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OcelotBrave8818 t1_j8oxl85 wrote

Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t all ballet directors crazy? And not just crazy. Dog shit attack crazy. It’s slightly above bat shit crazy but still shy of bat shit attack crazy.


The_White_Light t1_j8p5mg2 wrote

Dog shit crazy: for when you want to make a mess but don't want to contract histoplasmosis.


messy_entropy t1_j8rn8g9 wrote

I worked sound and lights for a small black box stage in the nineties, and learned to dread dance performances.

Now, I should probably admit right off the bat that I’m not that into dance. It’s a little like a foreign language to me. I can sense that they are trying to communicate, but I don’t know what any particular sequence of contortions means. Nor do I have a good working vocabulary to discuss ballet technical details with directors or dancers, and this clearly opens up for misunderstanding.

The same applies to most ballet dancers’ understanding of technical matters.

Obviously, dance can be a proper challenge for lights (and occasionally for sound) and I would always do my very best to make any performance as good as possible. I was pretty good, too. I would ask questions until I felt confident that I knew what they expected from me.

Every single act that performed there received a detailed description of all the equipment I had available, and I always had their tech riders, that should describe all their needs. I’d communicate clearly if they asked for impossible things, and they would reply saying something like ‘we’ll make it work’ or ‘we’ll bring our own soap bubble machine’ or something. On paper, we had usually already worked out all issues in advance. On paper, this should all be fine.

Then they arrive.

Let me make one thing very clear: If something technical goes wrong during a performance, it is OK to blame the technicians, at least temporarily. Missed cues, blown light bulbs, faulty cables, overloaded dimmer circuits, these are all my fault, and all potentially apocalyptic for the dancers.

But if I find out that a critical dimmer circuit fuse was tripped during the climax of act two because the director of the dance troupe not only disregarded my advice (don’t plug anything here, this dimmer is at capacity) but that they actively removed duct tape I (so preemptively) put across the AC socket and plugged some device in anyway because they ‘needed’ something, I’m no longer accepting any of that blame. ‘I told you explicitly not to do that’ won’t turn back time and fix the show, but it should halt accusations of incompetence (or even sabotage) flung in my direction. It usually did, too, if I said it to a band or a theatre troupe, but dancers? Not a chance.

One director came storming up to me after a performance to yell at me for ruining their precious art before the audience had even left. I interrupted her and calmly but unambiguously pointed out how the catastrophic technical event she was going ballistic about was her own fault, and that what happened was exactly what I said would happen if she disregarded my instructions (and my damn duct tape). She continued yelling, and when she claimed that the disaster, which took out the power to a slide projector and a couple of non-essential ambient lights, had caused the whole performance to become utterly confusing to the audience, I snapped. ‘Lady, your piece needs more than some random words projected on a wall to make sense’.

The following day I was approached by one of the dancers. She asked me to apologize to the director, but first she said that it had been such a thrill to see someone stand up to her. I said that I can only apologize for interrupting her, because nothing I said was untrue, but she said please just lie, we have a five hour drive ahead. What to do? I landed on a compromise: ‘If you are prepared to relay an apology that you know is dodgy at best, why don’t you just make up the entire thing yourself? Tell her I apologized and have a nice trip.’

Years later, I found out I had a reputation for making [x] cry.

I just wrote all this to support my basic assumption: Dance Directors are absolutely capable of flinging poop in critics’ faces. This news story surprised me nothing. None percent.


jayesper t1_j8ql666 wrote

Bat shit attack crazy probably involves shoving them in the Bat Cave and going to town.


throwawaytrogsack t1_j8qltuc wrote

Dog shit attacks aren’t crazy at all. It’s a sign of being in touch with your inner child. Who among us hasn’t put dog shit on a stick and chased their friends around?


wednesdaytwelve t1_j8ovoem wrote

Is it just me or was her review not even that bad? It basically just said it was kinda boring and she thought he could do better.


pinzi_peisvogel t1_j8oybkj wrote

I heard an interview with him and he said that this critic was badmouthing all of his work for years. He felt personally attacked by this, as he said she'd not talk so harshly about other plays or people, but always criticized everything he did. Then he saw her in the theater, she said something snarky, and he just snapped.

So I still think this guy is batshit crazy, but at least he doesn't seem to swirl around shit at every bad review.


Haagen76 t1_j8oum05 wrote

That guy sounds like a piece of


cleanmachine2244 t1_j8ore9r wrote

Well that’s a pretty shitty way to deal with criticism.


midnightJizzla t1_j8qg5fm wrote

How did they know the feces came from a dog? And what breed? Something personal like that, I would have used my very own.


azaghal1988 t1_j8r1l02 wrote

Read a statement from him yesterday, it wasn't a planned attack, he snapped after a critic that always slammed his work made a snarky comment and was outside with his dachshund before, so he had a bag with his dogs shit in his pockets.


CletusCanuck OP t1_j8swghy wrote

He just happened to have a sack of dog crap in his suit pocket, at the theatre, where he is currently directing a performance. As one does. Sure.


azaghal1988 t1_j8sx2yb wrote

It was during a pause after he walked his dog before he was able to dispose of it according to the statement.

I don't know if it's true, but that's what he said.


cMeeber t1_j8oshy2 wrote

2nd installment to the Tár series?


ConnieLingus24 t1_j8sahn3 wrote

His recent quote on the incident:

“If I’d been a woman and the critic a man, this would be seen differently,” he said.

Suuure, dude. The only similar incidents I’ve heard about is when Sharon Osborne (Ozzie’s wife) shit in a box and had it gift wrapped and delivered to a critic.


joe-re t1_j8ul77n wrote

That's a great excuse for (literally) shitty behavior: "If I was a different person, I would get away with it."


ConnieLingus24 t1_j8uvbqk wrote

Yeah totally. Also, I think the implication is that the woman would have gotten off. And just….no. Just no. She would have been seen as a crazy ass bitch and ALSO lost her job. What he did was a violent act. Not a show of contempt (eg gift wrapping your shit). But violence.


novichux t1_j8ox6vn wrote

I wonder what he really thought of her?


Shrekromancer t1_j8qk3pc wrote

"Take dog shit for your dog shit takes."


vamuzzi t1_j8pfhf0 wrote

I hope we don't tip toe around this shit either


hypercomms2001 t1_j8qxg6k wrote

Well after this assault, he will never have to worry about a bad review every more… or ever having a job ever again…. What a horrible act…


Shot-Spray5935 t1_j8r3xfs wrote

>He has since apologized for what he called his "disgraceful act," but also further criticized Huester's work and asked for "a certain understanding at least for the reasons why this happened."

I apologize to absolutely fucking nobody!

>That's when he started talking about her most recent review of his production of Dutch Mountain at the Nederlands Dans Theater in The Hague

Okay but there are no fucking mountains in the Netherlands people. It's all flat as a pancake there. What is this BS opera about? Those people are crazy maniacs.


hldsnfrgr t1_j8r8r1g wrote

The ballet director and the critic should watch The Menu.


Brewing_Tea t1_j8s3fgv wrote

You have to invite her to a special performance of "The Nutcracker" and then hit her in the groin with a football. Get on my level, scrub


cstmoore t1_j8u46a0 wrote

The ballet director was merely demonstrating a Pooetté.


yamaha2000us t1_j8w5w73 wrote

Imagine carrying around dog feces for assault purposes…


Koffeekage t1_j8pf5cl wrote

Critics as described by Birdman


Love4KittyButtholes t1_j8q3kka wrote

So. A man assaults a woman with dog shit, and you are sympathetic because you hate critics? Even in the Birdman clip there's nothing in her review about technique or intention. Did you read the reviews here? They aren't that bad.


tayt087x t1_j8pjpgx wrote

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