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Jellorage t1_j780k76 wrote

The list keeps getting longer. Maybe a tiktok video is not exactly a selfie but similar circumstances and outcomes.


Honigschmidt t1_j78hagg wrote

This on struck me as super awful:

Two young men died in the Ural Mountains after they pulled the pin from a live hand grenade to take a selfie. The phone with the picture remained as evidence of the circumstance of their deaths.


Ahelex t1_j79zlib wrote

I feel like there must be a lot of mistakes made/bad luck happening to get to the point where "death by pulling the pin from a live grenade because you wanted to take a selfie" becomes reality.


loneranger07 t1_j7arwyj wrote

Yeah its called being massively idiotic... Why take a grenade selfie at all? And definitely why pull the pin first?! Like what? Show me a universe where that makes sense


nickkom t1_j7amps9 wrote

The tragedy is they didn’t even have to pull the pin to take a selfie.


ricottapie t1_j78et6w wrote

Holy shit, that first one. Awful.


Obadiah-Mafriq t1_j78hloc wrote

Yeah, I shouldn't have clicked through, then googled. Made me cry.


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richardawkings t1_j7a0lnw wrote

At least the all died doing what they love.... getting attention from strangers.


YomiKuzuki t1_j7apenc wrote

> Who's the idiot who thought he was doing a public service by quoting me in a reply to me and then blocking me lol

Not really an idiot, they just pointed out that you only have 2 posts to your name, both on this thread, on a 5 year old account, with 9.8k karma. So you're probably just fishing for upvotes so you can sell your account, thus it's not really worth interacting with you. And yes. I'm aware I'm doing what I said wasn't worth doing.


imafraidofmuricans t1_j7aseg7 wrote

Speaking of fitness: functional empathy. Lacking that, which you do, means you are less fit than the rest of us, as humans are a collective species.

Just thought you'd like to know that.


JettClark t1_j7fp2ui wrote

One kid was playing with a toy gun when the police just blasted him. Still, while it is mostly a record of dumb mistakes, that tells us very little about these people.

Really, people making dumb mistakes is not a very good metric for understanding who they were or what their overall situation was. It's a simplistic reduction of both evolutionary science and the world we actually live in.

Even if their deaths were cosmically justified, it remains perfectly possible to be sad about them. That's life. Emotional responses are independent of a victim's status under natural law or whatever it is you're suggesting.

You're free to laugh. That's well and good too, albeit probably not relatable for most people. Instead of acting superior, you should be grateful that those people think differently from you. If they didn't, you'd have nothing to laugh at but yourself.


HeyItsMeUrDad_ t1_j7bh3t1 wrote

and if it was you kid you would be a sobbing mess of alcohol and suicidality, unless you have ever dealt with adults, or kids, on the last day of their lives, fuck outta here. If you’ve never dealt with the PARENTS of those kids, double fuck outta here. Poser.


hotrod58 t1_j79oeh8 wrote

What is funny about dead children?


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DeloresBlasingameEsq t1_j79thm6 wrote

Nearly five year old account and these two posts celebrating dead children are the only comments in its history.

Since they probably delete their posts over time, for the record the user is u/EasyHeron and the comment was:

> Survival of the fittest my man. Nothing to cry about

> EDIT: Sorry, unless I misinterpreted and you were crying from laughing so hard. The Darwin Awards always gave me a good laugh


JonWake t1_j79ljek wrote

Oh that's just the kind of pick me up I needed today.