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Inner_Importance8943 t1_j8piwm0 wrote

His name is Jessie Krimes. Lol his name is Crimes and he is in jail.


MetricVeil t1_j8qsgcc wrote

Sadly, his road to ruin first started when he began dating a certain Miss Demenour. :D


Euthyphraud t1_j8phpnp wrote

We treat prisoners like garbage, less than human. Their is no dignity in it no matter the crime - and its a shame. It's really incredible when someone is able to produce art while locked up in hellish conditions


[deleted] t1_j8phmf3 wrote



AxionOtter OP t1_j8prh4r wrote

>Do you even know what sub this is, spam bot?

I'm actually a real person, a real Canadian. If someone named Jesse krimes being in jail is not oniony enough for you I'm sorry.