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restore_democracy t1_j9oe10i wrote

> Police Sergeant 2325 Steve Evans posted in a group chat a Peppa Pig video which changed into a clip featuring an adult man performing a sex act with a pig.
>According to a report, PS Evans is respected by his colleagues.


tjeulink t1_j9oj8m1 wrote

so sad that cops can't enjoy content they star in.


Nightie_Whities t1_j9ol5j9 wrote

Hey, fucko, we like to call it inter-species erotica.


misterfriend t1_j9oxi2h wrote

"Extreme" connotates the very limits of human potential. I don't think Babe could consent.


PooPartySoraka t1_j9ragxb wrote

"According to a report, PS Evans is respected by his colleagues." absolutely sent me


Shmoop_Doop t1_j9qt19r wrote

Honestly just sounds like he has a fucked up sense of humor which isn’t worth firing someone over


restore_democracy t1_j9r172q wrote

Did you read the article? This wasn’t a cartoon, it was actual bestiality porn, which on top of being, you know, sick, is also illegal.