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crippledjosh t1_j8hi1ki wrote

Pretty sure that's a diaphragm, which is a form of contraception.


Gh0stMan0nThird t1_j8hiirg wrote

Well it was covered in blood, or at least what the dog left on it :(

I touched it with my hands and held it up to my face to smell it because I had no idea what it was


Uturuncu t1_j8hjflm wrote

Not a diaphragm, that absolutely is a menstrual disc. Do not expect them to provide contraception, but they're disposable, low footprint, and apparently comfortable. They unsettle me, I haven't tried them. The menstrual cup is in the bottom right, reusable, but the size makes them uncomfy for some folk.

Edit; Also sorry you had to deal with that. These things really should be less taboo so it's not such a baffling 'what the fuck is this shit?!' surprise when a product ends up somewhere it shouldn't.

Dogs and trashcans I am so familiar with, 'cause a dog I lived with managed to get a tampon string wrapped around her teeth and was choking on it in her throat after she got in the trash.