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Fetlocks_Glistening t1_j9spxtg wrote

"Darling, it's not small and crooked. It's all natural and organic!"


TheoremaEgregium t1_j9tw3bm wrote

This study has been making the rounds for weeks and each time it's reported the headline gets stupider.

Soon we will reach "penises are growing longer and environmentalists hate this one simple trick".


Hazardbeard t1_j9wkgdt wrote

I also understand it to be an analysis so terribly conducted as to basically be worthless and meaningless, which is a great comfort to myself and my absolutely hilariously adorable penis.


xtrafe t1_j9spr8k wrote

So pollution will give you a bigger penis? You don't say... (He says while casually throwing cadmium batteries on a fire.)


vjmdhzgr t1_j9tywut wrote

The study was pretty bad and should really be ignored but it's a funny clickbait title.


MOS95B t1_j9u29un wrote

just the link made me "suspicious", I guess you'd say ?


Super_NiceGuy t1_j9td7tc wrote

Thousands of men found gased to death in various ways by car fumes. Experts say some have been incredibly innovative in breathing in these fumes.


speculatrix t1_j9srm6d wrote


cutelyaware t1_j9sxpzx wrote

>While erect lengths are consistent, erect lengths measurements can also create challenges. Different techniques have been described to measure the erect length including self-report, in office spontaneous erection, and in-office intracavernosal (i.e., penile) injection. Because of their inherent biases, self-reported lengths should be regarded with caution. Studies attempting to analyze spontaneous erections in the clinic, on the other hand, have omitted numerous individuals who were unable to “perform” in this unnatural scenario [39]. The simplest technique to achieve an erection is penile injections which are routinely utilized to generate an erection in clinical settings [21, 37, 90].


Hazardbeard t1_j9wkta5 wrote

Penile injections are a major thing in porn too.

Male porn star seems like a decent way to make a living until you spend just five more minutes thinking about what all that ACTUALLY entails.


VoDoka t1_j9tixrd wrote

"Men in regions that vote against environmental protection also report large penis sizes."


coolluck33 t1_j9u95xz wrote

So their sayin that if men are against EPA protection, then they're a Big Dick? Seems right..


Gamingenterprise t1_j9ua7av wrote

bad study though


and scientists have been finding the opposite the last couple of years


boomerologist t1_j9u3nal wrote

Brb gonna go suck on an exhaust pipe. No homo*


raul_lebeau t1_j9uew7h wrote

So that's why my girlfriend has an 8 inch clit....


piscian19 t1_j9upg4n wrote

checks they aren't.


Super_NiceGuy t1_j9tdkul wrote

You don’t want your wife to start looking at your neighbour, then you better switch to EV because your neighbour is down wind from you.


erlo68 t1_j9tef46 wrote

Of course... can't have shit in this world.


Inconceivable-2020 t1_j9v40ua wrote

Men acquiring larger Johnsons from pollution, but their boys don't swim.


bakjar t1_j9wxv9t wrote

Thanks for posting a paywall link


improper84 t1_j9wzrbw wrote

I've long suspected my penis is terrible for the environment. Nice to see science confirm it.


Skepsisology t1_j9t323b wrote

Might be offset by the reduction is large/ obnoxious cars 🤔