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Jellorage t1_j780k76 wrote

The list keeps getting longer. Maybe a tiktok video is not exactly a selfie but similar circumstances and outcomes.


Honigschmidt t1_j78hagg wrote

This on struck me as super awful:

Two young men died in the Ural Mountains after they pulled the pin from a live hand grenade to take a selfie. The phone with the picture remained as evidence of the circumstance of their deaths.


Ahelex t1_j79zlib wrote

I feel like there must be a lot of mistakes made/bad luck happening to get to the point where "death by pulling the pin from a live grenade because you wanted to take a selfie" becomes reality.


loneranger07 t1_j7arwyj wrote

Yeah its called being massively idiotic... Why take a grenade selfie at all? And definitely why pull the pin first?! Like what? Show me a universe where that makes sense


nickkom t1_j7amps9 wrote

The tragedy is they didn’t even have to pull the pin to take a selfie.


ricottapie t1_j78et6w wrote

Holy shit, that first one. Awful.


Obadiah-Mafriq t1_j78hloc wrote

Yeah, I shouldn't have clicked through, then googled. Made me cry.


[deleted] t1_j79c97p wrote



richardawkings t1_j7a0lnw wrote

At least the all died doing what they love.... getting attention from strangers.


YomiKuzuki t1_j7apenc wrote

> Who's the idiot who thought he was doing a public service by quoting me in a reply to me and then blocking me lol

Not really an idiot, they just pointed out that you only have 2 posts to your name, both on this thread, on a 5 year old account, with 9.8k karma. So you're probably just fishing for upvotes so you can sell your account, thus it's not really worth interacting with you. And yes. I'm aware I'm doing what I said wasn't worth doing.


imafraidofmuricans t1_j7aseg7 wrote

Speaking of fitness: functional empathy. Lacking that, which you do, means you are less fit than the rest of us, as humans are a collective species.

Just thought you'd like to know that.


JettClark t1_j7fp2ui wrote

One kid was playing with a toy gun when the police just blasted him. Still, while it is mostly a record of dumb mistakes, that tells us very little about these people.

Really, people making dumb mistakes is not a very good metric for understanding who they were or what their overall situation was. It's a simplistic reduction of both evolutionary science and the world we actually live in.

Even if their deaths were cosmically justified, it remains perfectly possible to be sad about them. That's life. Emotional responses are independent of a victim's status under natural law or whatever it is you're suggesting.

You're free to laugh. That's well and good too, albeit probably not relatable for most people. Instead of acting superior, you should be grateful that those people think differently from you. If they didn't, you'd have nothing to laugh at but yourself.


HeyItsMeUrDad_ t1_j7bh3t1 wrote

and if it was you kid you would be a sobbing mess of alcohol and suicidality, unless you have ever dealt with adults, or kids, on the last day of their lives, fuck outta here. If you’ve never dealt with the PARENTS of those kids, double fuck outta here. Poser.


hotrod58 t1_j79oeh8 wrote

What is funny about dead children?


[deleted] t1_j79ok9y wrote



DeloresBlasingameEsq t1_j79thm6 wrote

Nearly five year old account and these two posts celebrating dead children are the only comments in its history.

Since they probably delete their posts over time, for the record the user is u/EasyHeron and the comment was:

> Survival of the fittest my man. Nothing to cry about

> EDIT: Sorry, unless I misinterpreted and you were crying from laughing so hard. The Darwin Awards always gave me a good laugh


JonWake t1_j79ljek wrote

Oh that's just the kind of pick me up I needed today.


kermitpolice t1_j77s0up wrote

I'll say it again, Tiktok is all that is wrong with social media.

It is the absolute abandonment of reasonable thought in order to portray yourself as a celebrity.


Yes it is the app and not the people.

If you dig a tunnel under a lake and tell people that glory is through the tunnel and halfway through crawling through the tunnel it collapses, you can't blame the people.


Fourty9 t1_j77wgip wrote

It's the people not the app


jlaw54 t1_j78oriq wrote

Really the only proper answer imho.

Instead of quitting social media, I post positive content that I hope lifts up those around me. It’s been well received by friends and family.

Blaming everything on the Algorithm is being willfully ignorant. And I’m not trying to fully downplay the algorithm, because it is designed to keep us all at each others throats to an extent. Or at least foster disputes.

But we can rise above it. We can be good neighbors and positive members of our community. It is still a choice.

Believing anything less is essentially abdicating responsibility for a better society.


Onkboy t1_j78t9jv wrote

Contrary to some other social media, you can train the tiktok algorithm to cut the bullshit and show you things you want to see, which could be positive content only if you want. I opened reddit yesterday and the first post in my feed is a suicide note from what I presume to be a now dead person.


jlaw54 t1_j78ulwj wrote

Yeah. Some subreddits I keep to stay a little informed or whatever, but I have shed a bunch that kind of made me more frustrated than I wanted to be.

If all someone on Facebook does is share political memes or rant on politics I usually just unfollow them and they are still a friend, but my news feed is more positive.

Takes a bit of work and it isn’t a 100%, but it’s better.


freddyoff t1_j7b2yln wrote

You are literally demonstrating the behavior the OP is describing, you are posting positive content because you think it lifts others around you, and your admitted motivation is the act, therefore, it is inherently narcissistic. Ie you think your role is to be the scion of positivity on the social webs, therefore, your different. Same shit, different toilet.


jlaw54 t1_j7c2z1f wrote

You don’t know me and narcissism isn’t why I do it at all. In fact your accusation is inherently narcissistic in that you know everything at a glance and immediately have all the answers. My post above was a brief description of my process. It has more to do with self love and being the change I want to see in the world than anything. It’s a spiritual thing for me. But stay toxic Reddit stranger!


freddyoff t1_j7ci3ce wrote

Your process, could you be any more delusional


jlaw54 t1_j7ci9nj wrote

Cool 😎


freddyoff t1_j7cj1iq wrote

Exactly, you have nothing to say, go sell some positive goop with Gwenyth


jlaw54 t1_j7cjcr3 wrote

You are obviously a troll and I regret I fed you. So this will be my last post to you. But even with the toxicity you exhibit, I still wish you all the best. Good luck out there!


freddyoff t1_j7ckehr wrote

I’m not, you just didn’t like the truth. Go post your sparkle bullshit and put a star on your wall.


ayliv t1_j79wi5b wrote

Yes, there is definitely some accountability on the part of the people. There is a not insignificant portion of the population who are not out teetering on the edge of a cliff for the sake of a photo, and I have to assume there is a better explanation than blaming an app.


DingleBerrieIcecream t1_j79a99n wrote

It’s not Tik Tok. People were dropping to their deaths doing ‘planking’ stunts on hotel balconies on YouTube 5 to 10 years ago. Stupid people always find a way of killing themselves.


StrahdTracker t1_j7a2yqx wrote

And before YouTube, people were falling to their death taking pictures at the Grand Canyon. It doesn't stop, it doesn't really change. The publicity just increases.


prollyshmokin t1_j7fza3n wrote

Yeah, but idiots really like simple answers.

I mean, I would think the fact our uber-capitalist society bases people's worth on how much money they have (and how attractive they are) has something to do with people basically selling themselves to try and be rich and famous. But nah, it's just this one new app. Before, it was video games ruining kids. Before that it was comics, etc. The kids are always doing just fine until some new thing comes and it's always the shiny new thing that ruined them not their struggling fuckin' parents and the toxic, should-sucking society they grew up in.



DudleysCar t1_j79h0pf wrote

>If you dig a tunnel under a lake and tell people that glory is through the tunnel and halfway through crawling through the tunnel it collapses, you can't blame the people.

What? Yes I can. Of course I can. If your lust for glory outweighs your survival instincts that's your problem, not my problem.


88leo t1_j78uioh wrote

Its not like it has anything to do with the particular app.


FantasmaNaranja t1_j7aa4el wrote

it's less telling people that glory is through the tunnel and more injecting dopamine into their brains then promising them there's more drugs at the end of the tunnel


BlissfulAurora t1_j7bjpc8 wrote

People have done such stupid shit on every single social media platform. This is one of the many instances on YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook that I’ve seen result in injury or death.

But tiktok bad cuz this is reddit


openly_gray t1_j77wvda wrote

Its pretty sad and completely unnecessary. I just don’t get why people would risk life and limbs just for a few upvotes / likes on social media


hypatiatextprotocol t1_j78k8e0 wrote

Everyone thinks they have an adequate assessment of danger and risk. No one really thinks they're risking life and limb.

And most humans are incredibly driven to feel liked and admired. Whether that's through social media; their looks; owning status symbols; being successful; getting upvotes; etc.


wecangetbetter t1_j79mch6 wrote

Nothing to do with social media .... but whenever someone sees a cliff, or a giant drop, is there a voice in your head that basically begs you to stand way too close to the edge of it?

It's some Junji Ito Hole in the Wall shit


WoolDolphin t1_j79r44g wrote

I think its called the "call of the void" or something like that, basically whenever your brain sees something dangerous it starts creating worst case scenarios to warn you of not doing that, but sometimes it just makes you want to do it more since you see yourself doing it


dirtmother t1_j7hgn7g wrote

Not the same thing exactly, but whenever I see a used condom on the ground, there's a voice in my head that says, "eat it piggy"


Sensitive_Maybe_6578 t1_j7bl8py wrote

And risk life and limbs of rescuers. So selfish. And his family has to beg for money to get his body home.


ux3l t1_j77ucs5 wrote

Ah, natural selection at work


BlachEye t1_j79hy6p wrote

ehat could make it theonion? why is it here?


The-Soldier-in-White t1_j77uyq6 wrote

I'm not sure what side should I be on:

Users of tiktok getting hurt or dying


Creators getting hurt or dying because if there are no more creators, users will also not exist...

Basically tiktok needs to go, either of the two ways above I don't mind


ERSTF t1_j78qqsi wrote

It's just not Tik Tok, IG as well. The internal redearch on IG is absolutely awful


SillyCubensis t1_j77zjb0 wrote

Anybody know where to find the video? r/WinStupidPrizes needs more content


coolluck33 t1_j78m8u2 wrote

One less idiot using up precious resources


UKnowDaTruth t1_j78nuf8 wrote

Oh shut up. Like your own existence is well worth the trouble


DeepSilver5014 t1_j7aaasc wrote

That was good one lol you definitely earned that middle finger emoji well said mr da truth


viodox0259 t1_j79k1ya wrote


Just one more lower IQ human on this planet.


mrhoppy_ t1_j7an1hq wrote

The man lost his life. Show some respect.


Uridiet t1_j79t03h wrote

Life > Likes



TakedaGohei t1_j7andj3 wrote

1 down, millions more to go.


7thPwnist t1_j7bucuh wrote

How does this sound remotely like an Onion article title?


UnfunnyTroll t1_j7cr9uq wrote

So how did the video turn out?


Jzmu t1_j7dhc6m wrote

Natural Selection triumphs again!


spoke2 t1_j7999qa wrote

I'm going to venture to say if someone dies ticktocking on their own volition,.. that it's a good thing.


Aldayne t1_j7a8dty wrote


I'm only surprised this doesn't happen often enough for that subreddit to blow up simply from people dying trying to take selfies.


Worried-Ad-9038 t1_j7a8znt wrote

Very sad. The cliffs of Cabo Rojo are beautiful; my favorite part of Puerto Rico. Tragic that he had to get too close.


f_elon t1_j7aaobh wrote

Last words of uncle grandpa watch this


curtyshoo t1_j7arn4u wrote

Search selfielessness and you will find your image in others.

  • Baba au Rhum

Busman123 t1_j7bbdc8 wrote

The whole selfie culture is baffling to me!


magvadis t1_j7bu6pc wrote

The TikTok body count is rising y'all


Witchkingrider t1_j7c93jc wrote

Its sad. Its just a bunch of stupid people dying unnecessary deaths for likes/views on social media.


Pichardo83 t1_j7ewueo wrote

This should be the next Tik Tok challenge


cld1984 t1_j78vbi5 wrote

We’re going to be so embarrassed by TikTok as a society in the future if it doesn’t kill us first.


chirs5757 t1_j795kqc wrote

Honestly, the more the merrier, for mankind.