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mickeybuilds t1_j9n1sjo wrote

Yes, consume the propaganda. It was never cancer- its ALWAYS been heart attacks. And, kids have always gotten them too! Nevermind that, pre-covid 1 in 250,000 kids got mydocarditis and now its 1 in 40 from vaccinations. Keep perpetuating the propaganda even though even the CDC admits it now. You're either a scumbag or a moron- there's no inbetween or any other excuse for your comment.


pspahn t1_j9n2ss9 wrote

Holy shit dude. You're unstable.


mickeybuilds t1_j9n4d11 wrote

Holy shit, guy. Calm dimwitted.


astereotypicalNerd t1_j9u8vwn wrote

Hey man, can you link the study that shows 1 in 40 vaccinated kids have myocarditis?


mickeybuilds t1_j9w1bb3 wrote

I can but, it'd probably be blocked as reddit automods have specific filters for things like thjs. Have you searched and come up empty or have you not put any effort into digging? Try to do you own research then, when you can't even find any current stats on annual cases, look up Dr P. McCullough with the keywords. Send me a DM if you still can't find it and I'll provide a link.


astereotypicalNerd t1_j9xk53x wrote

So you don’t have the study then. Do you then have the article where the CDC admits it’s true?


mickeybuilds t1_j9yfn24 wrote

So, it was just a bad faith question then. Figures. Here ya go.


astereotypicalNerd t1_j9yj5gd wrote

I’m sorry man, but when you make outrageous statements like 1 in 40 vaccinated teens get myocarditis and respond with “do your own research” when asked for a source, do you expect a different response?

But now that you did link it. Where does it say 1 in 40?

Whether we should vaccinate adolescents is debatable given the low risk factor, and the study linked in the article mentions exactly that - in places without severe outbreaks, it’s probably best not to or at least not twice (what the researchers from the paper say and not the journalist).


mickeybuilds t1_j9ymn6g wrote

You missed the 7x risk of mydocarditis bit? Tell me: how much do you believe the risk of heart-related illness goes up for children because of the vaccine? The vax doesn't work either, btw. It provides some short-term protection and is more dangerous than the virus for most people. But, we know this now...even everyday people know this. These are people who still believe the news, trust big pharma, the gvt, and billionaires. Did you just fall off of a turnip truck or do you live in a country that's still blocking your eyes and ears from truth?


astereotypicalNerd t1_j9yv6o0 wrote

That’s a headline and not a study, I read the study in the article. The study states teens who took 2 doses are x7 as likely versus those with 1 dose. Which means 3 in 100000 (or 1 in 33000) for the first those and 22 in 100000 (or 1 in 5000). That’s way off from 1 in 40.

The findings are still concerning and it’s good that they’re being documented and the research paper is even published on PubMed. And based on the findings, policies across countries are being adjusted. And I learned something new.

But what you stated (1 in 40) is misinformation, and that is not helping anyone. And it makes valid criticism look ridiculous. I’ll leave you with that.


mickeybuilds t1_j9zalky wrote

Here's a study that reports a 19x higher rate of mydocarditis. Just in case 7x wasn't enough. I admit that I couldn't find the 1 in 40 and I won't speculate upon what subset that was based. But, all of this data was censored from the internet, news, and social media. Lives and careers of doctors and scientists were destroyed when they simply attempted to get this information out or questioned what was being forced upon us as truth. This site continues to ban and censor people even now. And, all of the misinformation has finally been allowed to be openly proven false (at least in the US). I don't understand how anyone still entrusts that these governmental agencies, big pharma, and media had been telling us the truth. Do you live in a heavily controlled country whose gvt imposed it's will upon their people like the UK, Australia, Canada, or perhaps in a smaller European country?