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Callasfan t1_ja1w25i wrote

If only he had a gun to protect himself from his gun.


dave999dave t1_ja22p2r wrote

The only thing that stops a gun is a gun with another gun.


Rokzo t1_ja3mjj5 wrote

I instantly envisioned a king of the hill skit where Hank shoots himself in the leg, falls to the ground and goes Baaawaaaawaaaahaaaa and grabs a tiny gun from a tiny holster next to it and starts shooting the other gun repeatedly


dave999dave t1_ja3xim3 wrote

Hank wouldn’t have done that, but Cotton would have, shouting “Judas!”


nc1264 t1_ja231bv wrote

A good guy with a gun. He identified the threat and took appropriate measures. He deserves a medal.


Daflehrer1 t1_ja21qps wrote

I don't know if I can define parody offhand, but I'm sure that's it.


InternetPeon t1_ja1w4g8 wrote

All loud noises should be responded to with gunfire.


davy_jones_locket OP t1_ja1wews wrote

There was a loud noise (a ladder fell). People thought it was gun shots. People ran for safety. And this dope shoots himself with his concealed weapon.


synthdrunk t1_ja26lxv wrote

This is how you can tell he doesn’t have much range time. No ladder sounds like no report.


Aporkalypse_Sow t1_ja2j86u wrote

I had a 20 foot aluminum ladder hit my head once, sounded like a gun went off in my head.


rypher t1_ja2kx00 wrote

The ladder wouldn’t have hit you if you were carrying a gun for protection.


ThatRedditPrat t1_ja2xrmb wrote

Studies show that keeping a ladder in the house is more dangerous than a loaded gun. That's why I own ten guns, in case some maniac tries to sneak in with a ladder.


dubbleplusgood t1_ja2ztcu wrote

Save your gun money and instead use it to buy soft plush carpets so a dropped ladder won't make a loud noise. Problem solved.


Roseking t1_ja39ds5 wrote

I am now picturing someone juggling a ladder mid air by using a barrage of gunfire as they dodge out of the way like they are in a Devil May Cry Game.


ExpialiDUDEcious t1_ja2o1lw wrote

He forgot it was there. It was concealed (and apparently ready to fire?) in his camouflage pants?


j33205 t1_ja3jo3h wrote

Then that misfire confirmed to other nearby guns to be on high alert. And in an unforeseeable snowball effect, the entire nation of guns was on high alert.


ConsiderationWest587 t1_ja3rk8j wrote

Just watch- first day of the apocalypse, half the preppers are gonna shoot themselves or go deaf from firing inside a building lol


SmokeAbeer t1_ja23dbr wrote

“Shoot first, think never.” -Ashy Slashy


Bokbreath t1_ja1ubol wrote

Fear. They live in fear of almost everything.


ancientweasel t1_ja2hbe5 wrote

And they carry around a significant risk to themselves as a result.


TranscendentPretzel t1_ja3wmvb wrote

I've said to gun people before that I don't like handling guns because I'm afraid I'll shoot myself, and they all immediately jump in to say that's not how guns work. They don't "just go off." But I keep hearing about cases where this exact thing happens.


ExpialiDUDEcious t1_ja5j9jx wrote

No, they are very brave for they have a killing device they don’t know how to use. That’s very brave. (/s do I need this though?)


Bokbreath t1_ja5jyro wrote

I fantasize about being the Good Guy With A Gun and having women throw themselves at me because I save them from the Bad Guy With A Gun.
Even when this doesn't happen I can safely be rude and angry - and people must respect me because I Am A Dangerous Person


LuminousJaeSoul t1_ja208ge wrote

Now he has to be scared of himself when he goes out. Truly aren't safe anywhere


bisectional t1_ja2ib0r wrote

The only way to stop a bad noise is a good noise with a gun


dubbleplusgood t1_ja30gdn wrote

Was the gun in his pants instead of a holster? Possibly. Regardless of how he carried it, was it locked and loaded? Probably. Did his carelessness and negligence put others at risk? Definitely. Will he learn from his mistake? Absolutely not.


Dances-With-Snarfs t1_ja3mk9c wrote

Guns are carried “locked and loaded” all the time. It’s the preferred way to carry a firearm on the body of somebody who knows what they’re doing. Now carrying it loaded and not knowing what to do with it to the degree that the carrier shoots themself is careless and stupid.


Sudovoodoo80 t1_ja4opxu wrote

Or, hear me out, you could just not live in fear and not carry a gun.


Johnyryal3 t1_ja3rkp6 wrote

Im sure this guy thought he knew what he was doing too.


dubbleplusgood t1_ja3r537 wrote

Locked and loaded, referring to one in the chamber, ready to fire. Cleary he wasn't ready to fire but his firearm was.


Dances-With-Snarfs t1_ja3t6u5 wrote

Yeah I’m well aware. That is how guns are carried. They may have the safety on or off depending on user choice and mechanical function of the firearm. They may have no safety at all. They usually have one in the tube ready to go so the user does not need to rack the slide to put the gun into battery, because if you need a gun you need it right away.


britboy4321 t1_ja3rs91 wrote

That man has spent his whole life 'til now believing only morons accidentally discharge their firearms. Just like you believe, right now :)


MaricLee t1_ja5awbf wrote

"The only sensible gun accident was my gun accident."


midnight_station t1_ja3443x wrote

The guy is so scared he has to carry a gun around with him, then he hears a loud noise which scares him even more and shoots himself b/c he's too terrified to use his gun properly.


orange_pill76 t1_ja4xr0o wrote

I'm waiting for an instance where two "good guys with guns" heroically shoot each other after bravely responding to the sound of a falling concrete paver in the garden center of a home depot.


MaricLee t1_ja5bxmf wrote

These scared idiots are probably gonna start firing off after hearing gun shots in an action movie at a theater.


Commercial_Board6680 t1_ja37qu1 wrote

Carrying a loaded gun into a shopping mall? Hope he shot his dick off.


Sudovoodoo80 t1_ja4p7kn wrote

It is unknown if mall ninjas have dicks, no one has even seen one.


Commercial_Board6680 t1_ja4ud3l wrote

It's rude of us to make fun of the fragile mall ninja who's so terrified of life that he has to protect himself to shop. But it does make me laugh, so there's that.


MaricLee t1_ja5b7az wrote

You gotta bring a gun to the mall. You never know when some other maniac will bring a gun to the mall!

It's just guns all the way down.


TranscendentPretzel t1_ja3w7zz wrote

There was a loud noise. Hero with concealed weapon ducks for cover and shoots himself.

Shouldn't he have been taking out his gun to save the day? Kinda proves that people who feel like they need a gun on them at all times to feel safe are wimps.


Ucitymetal t1_ja29q2w wrote

He must be one of those "you always have to have one in the chamber" guys.


crypto1092 t1_ja2p3vj wrote

Fudd lore runs deep. The guns not gonna go off without the user doing anything, and all modern firearms are held to strict safety standards. This guy is a moron (not you), anyone who actually listens and pays attention to their training wouldn’t shoot themselves, and would carry with one in the chamber


EdisonLightbulb t1_ja3k10n wrote

LOLOLOL...uh... I mean, "thoughts & prayers" for your injury (snicker).


Much-Glove t1_ja33d9c wrote

It's ma gawd givern right to shoot maself in the foot!


DamonFields t1_ja4coh7 wrote

Just another day in Murkastan.


GenericElucidation t1_ja31l0n wrote

World: nothing to see here.

Some guy: it's goddamn GTA up in here!


MorrowDisca t1_ja3l50f wrote

I hope he wasn't wearing a mask. Can't be living in fear.


Fenway_Refugee t1_ja3puk9 wrote

If only he shot off his tiny, little ding-dong; he wouldn't have to worry about over-compensating for something anymore!


OldWierdo t1_ja4ea44 wrote

Thank God for Good Guys with guns! All responsible owners.

Beat the hell out of the guy for negligent discharge. Not accidental. Negligent.


MaricLee t1_ja5chmc wrote

As if people running scared from a ladder isn't sad enough due to the prevalence of mass shootings in this country, this moron makes it worse by proving that not only was a gun really on scene, but that maybe everyone having a gun is a bad idea.

This dude helped absolutely no one and no cause. He only served to make literally everything just a little bit worse.


Malluss t1_ja229zi wrote

Where were the good guys with a gun?


Dynasuarez-Wrecks t1_ja28tc9 wrote

but how?


crypto1092 t1_ja2p7iu wrote

Not enough draw practice I’d wager. Not following firearm safety rules, ie. having your finger on the trigger when you’re not ready to fire..


Woden8 t1_ja3rij2 wrote

The article doesn’t say this man was carrying either legally or illegally. But folks, if you are going to be a responsible concealed carry holder, you need to train. Many states including mine require you to have at least fired 200 rounds to renew your license, but you really need to do more then that. You need to practice your draw from many positions (of course, do this with a unloaded firearm), seated, crouching, on your back, etc. This will help you find which carry positions work best for you. Also, practice firing from these positions if you can. Many people use small of the back holsters which are terrible if an attacker has knocked you down on your back. Also, this usually applies to women and purses, off-body carry isn’t great. With off-body carry you are far more likely to have a accidental discharge while fumbling through your bag. In an intense moment you don’t want to be fumbling around trying to figure out how to get a good purchase on your firearm.


Sudovoodoo80 t1_ja4pml7 wrote

Or, maybe you just don't need the gun.


Woden8 t1_ja7wryi wrote

People will exercise the rights afforded to them by the constitution. If that’s going to be the case we need to try to make sure they do so responsibly.


Sudovoodoo80 t1_ja8158s wrote

Maybe, some of them shouldn't even though they have the right. I don't think we should remove the right, but not everyone need to use it.


Woden8 t1_ja82c50 wrote

Some people probably are not responsible enough to carry daily no, but it is a constitutional right, so regardless they have the right until they do something stupid enough to lose that right (a felony). So the best course of action in this situation would be education.


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juanever t1_ja3yfir wrote

I bet it was a sig


MrAbadeer t1_ja5cud1 wrote

Cheddar Bob is a Patriot.


KrampyDoo t1_ja5lfus wrote

>Non-life-threatening injuries.

Killed the fuck out of his pride, tho


scamparama t1_ja60xhc wrote

Well, thoughts n prayers, right?


NewZappyHeart t1_ja6ixwp wrote

Darwin moves in nauseatingly predictable ways.


andreasdagen t1_ja2nplh wrote

Kinda fucked up comments in here..


nutmeggerking t1_ja2wygz wrote

Why? Because we are making fun of an idiot for going outside armed because he's that scared of absolutely everything around him? It's worthy of mocking plus he could just as easily have hurt someone else.


Dances-With-Snarfs t1_ja3n52h wrote

Imagine living in a country where public mass murders occur and being willing to actually defend yourself/others from it. Now imagine that you shoot yourself out of incompetence and to top it off the same group of people who condemn these mass shooting existing mocks you for wanting to not be murdered in public. This guy shouldn’t be carrying a gun since he clearly can’t handle it, but don’t act like keeping a gun on you in the world’s most armed and one of its most dangerous countries is unreasonable.


nutmeggerking t1_ja3q050 wrote

Lol this clown just proved that he only adds to the danger by arming himself. He's the type of moron that would accidentally shoot an innocent person if there was a shootout.

If everyone is already armed, why do you feel the need to arm yourself? Someone else will be armed. But I guess when you are scared of your own shadow, you feel the need to arm yourself. It's a fucking sad existence.

Fact: he is statistically likely to end up being the only person to shoot him in his lifetime


MaricLee t1_ja5bosj wrote

Adding more guns to the mix is not a good solution. He defended nothing. The only one shot there that day was the man with a gun...

And what do you mean the group that condemns mass shooting? Are you turning mass shootings into an us vs them thing now? Go polish your gun.


Otherwise-Extreme-68 t1_ja3dww5 wrote

Whats fucked up is that in America a loud noise can cause fear, confusion, shops to go into lockdown and someone to shit their pants and shoot themselves. The comments are just words, the article details the complete failure of a country


andreasdagen t1_ja3g1yu wrote

Yes, the gun situation is obviously much worse than some insensitive comments