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SteO153 t1_ja01x65 wrote

In some regions of Italy donkey meat is traditional. When in Verona I had nice pasta with donkey ragu. As usual, it is the classic "my culture is better than your culture, stop eating donkey meat".


Darryl_Lict t1_ja0yfnd wrote

I'm under the impression that horse meat is relatively common in Europe. I looked it up and most gelatin comes from cows and pigs. This is unsurprising because of how many we eat.


SteO153 t1_ja1y7l9 wrote

>I'm under the impression that horse meat is relatively common in Europe

It is regional, but yes, it is common. Don't serve horse meat to a British, but in Iceland I found it served at a hotel buffet dinner.


cynical_euphemism t1_ja2xukb wrote

I had basashi in Japan awhile back (along with raw chicken)… turns out, picking random dishes at a sushi restaurant without fully understanding the translations can be an unintentional adventure.


lazyloofah t1_ja368ht wrote

Yes, and hence marshmallows and certain types of pop-tarts are found in pork rooms in western-oriented supermarkets in the UAE - although now hey’ve come out with good marshmallows made with fish gelatin.


jspqr t1_ja18y9x wrote

I had a pretty good donkey sandwich in China.