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ShrekJohnson27 t1_j9v4179 wrote

You’re asking me for proof!? Im trying to help provide some. I’m not doing it with any disrespectful context or intent as I love and support my dear friend Nicole, quit being such an ass


ViscountessKeller t1_j9v4z5e wrote

Your proof is more lies. You are not going to convince me, because you're lying, and you're shit at it.


ShrekJohnson27 t1_j9v55em wrote

I’m literally not but I’m done wasting my time. Me and Nicole are deadass laughing at you rn bc of how corny you look


ViscountessKeller t1_j9vahw0 wrote

Well, now I'm convinced you're not a lying piece of shit.


ShrekJohnson27 t1_j9x15pc wrote

Isn’t it weird that you expect a trans person to behave a very particular way or else you simply don’t believe it, shocking isn’t it


ViscountessKeller t1_j9xs93t wrote

No, it's just you're an obvious liar, and the more you come back to whining about being called out as an obvious liar the more obvious it is that you're a liar.


ShrekJohnson27 t1_j9ypbub wrote

Bruh I am literally friends with Nicole you moron. You have one sad sad life. Bitter behind your screen. 52k karma doesn’t mean you’re cool or smart, it just means you waste your life on reddit


ViscountessKeller t1_j9z6wpw wrote

Nicole isn't a real person, and nobody cares about my karma except you.


ShrekJohnson27 t1_j9z78p2 wrote

Dude she literally is, how come a trans person has to behave exactly a particular way or else you don’t think they exist, but transphobic. Also clearly not about the karma if you online chronically enough to rack that much up 😂 she literally is though you fucking moron, I could tag the insta if you want


ViscountessKeller t1_j9z7ofc wrote

Shrek, loudly proclaiming that you totally have a trans friend who approves of your bigoted bullshit and doing it over and over again isn't convincing anyone, and it never will.


ShrekJohnson27 t1_j9z8voe wrote

I said I’d tag her if you want but it’s obvious you know you look like a clown now


ViscountessKeller t1_j9z9b19 wrote

Why don't you tag your Canadian girlfriend while you're at it?


ShrekJohnson27 t1_j9z9glu wrote

I said I’d tag her 🤷🏻‍♂️ clear you know you in the wrong buddy, I’m offering proof and you’re looking like a clown. Stay chronically online buddy


ViscountessKeller t1_j9za3o9 wrote

You go right ahead, buddy. I can't wait. I look forward to meeting this ghost.

Wasn't she already watching and laughing at this thread, or did you forget you already said that? I assume if she was actually interested she'd have posted already. You know, if she actually existed.


ShrekJohnson27 t1_j9zbc2s wrote



ViscountessKeller t1_j9zce4m wrote

That's not how you tag someone on reddit, and nobody on reddit has that username.


ShrekJohnson27 t1_j9zdmb4 wrote

I said insta bozo


ViscountessKeller t1_j9zfbte wrote

Why the hell would you tag someone on instagram for a conversation on reddit?


ShrekJohnson27 t1_j9zvz3k wrote

I told you I’d link their insta, she don’t use Reddit


ViscountessKeller t1_j9zw7p7 wrote

Yeah, you linked some random woman's instagram. Good job.

You're not very good at this whole 'lying' thing, are you? And why the hell would you give your friend's private account to a complete rando?

I mean, obviously because this woman isn't actually your friend, although she -might- be your stalking victim.


ShrekJohnson27 t1_ja0ax4k wrote

That’s literally my friend you bozo! 😂 I don’t know how to make it any clearer without giving away my identity to a weirdo obsessed with saying I’m lying and I do NOT want to open that can of worms 💀 went to school with her my whole life, Liberty Middle School you flaming idiot. Also wdym why would I give you the insta???? You asked for proof 800 times like a repetitive robot that can’t say anything else