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herewego199209 t1_j779eg9 wrote

I never said the caregivers were to blame only. It's a systemic and foundational issue. I'm sure like any job you're given shit sandwiches, but the staff at many of these facilities signed up for a job to take care of someone. I'm not saying this is an indictment on you as a caregiver, but my grandmother has had two strokes and recovered at two separate facilities and the same problems with the staff exists. It's one thing if you're understaffed and you can't clean someone up in a timely manner. I get that there's only so much you can do with 4 or 5 CNA's for an entire facility. That's a facility/industry issue. It's another thing if two separate facilities have the same issues with talking shit about residents right outside their door, showing attitude towards residents, actively mocking residents, etc. I get its a shit situation to be into, but that's the job you and these other caregivers signed up for. I agree we have to pay more to get the good caregivers like you in there and get the bad ones out.