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jlaw54 t1_j78oriq wrote

Really the only proper answer imho.

Instead of quitting social media, I post positive content that I hope lifts up those around me. It’s been well received by friends and family.

Blaming everything on the Algorithm is being willfully ignorant. And I’m not trying to fully downplay the algorithm, because it is designed to keep us all at each others throats to an extent. Or at least foster disputes.

But we can rise above it. We can be good neighbors and positive members of our community. It is still a choice.

Believing anything less is essentially abdicating responsibility for a better society.


Onkboy t1_j78t9jv wrote

Contrary to some other social media, you can train the tiktok algorithm to cut the bullshit and show you things you want to see, which could be positive content only if you want. I opened reddit yesterday and the first post in my feed is a suicide note from what I presume to be a now dead person.


jlaw54 t1_j78ulwj wrote

Yeah. Some subreddits I keep to stay a little informed or whatever, but I have shed a bunch that kind of made me more frustrated than I wanted to be.

If all someone on Facebook does is share political memes or rant on politics I usually just unfollow them and they are still a friend, but my news feed is more positive.

Takes a bit of work and it isn’t a 100%, but it’s better.


freddyoff t1_j7b2yln wrote

You are literally demonstrating the behavior the OP is describing, you are posting positive content because you think it lifts others around you, and your admitted motivation is the act, therefore, it is inherently narcissistic. Ie you think your role is to be the scion of positivity on the social webs, therefore, your different. Same shit, different toilet.


jlaw54 t1_j7c2z1f wrote

You don’t know me and narcissism isn’t why I do it at all. In fact your accusation is inherently narcissistic in that you know everything at a glance and immediately have all the answers. My post above was a brief description of my process. It has more to do with self love and being the change I want to see in the world than anything. It’s a spiritual thing for me. But stay toxic Reddit stranger!


freddyoff t1_j7ci3ce wrote

Your process, could you be any more delusional


jlaw54 t1_j7ci9nj wrote

Cool 😎


freddyoff t1_j7cj1iq wrote

Exactly, you have nothing to say, go sell some positive goop with Gwenyth


jlaw54 t1_j7cjcr3 wrote

You are obviously a troll and I regret I fed you. So this will be my last post to you. But even with the toxicity you exhibit, I still wish you all the best. Good luck out there!


freddyoff t1_j7ckehr wrote

I’m not, you just didn’t like the truth. Go post your sparkle bullshit and put a star on your wall.