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seti_m t1_j9yiq74 wrote

I guess 'hose jockey' is out as well?


RotisserieChicken007 t1_j9ylmvk wrote

Haven't they been called fire fighter for like forever? Just another attempt at faux outrage and clickbait.


Geshman t1_j9yrxch wrote

>CFO Russel told The Bolton News: “As Chief Fire Officer I have set out a clear and positive mission to tackle negative behaviours and attitudes within Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, and to foster an inclusive environment that welcomes and respects all colleagues.

Some shit stirrer: "Is this 'wokeism' gone mad"


Msfracture t1_j9yv6qu wrote

This desperate attempt to change English won't work.. they are fireman/firemen, prob a few firewomen in there as well, will always call them that.


Raitone t1_j9yvdlc wrote

But its connotation is sexist, exclusive, and represents a type of microaggression that harms our culture, the email said.

Reading that almost made me sick.


Oski96 t1_j9yydvl wrote

Lower Tidmarsh Volunteer Fire Brigade


AqUaNtUmEpIc t1_j9zcabn wrote

I think it’s because the term fireman “will not be tolerated” in spite of firemen existing. A male fire fighter can no longer refer to himself as a fireman. The chief said the term still sneaks into todays nomenclature and they won’t allow it.


Crooked_Cock t1_j9zgplh wrote

My dumbass interpreted this as banning fire fighters from being called upon in the event of a fire