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No-Assignment7129 t1_jabvgym wrote

He threatens to leak sex tapes so she leaks the sex organ instead. Reverse Uno?


BazilBroketail t1_jabtab6 wrote

As an article reader, why can has only watch video?

Seriously, why can't I read the article?...


tronaldmcdump t1_jacgewo wrote

A woman allegedly cut off her boyfriend’s penis after he threatened to leak their sex tapes because she refused to sleep with him.

The 28-year-old man was rushed to hospital after the attack at a hotel in Sibolga in North Sumatra, Indonesia. He is now in intensive care.

Police allege the 28-year-old woman severed his penis after he came onto her when she was “not in the mood” on Saturday.

Sibolga Police Chief Taryono Rajarja said: “Based on the suspect’s statement, they had been in a relationship for around seven months.

“So, they made an appointment to meet at a hotel, then the man asked to have sex, after which the woman refused.

“When he was denied sex, the man threatened to spread the videos of their intimate activities.

“Then, when he was ready to take a shower, the suspect carried out the attack. She took a knife belonging to the man and cut off his penis.”

Evi Wahyuni Siregar, a receptionist at the hotel, said the woman approached him and asked for medical assistance as her boyfriend was bleeding.

The woman has been arrested but has not been charged.


Nivosus t1_jaci2ph wrote

So what it sounds like is he tried to coerce her into having sex through blackmail. So he tried to rape her, and she cut off his dick.

Seems like an even trade. A true fuck around and find out moment.


toejamandtoast t1_jadpjph wrote

Yep, I honestly don’t see the problem here, and I’m a guy.


I_can-t_even t1_jackdww wrote

Because the TikTok Zoomer-brain can't read texts anymore, they can only watch movies that preferably don't last too long because their attention span gives in otherwise and they'll get distracted.


rodolphoteardrop t1_jacf17q wrote

Don't click the link. No reputable site is going to force you to install something even if it sounds benign. Also, 17 privacy threats? No thanks.


batsprinkles t1_jad57rf wrote

Sketchy af. I can't even get to the article, it just automatically opens up one of my online shopping apps


Wifdat t1_jacq0mg wrote

Now he needs real sex tape


TheDrunkenMoose t1_jac9sry wrote

So he threatened to leak the sex tapes over potentially an argument they had.

Something said in frustration, and y'all think it's okay for this guy to have his dick cut off?

Of course he's a bad guy, doesn't mean she isn't worse. A sex tape is nowhere near as damaging as what she did, even if he did leak it, which I hope he fucking did after having his cock shanked.


OldRepNewAccount t1_jacg46f wrote

I am not saying that she is innocent, what she did is definitly brutal but we dont know if it was a simple argument. It may have been that he was black mailing the woman (most likely an ex) into continued unconsented sexual activity (read rape) or worse. In most asian societies a leaked sex tape is a social death sentence, its not exactly like a fame/money making scandal as for some westren celebrities. There have been many incidents where women or her family members have committed suicide over leaked sex tapes.


I_can-t_even t1_jaclh0c wrote

Ok, so she decided to cut the man's penis off and now she'll most likely have to serve prison time over it which her family, friends and coworkers will all know too and they'll also know that there was a sex tape of her. Doesn't seem like a great solution to her problem to me


OldRepNewAccount t1_jacn226 wrote

I agree. Its not a very bright idea to record your sex tapes if you are sure the world will crumble upon you if they got leaked. (Again here im assuming she consented to being recorded, but it may have been a hidden camera with malicious intents). But people certainly do unimaginable things in rage and frustration. There's a netflix series about a woman who cut her boyfriend's penis in Virginia and threw it in woods while leaving him bleeding. It was a famous courst case in US


smallcoyfish t1_jadia8e wrote

After all, who hasn't threatened to blackmail someone and coerce them into sex after experiencing a little frustration?


BlissfulAurora t1_jacktty wrote

He threatened to leak it over her not having sex with him. He threatened her for saying no lol he’s an awful guy. Punishment is still extreme, but it’s hard to have sympathy for who coerces someone else into fucking


HarryHacker42 t1_jaczsoo wrote

We call that "Bobbiting".


Jim3001 t1_jadi8y2 wrote

Once, there was this guy whoooo, made his wife so mad one night that she cut off his wiener and wheeen, he finally caaammmme to, he. Found. Little Mr. Happy was missing. He couldn't quite explain it. It had always just beeeeeeennnnnn there. Hmm hmmm hmm hmmm, hmm hmmm hmm hmmm.


duglarri t1_jaeuzuu wrote

She's now started doing ads for her local grocery.

"This week- bananas! 50% off!" Slice.


Whetfarts69 t1_jabrgdz wrote

I honestly don't know who the true Bad Guy is in this story. Like yes he did wrong and it's abusive, but she should legally be ordered to buy him a new penis at least.


DemonsRage83 t1_jabrzes wrote

They sell those at IKEA, right?


AbstractButtonGroup t1_jac95hn wrote

> she should legally be ordered to

Spend some time in prison and pay a hefty compensation, same as anyone who deliberately inflicts a permanent injury that severely affects quality of life of the victim.


AtLeastThisIsntImgur t1_jacnjyk wrote

He tried to rape her and she cut his dick off.


Omnizoom t1_jaczs43 wrote

Tried to blackmail her not rape her , you can’t call everything rape , dudes still a complete dick , well an incomplete dick now


PlauntieM t1_jad772k wrote

Coercing someone into sex is rape regardless of how physically "harmless" the coercion is.

Rape is usually comitted by someone the victim knows and trusted who uses their power over and/or intimate access to the victim. Like this guy did by using the intimate video he had of her to threaten her. Not all rape is done in some dangerous back alley by goons, most rape isn't. Being physically overpowered or violently attacked isn't a requirement for something to be considered "rape".

In this situation he was trying to coerce her into having sex after she already said no (i.e. he didn't accept her "no" and is threatening her into giving into him raping her) by threatening her privacy and reputation, not with physical violence. This is absolutely still rape since she already said no and he's threatening her.

Rape doesn't have to be a physically violent attack to be considered "rape", many victims freeze or fawn or comply and "let it happen" to protect themselves from seemingly worse harm. Not physically fighting back is still not consent.


Inner-Figure5047 t1_jad8hll wrote

I don't have an award for you, I'm one of the poor's. Please accept this string of emojis showing my appreciation for your comment:



AlvinAssassin17 t1_jadcmwt wrote

Uh if you blackmail someone to have sex with you that’s rape.


Omnizoom t1_jaddkbk wrote

Not by the definition which requires intercourse

It’s not like he was standing over her with his pants down and she cut it off , he threatened her she stood her ground he backed off , she grabbed a weapon and followed him to the shower and attacked him

Dudes an ass but she also had the opportunity to just leave and chose to mutilate him , if it was a man mutilating a woman would you be so kind to them ?


AlvinAssassin17 t1_jaddqbo wrote

Ugh. I was saying if you blackmail someone and they have sex with you through coercion that’s rape. What he did was attempted rape. Sorry I didn’t clarify.


Omnizoom t1_jaecpeh wrote

Ya attempted rape at best but he didn’t physical rape her , as someone who was SA it bothers me when people call everything rape


BlissfulAurora t1_jackhxf wrote

I mean, he tried black mailing her into having sex because she said no. Dude isn’t a saint and I doubt it’s the first time it’s happened

Realistically I don’t even know if she’ll get charged


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TheWeirdByproduct t1_jacrvku wrote

Extrajudicial torture and mutilation is not an acceptable response for threats. Both his and her actions must be investigated but it's easy to see how one is worse than the other.

It's like if my abusive gf threatened to say I raped her if I leave, and I rip her womb out in response. I'd clearly be the one in the wrong(er).


Omnizoom t1_jaczxh4 wrote

Ya but that’s mutilating a woman , this is mutilating a man , people will literally not view that as “even”


TheWeirdByproduct t1_jad6ukz wrote

Yes, powerful misandrist vibes around. You can see it when they joke about prison rape but only about men, when they argue whether mutilation or other violent retribution was deserved/understandable but only for men, and pretty much whenever violence and punishment are brought up.

For some reason, men seem to be considered more inherently guilty and deserving of punishment, even when their guilt is the same; an obnoxious loon on the metro deserves to be punched, but only when they're a man.

It's a sexist double standard as it makes it easy to imagine a situation where a man deserves to be punished with violence, but hard to imagine a situation where a woman does.


ObsidianLion t1_jac70ev wrote

As a man, I can only congratulate her.


DayZCutr t1_jac9y9n wrote

Tough but fair


Muhabba t1_jac15zt wrote

That was harsh but fair.


NineSwords t1_jabp2n1 wrote

That should become the standard punishment for every sex-related crime.


Hiplo_0 t1_jabr9pk wrote

No it shouldn't


DemonsRage83 t1_jabrwz0 wrote

Let us know where you draw the line.


EmperorBrettavius t1_jabv37h wrote

Probably wherever the line between recoverable and non-recoverable sentences lies. Prisons ought to rehabilitate criminals so that they can function in society again. But it’s hard to rehabilitate a new penis.

I’m not gonna lose any sleep over him losing his penis or anything, but there was probably a better outcome in which he still faced repercussions for what he did.


horitaku t1_jabwzb7 wrote

Castration (the chemical kind) has been a punishment and as far as I know has also been used to “help rehabilitate” sex offenders who are likely to reoffend. The idea is that really bad offenders would lose use of their member, but as a rehab practice the hope was the libido would drop…Problem is, that doesn’t stop the big M word from happening, and other…types of R can still occur. People are shit. Some people are not without hope, but there’s a large number that will just keep doing their gross exploits if given a smidge of opportunity. Love the glass half full mentality, but the realist in me just feels like rehab and reintegration isn’t always in the cards


plumquat t1_jaby0xi wrote

Rehabilitate sexual predators? I don't think cutting off dicks is a solution, just because then they're rapists without dicks. That seems like a way to mess them up even more.


cutelyaware t1_jac04op wrote

OP is joking. Don't worry about your penis. There's no way a joke could lead to it becoming true.


Eric1491625 t1_jacegi5 wrote

Saudi Arabia moment

Chopping off appendages as punishment


NineSwords t1_jaceory wrote

Funnily enough, I feel that the Taliban (what the post said before the edit) Saudis would be amongst the first to lose their dicks.


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Steven-Maturin t1_jacdeh1 wrote

A woman pinches my butt; womb removal?


plumquat t1_jaduca3 wrote

Rapists should die. They're looking for ways that sexual predators could be allowed in society. But theyre really your fault. They're a fringe of your group identity. Idk man maybe stop being so fucking gross.


anengineerandacat t1_jacn191 wrote

Retaliation would likely go way up, and I suspect this woman won't be unharmed for too long post his recovery.

This is one of those situations where you have severely harmed someone's QoL and I feel to the point where the consequences of retaliation are lower than the drive to perform it.

Can't say her action wasn't warranted but... on both sides actions have consequences and the likelihood he won't retaliate is low (especially if he can easily reach her).


Omnizoom t1_jad0a4e wrote

How do you cut off a woman’s penis when they are the perpetrator?


NineSwords t1_jad0kfg wrote

Clip her clit. Snip a nip. As long as it rhymes it's all good.


Omnizoom t1_jad1ggy wrote

Ya cutting off breasts doesn’t exactly equate to the same , you would have to surgical remove the entire front portion of the vagina if you want it to equate