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zombiereign t1_j8wf80o wrote

Bothers him so much that he has to be consoled by his 19 year old girlfriend


Feltzyboy t1_j8xfvj1 wrote

In the article, he denies dating her. Which I feel makes the headline less silly, even if you don't belive him


nx85 t1_j8wn80q wrote

Omg is he really with a 19 year old now...


nofftastic t1_j8wodv9 wrote

According to the article, no


nx85 t1_j8yf2kd wrote

Ah gotcha. I don't keep up with celebrity news


nofftastic t1_j8zrkga wrote

Me neither, I just clicked the link and gave the article a skim


Unclerigs t1_j8x6vi7 wrote

Well, I'm tired of having a bad reputation for lurking online.

But I have a feeling that's my fault, and his problem is his.


Sjdillon10 t1_j8wjtgd wrote

“Once upon a time in Hollywood was so long that by the time it was over, Leo’s date was too old for him”

-Ricky Gervais


budd222 t1_j8wjkms wrote

This was just posted in this sub 4 hours ago and yesterday. We got it


iamsce t1_j8wfwl9 wrote

Such a tough life...


thieh t1_j8wgxcp wrote

Well, let's give him the benefit of the doubt and we'll see how old his next girlfriend will be. Hopefully his next girlfriend was born before the film Titanic.


jointheredditarmy t1_j90ye26 wrote

Dating young is a guy in his 40s serially dating people in their early 20s and breaking up with them in their late 20s as differences in life outcome around things like family and kids becomes apparent.

Leo is straight up a pedophile. I mean that in the least judgmental way possible because he’s clearly found a way to control those urges in a legal way.


Sjdillon10 t1_j8wjpup wrote

48 year old Dates women under 25 his whole life and now has gone so low she can’t even order alcohol

“Why do people think i only date young women? They are old enough to be my daughter!”


initforthellolz t1_j995zk1 wrote

"It's just not fair how I get to bang 20 year-olds in my yatch and then find a new one when I get bored. Can't you see how I'm suffering."


Deliriousious t1_j9i9ykl wrote

Then date someone your own age, oh wait, you can’t.


Jamfour9 t1_j8wuhwe wrote

It bothers him, yet he won’t stop doing it… I’m confused. 🤔😒🤨


Neat_Petite t1_j8wx793 wrote

“And just as soon as he’s picked her up from college, he’s going to do something about it”


thieh t1_j8xuxd3 wrote

Apparently, currently the Titanic was the cutoff. Not that you have to be old enough to watch it in the movie theatre, but you have to be born after the movie was released.


alrighty66 t1_j90vch9 wrote

if it bothers him that bad don't do it. pretty simple


PitifulNose t1_j8wlzl1 wrote

He didn’t get the memo that said this kind of thing is only okay for cougars. It’s empowering for women but bad for men. /s


Weazerdogg t1_j8wqac4 wrote

Wouldn't bother me one bit. Its nothing but jealousy dude, don't worry about it.


freddy_guy t1_j8wrfcm wrote

Or it's an understanding of power dynamics. But you do you.


Weazerdogg t1_j8x81te wrote

Power dynamics? That's nothing but bullshit. But you do you!


HarryHacker42 t1_j8xhi4s wrote

Power dynamics is not bullshit. Kids are taught to respect elders. When you hit 19 and somebody your dad's age tells you to do something, your first inclination is to do it.


Weazerdogg t1_j8xq1ai wrote

These aren't kids! And that is another point, how misogynistic can you people be, that these women in their 20's aren't mature enough, smart enough, etc, etc to know who they want to date? Nothing but ageism and sour grapes.


javiertrina t1_j8wgbxp wrote

Im pretty sure he’s done a few cougars too


Sjdillon10 t1_j8wjv2s wrote

You mean women his age?


javiertrina t1_j8wo22f wrote

Maybe the term cougar is not adequate from his perspective, but yes I mean that


iecowezxe t1_j8zyzfj wrote

You mean post-wall undesirable women? Nah why would he do that? He's surrounded by hot women in their prime years of 20-24.


IcedCoffey t1_j8whd7z wrote

i mean, its his personal life, id be annoyed to if every part of my life was someone despeatley leeching off me for a story.


Clickum245 t1_j8whj4x wrote

I would be too. But then, I did not pursue a life of public celebrity.


Sjdillon10 t1_j8wket1 wrote

Dating a girl 30 years younger than you where you can’t even go to a bar together is fair for people to judge tbh. I mean she likely graduated HS in 2022. It’s legal but it’s pretty weird regardless of celebrity status


IcedCoffey t1_j8wnirp wrote

judge is one thing, but having people obcess over it, ill never peoples facsination with celebrtity couples.