got a regular job and is now behind bars for embezzlement


AwkwardRN t1_j999gic wrote

Just looked him up- kid is addicted to scams!


gamerdude69 t1_j8xq3pe wrote

Hi I'm a doctor let's take a look at your nutsack and see why it's upside down.


BoxMunchr t1_j8wn9dc wrote

Probably better than half of the doctors in the US


snewz404 t1_j8x1dfv wrote

A client who I built a house for pretended to be an RN for a while and got caught but was good so the head RN let him leave without telling on him. He went on to get a job with Adobe and came up with one of their best platforms called Lightroom.

When fake it till you make it goes right I guess?


gamerdude69 t1_j8xqb83 wrote

Head RN didn't tell because they didn't want to get sued into oblivion


I_like_boxes t1_j8xckrl wrote

Was your client Mark Hamburg? Because lightroom was his baby.


hour_of_the_rat t1_j8v6wza wrote

Maybe she will move into forgery fulltime.


whiteboyfrmdao t1_j8x9q68 wrote

I wonder how many patients died under her watch?


Todd-The-Wraith t1_j8xc939 wrote

As a psychiatrist? Probably not too many.


penisdr t1_j93k5re wrote

There is a lot of morbidity and even mortality from untreated psychiatric conditions. So may not have actively killed people but improper treatment can definitely lead to very bad outcomes


Ramental t1_j8w0k8x wrote

Here in Germany as a house doctor you only need to know about 2 miracle medicine for all cases in life: Ibuprofen and Paracetamol. I don't remember ever getting anything prescribed without explicitly asking for it. And when I did, once the doctor suggested to increase the dosage if the thing doesn't work (which bears HUGE potential side-effects, which he didn't mention), and the other time I told about a problem, and the other doctor said "oh, it's probably already chronic. Do meditation or something".

If it doesn't help - you send the patient to the specialist and make it someone's else problem. Faking being a doctor in Europe (Germany at least) is probably the easiest job to fake of all.


luckylebron t1_j8w4jg0 wrote

Getting an appointment was probably a synch.


_CatLover_ t1_j8wuv5p wrote

Fake it til you make it


ciroccoo t1_j8wwlgc wrote

i wonder how she was found out. perhaps a series of complaints requiring oversight?


[deleted] t1_j8x1xl1 wrote

Dr. Jones, Dr. Jones, calling Dr. Jones... Dr. Jones, Dr. Jones, wa- guys where the fuck is Dr. Jones?


Oh, she got arrested ? Why? Oh... really? That Suxx.


Dr. Smith, can you report to reception please.


GamermanRPGKing t1_j8xdkvy wrote

so THERES the 1/10 doctor who was always the contrarian!


stomach t1_j8xgsf6 wrote

or simply "Woman Becomes Temporary Doctor"


octoroklobstah t1_j8yqf35 wrote

I saw this episode of ER, she was obsessed with Dr. Greene.


SJW_CCW t1_j8z45c5 wrote

Wow that's insane taking that long to get caught


Jazzfinger1 t1_j90bv12 wrote

I've never really questioned people's certifications before... I bet Dr. Dre isn't a real doctor either!


Billsolson t1_j91fpz2 wrote

Buddy of mine did that with engineering at Ford.

He had a degree, it was in business, but he applied and was hired as engineer.

Not sure how long he lasted , but he was there for at least 5 years before I lost touch.

Mid 90’s.


fromabuick t1_j91kppc wrote

I think I’ve had several doctors like that


Stormpooperz t1_j99vx47 wrote

People spending years in a job by faking qualifications and I can’t even get a call back


EspHack t1_j8xi9tx wrote

what is real anyway

would love to see what their past patients have to say


tomtomcowboy t1_j8wemrq wrote

Like the other ones are'nt ?

I mean ... cmon


sexybimbogf t1_j8wohiz wrote

Actually per the article she pretended to be a psychiatrist. They technically have the title of doctor but the key difference is doctors practice medicine and psychiatrists do not. Interestingly, given who they allow to become a psychiatrist, she may not have been any less qualified than one that was properly credentialed. If you don't believe me, see how she wasn't caught for 20 fucking years.


[deleted] t1_j8x5dk3 wrote



sexybimbogf t1_j8xmi76 wrote

oh they're actually both made up :)

psychiatrists do prescribe drugs but to call them medicine is a stretch.

psychologists do their own thing but I'd hardly call it therapeutic.


gamerdude69 t1_j8xqjfo wrote

To call them medicine is a stretch? So it's a stretch that adderall is medicine?


soumokil t1_j8zjqjb wrote

Or the fact that they have to complete medical school the same as any other doctor?


sexybimbogf t1_j8yvu7y wrote

Amphetamine, Quatiapine, Sertraline, yes.


swisscriss t1_j8vdy4m wrote

Big deal, people in the medical profession are mostly of middling intellect anyway. Relying on memorization by rote and flow charts.


nylockian t1_j8wk9ec wrote

Not in the US lol. Highest median and average IQ by a decent margin. Other countries maybe not so much because the pay is lower.